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How to begin Your Music Ministry


How to begin Your Music Ministry

How to begin Your Music Ministry

Someone who is called to “music ministry” senses that God wishes for him or her to devote their life to serving God with his or her music talents by blessing lives and winning souls. Blessing lives and winning souls must be ones ultimate goal. If someone enters into music ministry because of money, such person is already a failure. Kingdom of God first others shall be added by God naturally. 

Today, am going to be talking about steps you need to take before embarking on the wonderful Journey

  • 1.      
    This is the first thing to do fast and pray, and get all necessary spiritual
    equipment needed before embarking on the journey.
  • 2.      
    Voice must be well trained:
    You voice must contain all necessary vocal
    accessories, Falsetto, vibrato. Thus, you must learn music to maximum level.
  • 3.      

    Other popular Songs:
    Begin to cover other gospel songs in other to build
    fan base
  • 4.      
    Your Debut song:
    Your first song must be well arranged you can call music
    experts to arrange your song for you.
  • 5.      
    Go and
    drop your song:
    Get a popular and a good studio to record your song in
    other to get better sound. Try ezee concept, or rockanation or rocktown studio
    if you have the money.
  • 6.      

    your song:
    Sponsor and promote your new song to get it around the globe
    (spend this money)
  • 7.      
    Dropping songs until Your song hit:
    Drop at least a song per year and at
    most 3 songs in a year continue the following years until one of the song hits.
  • 8.       Plan on releasing album: once one of
    your songs hits, begin to plan on releasing album immediately and the title of
    your most popular song must be the title of your first album and the album must
    contains all your old singles and other new songs.
  • 9.       Tracks in your album must have name:
    your album must never be named track one track 2 etc.
  • 10.   Maintain Your relationship with God &
    Do not give room for pride: 
    singers, once they enter limelights they forget about God and begin to manifest
    in talent and gifts.


Gospel Music is the best. Know you stand, be prayerful,
practice work hard you will surely get to the top.

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