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Ivan B – Artificial Intelligence Lyrics


Yo! I ain’t here for the money, I ain’t here for the fame Though it might be nice to own a jet-plane

I’ma do it all for you, come along you’ll see it’s true

But the road is pretty cold, you might need a sweater too

I’ma put it right on ya, kid from California

Tryna make it in life, school that never taught ya

Dreams of my own, I’ve been working from home

I can do it on my own, but sometimes it gets cold- like

It’s too cold for you here and now

So let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater (Cause it’s cold outside and I don’t know why)

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(I’m just living my life) (Nothing what it seems, I’ve got a pocket full of dreams)

(In a world about to freeze so I’ll enjoy the warm breeze)

(I’m just living my life) There’s nothing I want more, nothing else I want to see

Grab a mic, get in the stage and kill it on the scene

Persevering for my team, so they can acquire cream [

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