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How to record High Quality Song Cover Using Your Android Smartphone

How to record High Quality Song Cover Using Your Android Smartphone

Hello, I trust you’re doing great. Welcome to another Musical Article on wikilyrics. Today, I’m going to be a bit techy. 

How to Record high quality cover of songs right from your Android Smartphone using Sing Play Software. Before I dive deep, you’re going to sincerely do me two favours, 1 share this post, 2 Drop a comment. Boom that’s all all.

As an Upcoming Music Star, there are some norms that must be put into practice before reaching limelight. Rome was not built in a day. Intense Rehearsal must be your habit and also getting a vocal coach is highly recommended if their is need for it. As Part of the habit of upcoming star, Covering songs of Popular singers or trending songs is a recommended way to go. Especially For personal training and Fan base Creation.

Going to studio could cost you extra penny just to cover a song. That’s why I’m introducing and android application to you called Sing Play. Sing Play is an APK app that lets you select instrumental of your choice, sing along, record and save as high quality MP3 file.

How to Download SingPlay

It was a shock when Singplay Officially ended their service and officially Got removed from play store by their developer. But Hurray!! No room for panicking I have a Working version on my phone which I’m going to share you free.

Download Sing play here

How to Record Song Covers using Singplay

I’m going to teach you simple steps on how to start recording your own songs right away!

1. Goto and search for the instrumental of the song you like to cover (example daddy wey dey pamper instrumental)

Download The instrumental. But in most cases the instrumental you want would be found only on YouTube. All you have to do is convert the YouTube instrumental video to MP3 file and download.

  • Search for the lyrics of the song you want to cover 
  • Copy it into your clipboard 
  • open Singplay App

    Singplay app


  • search your Downloaded Instrumental 

    Search instrumental on singplay

  • Paste the Lyrics inside the song  

    Input lyrics on singplay

  • Plug in your Headset or wired earpiece
  • press record

    Record on singplay

The instrumental begin to play, start singing along. After you’re done, save it as mp3. 

Save mp3 on singplay

Image of How to record High Quality Song Cover Using Your Android Smartphone MP3 DOWNLOAD

Now your MP3 Cover is ready, listen & share it with friends.

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