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Authored by Randy


“Are you blind or something? Get out of my way “, I breathed angrily at the guards who refused to open up the gate for me.

What’s wrong with them? Are they drunk or what?

“Are you guys crazy, huh? Don’t fk with me and open the dmn gate! “, I yelled but no reply.

They stood there like some statues, not replying a word. What the h’ll is wrong with these guys?

‘Calm down, Leona. Don’t let them get to you. You came to see Romeo right? ‘, my inner voice stated as my lips stretched into a smile.

Yes. My swat Romeo. He must be going crazy himself by now for staying with that wench. I can’t let these scvmbags get me in mood swings.

“You all would surely be sorry for yourselves when the Prince hears of this “, I breathed angrily and came down from the car.

If they don’t want me to go in with my car, then I would meekly use my feet for Romeo. Oh my Romeo.

“You all will…”, I swallowed back my words as one of the guards dragged me back just as I was about to walk past him.

What’s going on?

This guards usually respect and fears me as the royal friend and child. What has changed? Why are treating me this way? Were they trying to jest me?

“Hey… “.

“You better get inside your car and get out of here before we throw you inside the dungeon “, One of them replied angrily.

A mere look at his face showed he wasn’t jesting. He was dead serious. What in the lord’s name is going?

“Oh. You’re mean. Why do you speak to a lady in such a way, huh? “, I faked a smile but their faces still remained rigid.

I can’t leave. I have to see my Romeo and how that wench is faring in her insane state.

“Madam, you either take your car and leave right now or we will be forced to accuse of you treason “

“What? No. I’m already leaving. Why are you so mean today? “, I breathed and walked back to my car quickly.

Thank goodness nobody was near to witness this. I have never felt this humiliated in my life.

“She thinks she can continue deceiving us as the king’s future daughter-in-law when Prince Romeo is busy going dates with his pretty wife”, one of the guards breathed lowly.

“She’s not even pretty. Cheap wh’re”, the other replied and the two gave way to laughter.

I felt a $tab on the heart at their words. Romeo was going on dates with Leona? Am I not pretty?


“They went on a date… “,

My fist meet the hard wall at his words. Romeo on a date with Leona? Why on earth is dad doing this to me?

Can’t he see I love Leona? Why don’t he let me have her since Romeo doesn’t deserve her? Why would he place a law that I should never be seen anywhere close to Leona until she recovers? Does he think Leona would recover without my help with the drugs she’s being injected with? Why can’t I just have this one thing my heart desires?

I don’t care if she’s my half-sister. I just want her. To have her as mine and do ¢razy things to that perfect body of hers.

Why should I always give up what I want for Romeo, huh?

“Sir, you’re bIeeding “.

“Let me bIeed to de.ath! What value is life when I linger in the shadow and my brother gets all the good things of life? “, I breathed h itting my fist on the wall no stop.

Gosh, I feel like $trangling the dmn Romeo right now. I just feel like h itting him.

“He doesn’t deserve her! He h its her every now and then. He rappes her and treats her like some cattle in the fair. Why can’t he just let her go?! “,

My hand met the wall again and more bIood streamed down. Gosh, I would give anything just to have this wall transformed into Romeo’s face.

I have to make him pay. Yes forever treating Leona that way. I really need to hit him hard, but first I have to let Vivian stop administering the medication to Leona.

Yes, that’s the only way Romeo will let her go. In no time he would be fed up by her strange behaviors and then put up a fight against father. Only he can make dad change his opinion when he’s determined.

I’m sorry Leona but you have to be this way for a while. I wish that’s another way to get you off that d’mon’s grip but this is the only way I can think of.


Mr. Handsome’s candy tasted like the drink we just had. What was it called again?

Champagne? Yes, Champagne. I wish I can have a taste of it again. Not the drink but Mr. Handsome’s candy, but why does my head hurt so much?

Oh, my eyes, my head, my body. I feel strange. Why does my eyelid feel so heavy, huh?

I looked up to Mr. Handsome who was sitting beside me in the car but another Mr. Handsome was sitting beside him.

How’s it possible? Two Mr. Handsomes? I can’t wish for more.

I wonder if their candies would taste the same. I should try it.

“Hey. What do you want this time, huh? “, I heard one of the Mr. Handsomes say with a frown.

Gosh, must he be scary?

I made to taste the second Mr. Handsome’s candy but my head became heavy that I let it fall on Mr. Handsome.

“Ouch. Get your head of my… My… My legs “, I heard him half yell.

My eyelids were closed now as I relaxed with my hand placed under my head, but I felt something softer than Mr. Handsome’s other body.

What’s this soft long thing I feel, huh? It’s so soft and comfortable. I loved how it felt so I grabbed it.

“Heyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! “, Mr. Handsome yelled.

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