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J. Cole – ​​close Lyrics





Ville-matic, one, one

One, one, one-two, one

One-two, one, one-two, one

One-two, one, one, listen


Close, I stare at my dreams as they approach

Gotta be patient and trust in God, He the coach

Temptations are taking a shortcut, but I don’t

‘Cause I ain’t tryna be a almost, when I get it, I’ma float

Gone are the days we was close

Now when I see you, I look at you just like a ghost

A shell of your former self, so caught up with that dope

Two niggas singin’ two diffеrent notes and you know I gotta coast

Nothin’ but a dollar and some hopе

Up in NY, but damn, what hurts me the most

You was a good nigga, we knew each other’s folks

Now you gotta ride around with the toast and you keep that shit close

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‘Cause niggas plottin’ on you since you chose

To roll around with the candy paint on spokes

You know ‘Ville niggas don’t like it when you boast

You know twelve be takin’ notes and they watchin’ you close

But maybe you don’t see ’em ’cause the smoke

Cloudin’ your vision from every cigar that you toke

Plus the lean you sippin’ which started as a joke

Got you now fiendin’ for your next dose, meanwhile I’m so close

Don’t even give a fuck that I’m broke

‘Cause in my mind I’m rich with shit I done wrote

Therefore I’m convinced that this is supposed to happen

And in time I’ma blow, they gon’ label me the GOAT

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How long has it been since we spoke?

Last night I jumped up from my sleep, I was soaked

Call it a nightmare, the scene that awoke me

Involved you and niggas I ain’t know, they was creepin’ up close

I saw the heat tucked in they coats

You didn’t notice ’cause you was busy countin’ dough

I tried to yell, but nothin’ came out of my throat

Niggas cocked back the hammers and you froze, in your eyes I saw hope

Hope of a better way to cope with the pain

And the scars, than the lean and the coke

And I swear in that moment I wish we were still close

Maybe I could’ve saved you, but no, trigger squeeze, gun smoke

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I opened up my eyes with a jolt

Heart pumpin’ like Usain Bolt

Reached for my phone, missed calls and a text message note

From my mama sayin’ you just got smoked, damn, this life is no joke




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