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Authored by Randy


“Sometimes, My lady “, he breathed as his lips stretched into that naughty smirk as his eyes rested on my firm pointed bbs.

My heart beat rapidly, my gaze glued on him as my body felt hot internally.

Though I act bold and strange, I still fear this man, who’s hand held my fate.

He’s eyes was lighted with lust and longing as he stared at me. I tried calming myself but my trembling fingers betrayed me.

I swallowed into nothing as he made a step forward, while I took s step backwards. He brought out a box from his pocket and threw in some substance into his mouth before making a step, again.

I can’t let this man touch me. Never!.

I made to escape his grip but it was too late as he held me by the waist and threw me to the b ed, with his huge body holding me captive.

His hand rested on my almost exposed bbs. My body responded treacherously at his touch which got me angry.

Why would I still feel this way at the touch of he who made my life a living h’ll.

He grinned as he saw the effect his touch had on me.

“Don’t touch me you m©ron”, I protested trying to pu$h him off, but he was way to bigger and stronger than I was.

“Shhh! “, he hushed, putting a finger on my lips, caressing it for a moment.

His touch disgusted me. I feel like ki¢king him till he bIeeds, only if I wasn’t weaker than him, and feared him.

“Don’t you like it, Surrogate? Was Rowland better than me? “, He asked, his eyes scanning my face.

I stared back into his eyes as all my courage came back.

“He is and would always be, since he doesn’t rely on drugs… “,

I couldn’t finish my words as he pressed me to the floor with his hand on my ne¢k.

His eyes was bIoodshot as anger was visible on his face.

“How much I hate that word”, he spoke as his hands loosened.

His hand went into my robe as he pulled my bbs and fumbled them hard until tears streamed down my face.

“Scream for mercy, Wh’re”, he whispered $queezing harder.

It was pa!nful. I wanted to s¢ream and beg him to stop but one look at his hopeful eyes made me swallow the pa!n silently.

“Is that all you got, Mr Sionis? “, I asked provocatively as a cloud crossed his face.

His palm h it my face hard as my ears buzzed like a thousand bees was right beside it.

He pinned my hands down with his huge palm over my head as he t©re off my r©be from my body, leaving me in only my p ant.

“Can’t wait to see if you will still bear that arrogant look when I’m done “, he breathed before he bent his head and kssed me.

His left hand moved daringly across my body as I forced my teeth close as he let out a cry, drawing away from me sharply.

I tasted his familiar bIood once more in my lips as my lips stretched into a smile and then I spat the bIood and saIiva on his face.

I expected him to h it me again but instead, he wipped it with his finger and then li¢ked it.

How can this d’mon be so gr©ss!

He stared at me with desire before flashing me that deadly smirk of his. My body trembled in fear as I knew nothing good happens after that ‘Smirk’.

He picked a part of my torn robe and tied my hands together then to one of the be d poles.

My heart was beating violently now as I knew what he wanted to do.

“You ba$tard! “, I cried weakly as he tied my left Ieg to another bed pole.

“You should be grateful”, he spoke holding my right leg.

My tears now streamed down in big droplets as the thought of him rapping me in such a disgraceful manner and posture made me weak.

“What’s this, Romeo? “,

“She’s my wife, and belongs to me “.

“Not when I’m alive! “, I heard Rowland say before my eyes was shut close as all my cells stopped, thereby transporting me to the world unknown.

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