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Authored by Randy

“Em… The door…?”,.

“Yes… The door”, I breathed.

I watched him walk to the door and came back carrying a sliver tray.

“Come on, let’s eat”, He breathed dropping a bowel of streaming noodles before me.

“What? “, He asked staring back at me.

“It doesn’t fit your personality. I mean acting nice. Just go back to your old self, already “, I altered drinking the noodle soup.

I picked up the chop sticks laying beside the bowel and was about digging into the noodles before Romeo took the bowel.

“Hey! “, I screamed letting my chop sticks dropp angrily on the table as he drank up my soup and started eating my noodles.

“What? You should get your own food if you’re hungry “, he said his mouth stuffed with noodles.

Watching him right now he looked like a baby bear. He looks so cute!

But he just took my noodles. He isn’t cute!

“Why? Don’t look at me or I would finish this noodles and also eat you “, he smiled.


“You’re a jerk, Romeo, and I’m done with you”, I breathed feigning angry.

I stood up and made to leave when his hand hot wrapped around my waist.

My breathe hitched as my eyes rested on his wet red lips. His brown eyes reflected my image perfectly as it sparkled.

“You wanted me to court you. To earn you, right? Tell me”, he smiled, his hand holding up my jaw. “Aren’t I allowed to tease? “,

“No. You aren’t “, I replied sharply taking off his hand from my jaw.

He smiled out dimples and ran his tongue on his lips while his eyes remained on me.

This pe.rvert. He surely knows the effect he has on me and is punishing me.

“Why? “, he pouted his lips cutely like a baby “That’s how couples do. It’s the modern… “,

“And who told you I like the modern courting style, huh? “, I asked cutting him off.

He scratched his head which almost got me laughing out loud.

“You don’t? What style do you love then? “, he questioned.

“You don’t even know? How can we be together if you can’t find out my likes and dislikes? Ok. Here, I like the fairytale style of courtship. Wine, dine, dance and sweet words. Just like Romeo and Juliet romance tale. Of that undying love and heart… “, I stopped seeing him smiling.

What did I say wrong this time? Why must this guy always make me seem insane?

“Wait here. Don’t make a move. Stand… Right there “, he ordered smiling before disappearing into the bedroom.

What’s wrong with him? I don’t know but I think we both are inane and strange. Just what I wanted.

God, my legs are hurting already. What’s he doing inside there?

A knock came from the door, then did he walk out with that smirk of his. What’s he planning this time?

“Coming! “, He said walking over to the door.

Two attendants trailed behind him as he came to stand before me.

“What’s going on? “, I asked eyeing the attendants who stood a bit away from us.

“You need a Romeo and Juliet r©mance? Then pardon me, madame, to take you on this journey of romance “, He breathed kneeling on one knee

He took my hand and planted a kss on it. What’s this?

I caught the attendants trying not to laugh out loud. Gosh, this man!

“Hey. What’s wrong with you? We aren’t even… “,

“With thy permission, My lady, this maidens would get thee ready “,

With a nod from him the attendants came to me and started leading me out of the door.

“Good bye! Good bye! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say Good bye till we met again, my love”, I heard him say.

I almost laughed out loud. What’s with this strange talking of his? I found it funny though. It reminds me of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

And yes, where is this two lady’s taking me too? What in God’s name is Romeo planning this time.



The two female attendants lead Leona to a room which seemed to be a dressing room.

“Hey. Where are you going? What’s going on? “, Leona yelled at the attendants who closed the door behind them without saying a word. Just smiling.

What’s up with them?, She thought to herself.

Almost immediately, the door opened as two men walked in with a lady trailing behind them.

One looked a bit old than the other and was pot bellied.

“Pardon us for attending to you late. I’m Jung, the manager and this”, he pointed at the younger man, who looked to be in his late thirties, “Young -sung, my assistant. Nana?”,

“Yes, sir”, The lady answered.

Oh her name’s Nana. That’s not my problem, she breathed internally.

“Do attend to madame with respect. . We will leave you now, madame. I will see you before the show “,

With a bow, the two men left just as they cams leaving confuse Leona to her thoughts.

Show? What show? What the h’ll do Romeo think he’s doing?

“Madame, I think this lemon satin would fit well with your skin”, Nana said, smiling with a satin dress on in her hand.

“Excuse me, what’s going on? What show are you talking about? “, Leona asked nervously.

She has tried fixing the puzzle given to her by Romeo without asking for help, but all it did was confuse her the more.

“We do stage amateur theatricals every week here for your guests, and today “Jeokeoy”was to be staged but just few minutes ago, Sir Romeo ordered us to change the bill to Romeo and Juliet. You must be a genius to know the script well.

We haven’t staged it because none of the actress could portray Joliet as Sir Romeo wished for. Can we get started already? I can’t wait to see how happy the guests would be for having such a beautiful Juliet and Handsome Romeo “,

What? Leona screamed internally. Romoe must have misunderstood. God, he is just childish,she concluded, smiling.

She let Nana dress and paint her.

“This would surely be fun”, she breathed before letting Nana lead her out to the back scene.

It was time for the curtain to rise, and the actors were all waiting patiently for the mysterious Juliet who finally reached Romoe’s standard for the part of Juliet.

At that moment, Leona walked out, and became the center of attraction.

She was surrounded by tall figures in Florentine costumes of finest materials, which looked at her with wonder.

Suddenly, as the orchestra began playing that vague, never-ending kind of music which they were able to leave off at a moment’s notice, the door opened and the manager came in.

Just a look at Leona, his legs got rooted to the ground.

“Where on earth did, Sir Romeo get the lady from”,

That was Young-sung his assistant.

“That I’m not aware of, nor do I care. If she should act as she looks, then the guests would have a treat tonight.

A tall figure walked in almost immediately as Leona looked up.

That face handsome enough at all times, but most peculiarly so now by the long, flowing hair looked back at her.

A certain expression as of admiration, and shock passed over her white face. With a smile plastered on his lips, moved towards her.

“You look like you just saw a ghost, darling “, he whispered making sure she was the only one who heard.

She gulped into nothing.

“I was just shocked you know. You looked so… “,

“Handsome? You don’t have to compliment me. I know “,

Now Leona was sure it was her arrogant, annoying pervert husband.

“I was about to say different though. Who said you’re handsome? That person must be blind, and why did you change the bill. What if I don’t know my lines? “,

She now found her voice.

“You can’t ever forget the lines of your favorite fairytale romance. That I’m aware of. You… “

“Romeo! Guards! “, shouted the call boy as the curtains rose, interrupting Romeo.

“Let’s make this our very own tale”, He smiled before entering the stage.

Leona stood there watching composed and self-possessed Romeo Sionis play Romeo Montague as if he was earning his daily bread. Word-perfect, action perfect.

He went off a hearty round of applause. He walked over to Leona whose eyes rested on him.

“How do I, my lady? “,

“Not very well, for this is our own tale, my lord. Our own very Romance “, she smiled.

“Juliet! The nurse! Lady Capulet! “, the call boy yelled.

With a composed glance around, Leona moved away, followed by the other characters, with a smile on her lips.

There was a sudden and prolonged burst of applause from the audience.

“It is an ovation. I wonder if its for the beauty of for the acting? “, The manager whispered.

It was for the beauty, for as yet she had not said s word. The costumier’s art will render even a plain person fair to look upon. Imagine, then, Leona’s loveliness heightened by powder and grease paint, her exquite form set off by the close-fitting costume of satin and pearls, the whole set off in a beautiful picture and subtly to soft music.

The audience sat spellbound as they listened to Leona speak and act. Not a half dozen of words have been said that all thought it was Juliet who stood and spoke there, in the life Shakespeare gave her.

But there was still further surprise in store for them. Presently there came the meeting between Romeo and Juliet. There was such an acting as none that the audience had ever seen or hoped to see. Romeo and Juliet in the body seemed to be before them, instinct with the life great Shakespeare had given them, while the two lovers saw it as the beginning of their own fairytale romance.

“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?… It is my Lady! O, it is my love!”,

“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romoe “,

That was the famous balcony scene. Leona stepped out of the balcony and listened to Romoe’s impassioned words of love, delivered, certainly, with the force of a genius, to her, Juliet.

But a mere look into his eyes, showed that those words of love were not for the Juliet she was portraying but the Leona he(Her Romeo Sionis) loved, while Romeo stood with thoughts of how he can ever possess the love of the peerless creature who stared back at him.

It was a wonderful performance which She and Romeo gave the titled audience that a scene of the wildest description followed when they left the stage. The audience, held in breathless suspense until they had gone, broke out into cheers and cries.

To them it was Great Shakespeare’s Romoe and Juliet but to the two going stars, it was the starting point of their own tale.



After the play, he took my hand and led me off the stage.

I watched him bend low over my out stretched hand and kssed it with the reverence of a devotee towards his saint.

I was surrounded by a thong of admiring people, each eager to do homage to me but unexpectedly Romoe excused us and lead me back to his suite.

“I can’t believe it. And only think, this was my first appearance “, I breathed my cheeks hurting from over smiling.

Romoe just stood there watching me with a word. He hasn’t said a word since we got back here.

Strange entity.

“What? “, I asked standing before him with my hands crossed under my bbs.

He moved sharply and grabbed my waist, not breaking the eye contact.

“I am capable of manifesting the world to thee, shining, shimmering, splendid. Inform me, Princess, when hath thou most recently granted thy heart permission to allow me to do as it pleases”,

“What? The play is over already. Come on, tell me why you are looking at me strangely. Is something on my face? “, I asked staring into his beautiful eyes.

He remained silent for a moment but then smiled with his eyes on my bbs.


“Pardon me Madame, but I was curious as to what you look like under those tasteful fabrics you’re wearing. Perhaps, you would do me the honor to remove them and photograph your perfect skin so I can gaze upon your beauty and devour you.

What? Pe.rvert!

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