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H.E.R. – Lucky Lyrics


Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]


Lucky you belong to me

You know who would kill to be

Lucky I ain’t intervene

Lucky, yeah

Lucky that I let it go

Lucky I ain’t on patrol

You know how my petty go

Lucky, uh

Lucky I ain’t crazy

Just a little maybe

Ooh, that’s how you made it

[Verse 2]

Don’t you ever forget that you’re lucky

Lucky I got eyes for you

Nobody could block the view

You know I got options too

Lucky (Lucky)

That I ain’t get my payback

Lucky we go way back

Lucky that I’m way back

It’s funny, yeah

It’s funny now you want it

I’m what you always wanted

You lucky that you got it


Oh, don’t you ever forget that you’re lucky




[Verse 3]

Lucky that we more than just an interlude

Lucky I spend time with you

Lucky I be in the mood


Lucky that I’m coming soon

Feeling like a honeymoon

Ooh, we better get a room (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Ooh, we better get a room (Oh)


So lucky

Don’t ever forget, oh

Yeah, yeah, yeah


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