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Authored by Randy


“Stop jesting, Sionis. No one is amused “, Mom cried, pale and rigid as de.ath, incongruously framed against the g..ay, lighted Christmas tree.

Dad seemed not to hear, as he fixed Leona with his merry eyes.

“You can have the papers for her, Romeo “, Dad breathed gulping down his wine at once.

Mom sprang up startlingly and went over to dad.

“Tell me you’re only jesting! How can you also take her over me, you ungrateful man! “,

“Father would you please reconsider. That firm has been run by… “,

That was Vera.

“That is my word, and my word is the law! “, Dad flamed before walking out of the hall.

Here we go again with another failed Christmas, just as wished. Christmas is for weaklings and those with false hopes, like Romeo.

Does he think he can have her? In his dreams.

“Mother don’t worry I will talk to father but I really not against fathers words. Leona is still your daughter-in-law… “,

“My head”, Leona cried cutting Romeo off.

“Sorry. Ma, I will take Leona in now”, Romeo announced.

I watched them leave, hand in hand like real couples. God, I feel my bIood boiling right now. Romeo can’t really have my woman.

No. I can’t let it happen even if I have to put my life in line.

“No. We need a change of plan, Vera”, Mother suddenly spoke, in a startling manner.

“The injections Vera. We need to stop it. Leona needs to recover her memory “,

What is she saying? What injections.

“What are you saying, ma? “, I questioned anxiously.

Vera and mom gave each other a stare before mom came to stand before me.

“The drugs Vera gave, Darling. We need to stop it. Leona has to recover her memory. That’s the only way she can get away from Romeo. I actually thought making her crazy would make Romeo fi.ght his dad divorce her. I never expected him to fall…”

“Wait, mom. I know you never liked Leona but never knew you wanted her out of here. And yes, you made mention of stopping the drugs so she could recover her memory. I don’t understand. Weren’t the drugs meant to recover her memories? “, I breathed.

What the h’ll was going on?

“Emm… “

“Let me explain, Vera”, Mom said cutting Vera off. “Actually Romeo the drugs did the opposite of what you were told. I was the person who brought up the plan “.

What the fk? Wait. Wait… This is making me crazy.

“Do you wanna tell that the drugs actually erase until the person becomes insane? “, I asked my gaze falling on Vera who quickly looked down at the moment.

“Ye… “,

“What the h’ll mom! You wanted her to be insane? How could you ever think of that, huh? “,

“I was trying… “

“Yoy don’t have any f*cking excuse of this. Christ! How could you Vera? I trusted you and you decided to pay me back this way? “, I flared.

The thought of Leona being completely insane got my blood flaming the more. I just feel like klling Vera right now.

How could she? Isn’t she afraid of de.ath?

“Honey, you need to calm down. I don’t understand why you’re being worked up about this. It isn’t yet late. Just stop administering the drugs “, mom said cupping my face in her hands.

“I’m being worked up because I love Leona. I have loved her back from high school and the drugs? I stopped administering it for the past two weeks! “, I fired before walking out of the hall.

Haa! How could mom be this heartless?


“Let me”, I breathed taking the glass of water from Vivian and closed the door behind me.

Leona was sitting on the bed, her lips curving into a smile. She looked like she never can get angry with her pretty face.

Alas, I remember when she almost klled me some months ago.

“Here”, I handed over the water to her.

I watched her drink it up and handed it over which I dropped on the bedside table.

“How you feeling now”,

“Fine. Thank you “, She replied with a smile but something was off with her smile this time.

Yes. It was her eyes. It didn’t sparkle as it used to when she smiled. It bore no life like it used to.

What’s wrong? Was it the sudden headache?

“Hey. You gonna stare a hole in my face “, She spoke disrupting my thoughts.

She tried looking into my eyes but turned away. Why’s she suddenly acting strange, huh?

Oh my, I almost forgot!

“I got you a Christmas gift”,

“Really? Where is it then? “, She questioned, smiling out dimples.

“I will get it now”, I breathed and went over to the wardrobe.

I searched for the pants I dropped it inside but it wasn’t there. Gosh, where did I drop this?

“Still waiting! “, She half yelled chuckling.

I found it at the very moment.

“Found it”, I smiled walking over to her in the bed.

I dropped it on behind me and took up her hands into mine. They were as soft as wool and white as milk.

This was the hand she used to grab my… The magic hand I guess.

“Where’s the gift? Were you jesting me? “, She asked while I smiled.

“Leona just listen. I have a lot to say to you. A lot that your former self would never dare let me speak, so hear me out, would you? “,

She nodded not smiling anymore.

“I know you don’t remember anything but Your Mr. Handsome here treated you badly before. I first loved you but you wreaked me. I was heartbroken by your rejection that I decided to hate you. To torment you. To make you suffer. I was so immature and made a rash decision by paying your friend to betray you. I married you, tortured you, disgraced you, and harmed you like a heartless bea$t.

I thought it would make me feel better but I tell you, all those times I maltreated you I was dying inside. I tried convincing myself that I can do without you but I was totally wrong.

I know I haven’t been the best of a husband either of a man and does not deserve you in any way right for you’re the meekest of all I have come across, and I the most foolish beast ever to live on earth.

I know I do not have the right to ask for your forgiveness which I still don’t ask for, for my sins are way too much to pardon. I only ask you to marry me, Leona. The right way. Let me make amends for my mistake. Leona Rowland, I, your most hated enemy and brvtal husband, Romeo Sionis ask you to remarry me”. I breathed.

I opened the red case and brought out the ring. I was about to insert it before she withdrew her hand sharply.

“What do you think you’re doing, Romeo Sionis? Can’t you wait for my reply? “, Her voice came out s¢ornful.

I looked up as our eyes met. Wait those eyes. That gaze. She called me by my name. Something must be wrong. Leona calls me Mr. Handsome never by my name even after I told her to.

“Are you…? “,

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