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Authored by Randy

How time flies. It’s already a month after my sui¢ide incident. Romeo and I have avoided each other since that very day. I only saw twice in the king’s Privy room, who has been good to me, though I doubt if he knows the child isn’t his son’s.

My small baby bump was already visible as I have tried several times to convince Vivian about getting me abortion pills.

I can vividly remember her nervous words and her worried face.

“His royal highness would kll me if he ever finds out I was involved. I’m sorry, my lady, I can’t help you in taking royal bIood off”.

My lips stretched into a bitter smile. Only if she knew Her prince wasn’t responsible and I knew not of the father, she would have looked on me with a different attitude.

After failing various times, I have come to love the baby in me, not minding the Queen’s constant nagging that I was carrying a ba$tard.

No matter what, this baby is mine and the only one I have at the moment. It must live and that’s my priority as its mother.

“Mom is here for you, darling “, I whispered running my hand across my title bump.

The word Darling made remember the per.vert brother-in-law.

Thank Goodness he traveled as informed by Vivian. His sight alone would have made matters worst.

“Lady Vera arrives, Your highness “, A guard announced as I sharply got up.

She’s here to torment me no doubt. The queen must have informed her after she came back from her so-called business trip.

Neither less, I won’t let her see me as a weak woman.

“My lady Highness “, She bowed so lowly that I was taken back.

Was this really Vera bowing before me.

I didn’t show any atom of welcome as I went over to the cushion and sat weakly. This pregnancy always made me feel vulnerable than usual.

“Leona, you don’t have to be so hostile towards me though I have hurt. But right now, I have come to my senses to see that I was wrong. Would you forgive me? “,.

My brows furrowed at her words as I stared at her narrowly.

Her anguish was real, not feigned. She knelt at my feet; her warm, passionate tears fell on my hands.

This is no feigning, my subconscious whispered as my eyes filled with tears.

“I forgive you “, I breathed out hurriedly as I knew what courage it would have taken her to say those.

“Leona”, she called gently, “Will we then be friends? Letting bygones be bygones? “, She asked staring deep into my face.

“Yes!. We shall be friends and bygones be bygones”, I smiled out tears as she hugged me.

At last, I have a friend.

“I was foolish then… “

“It is now things of the past”, I cut her off.

I broke the hug and wiped her tears before leading her to the bigger cushion.

We sat there chatting like we used to be friends, about fashion and our likes and dislikes.

She told me of her childhood memories with Romeo which was all funny as we burst out in laughter.

We laughed out loud as Vera’s laughter echoed through the room like a piece of subdued music.

She was a sweet girl.

This was surely my best moment in this palace. I felt thirsty at the moment.

“No, sit down, I will get it for you”, She objected when I excused myself to take a can of water from the fridge.

“Ok”, I replied smiling at what a sweet girl she was.

Moments later she brought me a glass of water as I drank it all at once.

“I would take my leave now. I have to visit the Queen”, She announced hugging me.

This is surely not a dream, I said internally after she left.

My heart was full of joy at the thought of having a friend at last in this place filled with dangerous personalities.

Oh, how my life would not be the same with Vera as my friend. We would chat and have tea together and then go on shopping if only that d’mon would permit.

My glamorous fantasy evaporated immediately the handsome face came into view with its vicious aura. my heart sank and my hands began to tremble.

Why do I fear this man?

‘Be calm, Vera, he’s your husband, not a d’mon ‘, my heart faltered as I made an effort to calm myself with such false words.

He was indeed a d’mon that I loathed but feared. He was more ha.zardous and brvtal than a m©nster.

His movement seemed suspicious as he walked slowly towards me.

He leaned closer and my breath hitched.

“Why, dear wife, do you flinch? I don’t bite, do I ?”, his hot breath hit my neck as it enclosed my whole entity.

I bit my lips as I wished to scream in his ears that he was nothing but a monster who held me captive.

Ha… Such courage will come from my second life.

“Nothing. Just weak”, I responded certainly but nervously as his hands wrapped around my waist harshly.

His brows furrowed as his ocean gloomy eyes rested on my small lips. His finger trailed my lips with unmistakable desire in his eyes.

I felt disgusted but was powerless. I turned away from him as a tear wet my white face. My veins popped up and my chest felt like it was going to burst any time soon.

I chocked a sob as his cozy pair of hands cupped my face.

“Mine!!, these lips are meant to m©an not cry”. he breathed as he kssed my cheek.

Something is wrong. This d’mon doesn’t behave so calm or was he trying to kll me?.

My heart tightened as fear gripped me. His dark eyes rested on my face with desire.

I made to escape his grip but he pu$hed me hard to the ground as he slumped beside me.

“I hate her”, he whispered before gripping my hair in a pa.inful manner.

I f©ught with all my strength but he didn’t let go. I ki¢ked and pun¢hed until I escaped from his grip.

I stood up sharply moving away from him. I felt weak as my eyes noticed something on the floor.

Droplets of bIood!!!

I followed the trail as it stopped right in front of me.

A little alarmed, I grabbed my silk gown to see the red stain right at that spot.

I caught my breath at the sight.

“Vivian- help, I’m bIeeding! “, my voice came out cracked.

“BIeeding? “, Vivian’s voice echoed running into the room with two maids.

I stood frozen as my tears trailed down in big droplets.

There was a cramping pain, a dull, relentless, recurring ache in my belly and lower back.

“A miscarriage is threatening!!. Get the royal doctors!! “, I heard Vivian yell urgently.

My head was now swaying as the pain became worst. I closed my eyes and everything became blank.

I woke up seeing worried faces surrounding me. There was that same man who announced I was pregnant.

“My lady, why would you take ab©rtion pills? “, he stated

What’s he saying? I didn’t take any 💊 pill!!!!

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