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Jake Xerxes Fussell – Breast of Glass Lyrics


Wish I was in London

Some other seaport town

Step my foot on a steamboat

I’d sail the ocean ’round

Sail it ’round

Don’t you remember, Molly?

You gave me your right hand

You said if we ever married

I would be the man

I’d be the man

While sailing ’round the ocean

Sailing ’round the sea

I’d dream of Handsome Molly

Wherever she might be

Where she might be

When I’m for miles and miles away

All on some distant shore

Among the rocks and mountains where

The wild beasts howl and roar

They howl and roar

If I had a breast of glass

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Wherein you might behold

Your name in secret I would write

In letters of bright gold

In bright gold

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