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Ivan B – Back to You Lyrics


Baby I’ve been waiting for you

Baby I’ve been thinking bout’ you

On the phone every night until two

I promise I’ll get back to you

I’ll get back to you

I think of you under city lights

Like once a year you get to see me twice

I can’t take anymore of these petty fights

I can’t talk right now I’m bout’ to take a flight

Hang up and my heart hangs

One step from a heartbreak

Hold up, am I too late?

What you doing up so late

Don’t say it’s a mistake, look

I know I’ve been distant

But what do I do when I know what I want?

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What will I feel when I know that you’re gone

What will I say when you tell me move on

I can’t think for a moment of letting you go

Stars gave me doubts, you gave me hope

Fans giving me capes, you’re helping me cope

And all you want is my winter coat

My hand with yours in that winter coat

Laying on your bed like let it snow

Saying I miss you before I go

My eyes looking like yours when I go

The hardest thing to feel

Was on that plane like this ain’t real

I’ma come right back

I’ma fly right back

Give you life like this ain’t real

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Cause’ I know it’s hard for you

You want more than a facetime

All your friends say you gotta face time

Like you’re not in love

You just love to waste time

You stay up every night late when I’m working

And put a smile on my face yeah when I’m hurtin’

Love is hard but I know we’re learning

Nothing’s perfect but this is worth it

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