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Authored by Randy

She left with the d’mon of a husband, hand in hand like couples. Normally, a wife would have been angered by the act, but not me.

Our marriage was not of free will but of threat. She should have been married instead rather than me.

“The King invites you to the garden, your highness “, A guard delivered.

I became pale at those words. I just met him here, why the private meeting again?

With a nod from me, Vivian stepped forward with the maids and guards as we made to the king’s garden.

We were led through the Aviary in the king’s court, which had birds I knew not their names. It was a beautiful confusion as they varied in colors. Walking out of the aviary, saw us to the garden gate, I presume.

“His majesty awaits you inside, your highness “, the guard at the garden gate announced.

My heart beat fast and my lungs seem to crave for more air. It felt like I was been suffocated.

“Collect your wits, Leona, you are his daughter-in-law “, I said so myself as I remembered my rank.

Drawing myself up to my full size, I walked into the gardens as the gate closed behind.

My eyes fell on his big, magnificent being, god-like in his rich velvet and fur, under the canopy of estate, on a small velvet throne.

“Sir”, I nervously spoke not knowing what else to say

I am not used to this royalty stuff.

“Sit, my little lady “, he said in a high, imperious voice, standing from the throne and taking my hands in his.

With a smile, he planted a smacking kss on them before leading me to the smaller throne beside his, like I was not his daughter-in-law but his sovereign.

I piped up, a little embarrassed by it all, and looked around to see if anyone saw such a scene. I was relieved as I saw the guards were a bit far from the canopy and wasn’t looking our way.

“I trust you have been treated well? “, he inquired as last night incident flashed through my head.

“Oh, yes, sir, though all this was unexpected “, I replied sincerely looking into his face.

He had a grin on his lips that got me uncomfortable.

“I understand but the deed has been done. All you have to do its embrace it, My lady Leona. I know the ways of royalty are hard but you have to learn it. This is now your identity, daughter “, he spoke genuinely holding my hands in his. “If you have any problem, whatever, don’t hesitate to come to me, would you? “, he asked.

Gratitude welled up in my heart. I would never have expected such from the king, a staunch ally in this den of enemies, I thought.

“I promise, sir”, I smiled feeling relaxed at the point.

With a clap, two maids came walking inside the canopy with a small parcel. A table was placed in front of me as well as the parcel on it.

“I bought you a little present, my lady, from Paris to appreciate you. I hope it will give you pleasure “, he said opening the parcel.

For a moment it seemed that I would decline this gift from the king.

It contained a morocco case, the lid of which, upon a spring being touched by the king, flew back, exposing a beautiful suite of rubies set in pale gold.

I gasped at the beautiful jewel. They are the finest rubies I have ever seen.

He held them up as the light gleamed in them until they shone like fire.

“You must no decline them, my lady, it is an order”, he spoke making me swallow my words.

He seems to have read my mind. How could I accept such an expensive gift fit for an empress? The feeling that it would be unjust to him to take the gift as I was already planning to run away from all this, overcame me.

“Oh, no, no!!! Not such a gift as this – I am not worthy”, I echoed withdrawing my hands from him.

“Not worthy? “, he breathed, looking at me with a rapt smile of worship. “Tell me who is, then “.

The question got me off guard as I struggled to bring up words in my mouth but I failed.

He took my hands again, starring into my eyes.

“Well, well, well, you seem not to have an answer. Kindly escorts her lady to the gate”, he instructed the two maids who repackaged the parcel.

Starring at his smiling face, my head seems to be spinning and my cells stiff.

Those words!!!!!

Images of my first night here popped up in my head. At that instant, my nose caught a familiar deodorant smell.

It was the same deodorant as of that night!!!!!.

I became pale as I starred at his robust body. Was it him that night?

It was with a mixed feeling that I made the courtesy and left with the two maids behind.

With the puzzling question in my head, I returned to my privy (private) chambers.

As much I wanted to believe it I had a part of me that didn’t believe. Was it truly the king that night? No, it can’t be him. Why should he do such a disgracing act with his daughter-in-law?!!!!

At that moment, Vivian’s quick movement towards me distracted me.

“Lady Vera is here to see you”, she spoke in terror.

“Who’s lady Vera? “, I asked angered at such distraction at this very moment.

“His highness best friend!! “,

I sprang up to my feet at her words becoming pale. What’s she doing here?

“Should I say you’re engaged and can not see her”, Vivian asked.

“No. No. I will meet her”, I spoke picking up the courage.

Do I need to meet her to know why she hates me? We never met before but I could feel she sees me as an enemy.

Going over to the mirror, I stared at my pale face and dignified posture in the severely cut black gown that set off my slender figure to advantage.

“We have to do this”, I said to my reflection before putting on an amicable smile and walked out to the living room where my guest was, half frightened.

“Sister-in-law!! “, She exclaimed hugging me.

“My lady Vera, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit? “, I spoke feeling strange at my words.

This royalty of a thing sucks.

She didn’t say a word but rather stares at the maids and guards. With a nod from me, the maids and servants left us.

“I am a bad dissembler, your highness”, She stretched the ‘Highness’ in an annoying manner. “I fear I can take pleasure in meeting you “, she said moving to the table.

“I know already. I wasn’t deceived, state your business, I’m busy”, I fired angrily before sitting on the cushion.

“You’re brilliant “

“You don’t have to compliment me, I know already “, I breathed starring at her.

A cloud crossed her face at my words, as she walked to me.

“You’re occupying my position. You aren’t worthy “, she flamed.

My lips stretched into a smile. They were hiding under the term of friendship all this while, as lovers? How easy it was to get this information from her.

“Your position? Arent we sister-in-laws? “, I asked pretending to be clueless


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