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I believe Lyrics by Kenny Kore



Kenny Kore – I believe Lyrics

See my life don better, see the shame don waka

They no go know say you don suffer, dem go call you ajebutter but you be real ajepako

See the levels don dey change it makes wanna give again and love again,

no be today e don teh na because I believe


Na because I believe/4x Ohh

Na because you believe/4x oohhhhhhh

Some people wey believe go say

Na because you believe/4x eeeehh

[2.] See, Mummy no be you be this

Remember say them no believe

You go marry ehn yes you and daddy

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Raise pikins, raise your pikins pikins

A lot of them, super pikins, super pikins, super pikins

(Just like me)


3. Ye, Imagine say you no dey play lotto you still dey drive correct motto

Imagine say (imagine) you no do magomago take commot for ajepako

Imagine say I go die one day but my name go remain great

So greeeeaaat ye in Jesus I believe, believe…believe

Na because you believe/4x yeeee because you believe… believe… because you believe…believe

Sing with me, i believe in you, you believe in me, we believe in God

Mummy believe, daddy believe, brother believe, sister believe

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