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Authored by Randy


It wasn’t him for sure. Who then could it be?

“Answer me”, he roared in fury as his grip tightened the more.

“My boyfriend!!! “, I screamed in tears.

Lying was one of the things I despised more in a person, but here I was lying to save my life!!!

“You. Let me go, I’m dying…I’m dying, please”, I altered with tears hitting his hand continuously.

I could no longer breathe but he didn’t loosen his grip. Life was gradually exiting my body as I chocked for air.

I took my last strength to look him in the eyes and met the coldest and bIoodshot eyes. I was dying but this d’mon cared not!!!!!!.

At that very moment, I prepared to die, his hand loosened, and my whole body fell softly to the floor. Touching my neck that was almost chocked, I knew my life would never remain the same ever again.

Dmn it, he was really going to kll me? How could someone ever be so brvtal and rude?

“What’s his named “, his eager voice brought me back to reality.

“Who? “, I asked holding my neck.

“The man who you shamed yourself with!! “, he fired which made me feel disgusted.

Who does he think he is to ask me such a question? I’m only his surrogate wife, nothing more.

“Why should I? “, the question escaped my lips.

He stopped on his track and faced with the deadliest look I ever saw in my twenty-one years to living.

“You aren’t afraid of de.ath? “, his queried coming closer.

His aura sent shivers to my spine as I drew away from him, falling on the bed at the moment. I sharply crossed over to the other side as he stood starring at me.

“De.ath? You still ask me of de.ath when you almost mvrdered me seconds ago right here. Why should I tell you, you don’t own me!!!!! “, I screamed in frustration.

He just smirked and before I realized, he dived to the side I was standing at. I made to run but it was too late as he threw me to the soft bed.

His hand was on my ne¢k but his hold wasn’t as bIoodshot as before but was now filled with desire.

I felt his other hand trailing down my abdomen to my thighs, making sxual lines on the way, without breaking the eye connection.

His hand trailed and then it went up to that place. My body shivered in sweetness. I never experienced this before, but why do I have a feeling that I yearn for it.

His hand on my neck loosened as he fumbled my left bbs with his other hand drawing lines on that other place.

It came like a shock as his finger penetrated into that place. He was so fast that I let out a m’an.

I thought it would be painful but the feeling was second to none. His finger went in and out as I felt a feeling unknown but still familiar.

As much I tried stopping myself from making sounds, I found myself m’aning loudly to such a sweet but strange feeling.

I bit my lips so hard to stop myself from making such strange sounds, but he increased his pace as his finger move in and out very fast.

I couldn’t get hold of myself anymore as my soft m’ans filled the whole room, with my eyes closed and my head relaxed on the pillow.

I felt his lips on mine as I gladly let his tongue in.

His finger suddenly stopped it’s movement in that place just as I was enjoying the feeling to the most.

Why did he stop, I asked myself.

“Own? Only he who owns you has the right to do such, right?”, his voice held mockery as he climbed off the bed with that ‘Smirk’ on his lips.

It was at that very moment I understood what he meant!!!. He made me give in to prove his point.

This man isn’t merely brvtal and h©rrible but shameless, and come to think of it, wasn’t he imp©tent?

” I own you and you live by my rule”, his cold self was back as he stared at me indifferently before making for the door.

“Weren’t you imp®tent?”, the question escaped my mouth.

He halted on his path with his hand on the doorknob without facing me. My heart sank as I began to tremble.

Would he kll me this time? What have you gotten yourself into, Leona?

He remained silent as my body hit up. This quietness was eating up my soul as so many thoughts ran through my head.

Was he thinking of the best way to kll me? Would he throw me off the window or $trangle me?

” Don’t believe everything you hear from people. Bath, get ready, and wait for me in the night. You will serve me”, he spoke at last without turning.

I watched the door slam behind me before I fell to the ground and wept.

Nature has indeed played me with such a d’mon!!!!!!!

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