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Authored by Randy


I watched bIood continue streaming down his mouth and lips, with a smile plastered on my lips.

How I have waited for this day when both father and the son of that wench die.

“Honey! Help! Oh, my God! “, I yelled running up to his almost paralyzed body.

His eyes remained open without blinking. That’s the effect of the po!son. It first paralyzes you, then starts klling you slowly. Just the perfect way for this fool of a husband to die.

“Help!! “, I screamed fake tears trailing down my body.

In no time dozens of guards and servants filled the room with my fake scream vibrating every corner and persons.

I know my acting was perfect and nobody would ever suspect me, but I felt to spice up my performance so I got and threw my body to the hard floor, yelling and pulling my hair, roughly.

“Oh my God ”
“Your majesty! “

They kept exclaiming in shock, with some maids already weeping.

“Hospital. No. Doctor Kang! “, I screamed, my fake tears trailing down further.

I grabbed his body tightly and started wiping the bIood that was flowing from his mouth and nose.

“Honey. Please stay with me. Please!!!!! “, I cried hugging his body.

The maids brought bowels of water and wipes. I took it from them and started cleaning the drops of bIood, my tears trailing down the more.

Ba$tard. You better fght me from your coffin, fool.

In a matter of minutes, Doctor Yang was admitted into his chambers after the guards helped carry him to his chambers.

“Doctor… “,

“I’m here, now, Your Grace. I would do my best”, he cut me short staring at me with pity.

God, I should have been an actress. My acting which I know is superb.

“Please do your best”, I forced out more tears.

“I will”, he said before turning to my maids. “Take her to her Chambers, prepare a warm bath for her and let her get some rest, ok? “,

I was about objecting before he gave me that reassuring smile of his, just as planned.

Oh, when will I have that inviting lips of yours on my tips again, Yang, I breathed internally. God, I miss him riding me non stop. His thing is fire.

“Make sure he doesn’t survive “, I whispered making sure he was the only one who heard it.

He gave me that wink of his, which gets me wet each time. I can’t wait to have him fill me up again.

Actually, he was handsome, not as handsome as Sionis though but he knows how to give me the amount of pleasure I need. Sionis does try but he makes sure he’s always the one in control, but Yang lets me lead. That’s the difference.

And through his help, I was able to get this poison which eventually would take Sionis and Romeo’s life. Yes, why hasn’t anyone come running to report about Romeo’s bIeeding?

I left for my chambers pretending further to be broken and shocked. I saw the maid I instructed to give Romeo the tea from a distance and signaled her to follow me.

When inside, I signaled my handmaiden to take the rest of the maids out. I watched them leave until the last of them.

“Start talking “, I breathed impatiently.

She immediately fell on her knees, shaking profusely.

“He refused to take it. He seemed… “,

“Hold on. He did what? “, My voice came out almost loud, hot sweat started trailing down my body.

He didn’t drink it? Why? How?

“He seemed to be angry and ordered me out. He… “,

“Mother are you in there? “, I heard Rowland’s voice.

What’s he doing here, now? With a look, the maid got up and left just as Rowland stepped in.

I immediately forced out a tear as he came closer.

“Is he alright, Rowland? Tell me your father… “,

“Cut the act, please. I’m the only one here”,

His words $tabbed me right in the heart as my legs got rooted to the ground.

“Don’t look at me that way. I was right at the door and heard everything “, He breathed.

I staggered down to the bed, my head spinning with his word ringing continuously in my head.

He heard everything!

“Leona is your Niece and my cousin? Why then did you ask me to rape her that very night? Why did you tell her that we were half-siblings? “,

He really heard it all. Christ, I’m doomed.

“I can’ explain… “,

“There’s nothing there to explain. I heard it all myself. You klled Romeo’s mom and even po!soned dad. You don’t have an excuse “,

“I have an excuse! “, I yelled frustrated tears streaming down my face. “I did it for you, Rowland. I did it for you to ascend that throne, not Romeo. I don’t expect you to yell at me! “, I fired sadly.

I can’t believe he would be against me in this situation.

There was no reply from him which made me angrier.

“You also think I’m greedy and heartless? Don’t act like some saint yourself! You raped your brother’s wife, impregnated her, po!soned Your own son to cover up… “,


“Go on and criticize me like others. Judge me! I first met Sionis before Miranda met him, and I loved him first before she ever did. Why then should she be loved back by him? He got her pregnant and I po!soned her. Then out of the blues, Elizabeth came, taking what should have been mine.

Do you know how much I suffered those years they were together? I shot Elizabeth and thought it gonna be the end, but she found her way to my brother, depriving me of my brother’s love. Do you know how much pain this women caused me?

They made me a shadow in my lover’s life! Just as they implemented pain on me, so would I do to their offsprings, and not even you, Rowland will stop me. You have to decide which team you wanna belong to”,

“Mom calm down… “

“I can’t. Just the thought of you being against me got my bIood boiling, and that son of a bch isn’t even dead yet! “,

“Mom you need to calm down. You know I love you right? “,

“Then gift me Romeo’s head for making our lives a miserable h’ll. No, I want him to have a slow de.ath. The drugs I asked his doctor to give him for his imp©tence would have destroyed most of his cells… “,

“Wait mom, are you saying… “,

“Yes, Romeo was never impotent. The drugs he takes believing it will heal him does the opposite. I want him to be injected with a ¢obra’s venom. I want to see him cry for help and his de.ath cry going through the walls of this palace! “

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