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Ivan B – Star Again Lyrics


Pick it up pick it up and start again

You got a second chance, you could go home

Escape it all it’s just irrelevant

It’s just medicine, it’s just medicine

You could still be, what you want to

What you said you were, when I met you

Yeah. At times I don’t know where I’m going

I’m stuck looking back at where I’ve been

All these friends who say they supported you

Suddenly vanished with the wind

When you got nothing to lose, and expected to lose

Who do you look to then

When everybody wants something

Who can you really call a friend

Late night stressing cuz I’m guessing

Can happiness ever last

Cuz there’s times, it’s really here

But remains inside the past

I’ve given everything I got

But I always seem to crash

If life really gives you lessons

Then I’m failing the class

Damn, so let me start again

I’ve been losing this sight again

Been running close to empty

Don’t think I can start this car again

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It’s hard to achieve, where no one sees you succeed

I sever ties with the closest ones who never believe

I’ve been broken down to pieces over a silly dream

Loved how my heart was ripped out for believing in me

Just a mic and a pen, and all the places I’ve been

I dont regret where I am

But can we start again

Pick it up, pick it all up, and start again

You got a second chance, you could go home

Escape it all, it’s just irrelevant

What’s meant to be isn’t meant to be

Just everything we let happen

Been trapped inside our memories

The nights we stayed up laughing

I’m acting like I’m fine, as if none of this ever happened

Like my body shield with armor but inside I’m just collapsing

I know that You’ve moved on, and thats fine cuz so have I

But sometimes you reminisce of the feelings we made alive

And all those moments where you call me up at 3 in the morning

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Can’t tell you why I’m not folding

Am I provoking emotions

Was I wrong to try

And save the thing I thought that we had

Or was I crazy to believe that we could piece it all back

Like broken mirrors, I don’t think that we could see through the cracks

We could do this all again, I know I take this all back

So tell me, was it worth it

With all the lies and the games

All the fights and the name calling

Im sorry to say, that these words aren’t meant for you

But for me to ease the pain

Cuz sometimes you do feel better

When you walk in the rain

Pick it up, pick it all up, and start again

You got a second chance, you could go home. escape it all, its just irrelevant

Those moments when you realize all the friends that you lost

Pursuing happiness but losing it, the feelings so lost

When you’re over thinking every night and you just want it to stop

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Endlessly falling forever, and i dont want to be cut

I know I said it was for the best and while I’m filled with regret

I’ve been losing pieces of myself I don’t know how much is left

I don’t want to ever clean up this room, cuz I’d be the only mess left

Yeah, I’m still cleaning up my thoughts

And you’re the only thought left

Lets Start Again

It’s just medicine, it’s just medicine

You could still be what u want to

What you said you were

When I met you

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