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George Michael – This is Not Real Love Lyrics



Don’t kiss me, darling

I want you to hear the things I say

I loved you in my way

But you know I’m gonna leave you


The clock was always ticking

And your heart,

Yes I know your heart is always on the run


I hate what I’ve become

But I’m still gonna leave you

And I don’t think you should stay for the night


Baby you know that my flesh is weak

You know I simply


I cannot sleep without you

My heart has simply nowhere to go


Nothing to hold

Those tears you’re crying


Time and time again you take me back in baby


You don’t have to make it plain

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This is not real love


Look at us dancing baby

Let’s dance and show them all

(Dance and show them all)

How close we are

The lies have worked so far

So we go on deceiving


But darling don’t you know the time

Baby, look at yourself, holding back the tide

Like you’ve got something else up your sleeve

That’s why I’ve got to leave


And I don’t think you should stay here tonight

(Baby don’t you know that my flesh is weak, you know)

I simply I cannot sleep without you

But someday I’ll have nothing to show

(Nothing to show)

(Nothing to show)

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I’ve nothing to hold


Oh, baby, crying

All those simple things that won’t come again

Oh do I have to make it plain

This is not real love

And I said this is not real love


Real love

Baby it don’t glisten and shine the way it used to


This is not real love (real love)

Baby think of all the promises I made on the day that I seduced you

Baby don’t wait for me like some angel of tragedy

I have to set you free

Darling you should be long gone, oh long gone by now

You should be with someone, someone


Glisten and shine

You promised me

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You’ve gotta face it woman, you ain’t ever gonna change me


Where will I go, what do I know

About life without you

You promised me you’d never leave me, no

This is not real love

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