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Authored by Randy

I stood motionless. Is this some kind of prank or what?

This really can’t be the desperate, fierce, Vera I know. This must surely be a prank. They wanna see me search desperately for some shtty prove.

Never. I can’t let them control me like some toy.

She stopped right at the door.

“Rowland’s Coronation would be in the next four days. It would be announced publicly today “, she breathed without facing me. “Stop it”,

With that, she was out.

My hands became sweaty as my gaze fell on the white table.

‘This isn’t a prank, Leona! ‘, My subconsciousness screamed.

Vivian stepped in almost immediately, curiosity was written all over her. The guard stepped in also and surprisedly fell on his knees.

What’s this again.

“My lady! “,

“What’s going on? “, Vivian asked staring at me confused.

“I’m here to pledge my loyalty to Her Royal highness as well as the border guards. The coronation has been announced, my lady. We all need your other to stop it”,



“Coronation! “, Vivian exclaimed touching me.

Vera was right after all.

“My lady we just need your order… “

“His Royal Highness arrives! “,

The words of the call boy made the guard swallow his remaining words.

Barely he stood up, Rowland walked in with his shoulders held high. I haven’t seen him for over a month now. He looks so different.

Vivian and the guard bowed and left fastly.

“How do I look, wife”,

Wife? This guy must really be insane.

I neglected him and fell on the cushion. He sat beside me but I drew further away from him.

“Our coronation is just a few days from now. Won’t you forget the dead and look on me as your husband? “,

“I can’t live with a murderer “, I breathed calmly without sparing him a glaze.

He must be crazy to think I would marry him when I knew he was the one who po!soned my lover. The one who held the r©mance I ever wished for.

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“I’m no mur.derer. I did it for you, Leona… “,

“Ba$tard! For who? Did you require from me if it was what I wanted? You did it for yourself not me! “, I fired staring at him.

His eyes were now bIoodshot but who cares.

“If I should be blamed then you must have a share of it. If you hadn’t loved him. If you hadn’t chosen him. If you… “,

“I choose who I want to, Rowland. You have no right to force me to love you. My heart did the choosing, and right now I’m grateful that I didn’t love a lunatic! “

“Leona Rowland! “,

“Rowland Sionis! “,

There was a minute silence as we glared at each other, eyes spitting fire.

“You can’t have your way this time. Get ready, you’re going to be my wife soon”, he breathed standing.

“That’s the very dream of yours that would never be fulfilled “,

“Don’t get me upset, Leona. You won’t like it if I should get Mad”,

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“I’m madder to notice your madness “, I breathed as I felt my stomach acting strange.

I just feel like puking. God, my head hurts. Why suddenly? Not like I have eaten.

“You… “,


God, I threw upon him.

“Christ! “, I heard him yell in confusion.

I found myself getting dizzying, my eyelids shutting down slowly. God, what’s this?

My head feels so heavy. My body was so feverish. I felt my legs becoming weak as my environment started spinning.

This feeling, why I feel familiar with it?

“Vivian! “, I heard Rowland’s voice before blacking out.

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