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Jaymikee – Eyes On You Lyrics

Jaymikee – Eyes On You Lyrics

Table Of Contents (toc)

Verse 1

This song has been written

For those whose spirits are imprisoned

Victims of the devil’s lies

that they would never fit into the promises of God, listen!

It’s because you’ve forgotten who you are

The power God has given you to fight the war

The next time you are down on the floor

Just remind yourself who these names are for


I am a living testimony

I am a proof of a miracle

I am the light in the darkness

The voice crying out in the wilderness

I am the temple of the Most High

I am a chosen generation

I am an image of the Father

The soul that was saved from the slaughter

Dark days and stormy nights

Thunder and lightning flash the skies

Won’t stop me from holding on

Because I’ve got my eyes on You

Strong winds and heavy rain

Black clouds and shadows all around

Can’t stop me from holding on

Because I’ve got my eyes on You

‘Cause you are all I have

And You are all I need

I am complete when I’m in You

Even though I’m bleeding

You hear my prayer

And when I call you answer me

You raised me up so I can hear you say

‘Just hold on’

Verse 2

Today we Christians live in fear

The fear of how much pressure our souls can bear

We say to everyone that we are standing

But deep inside of our hearts

we know that we are bending

That is why everyday we are rising and falling

Instead of flying high we are on the ground crawling

That’s why I’m here to remind you of who you really are

And your status in the universe



So in conclusion

Do away with every feeling or spirit of confusion

It’s an illusion

Let your hearts and minds

be accustomed to the scripture

Now that’s the bigger picture

Begin to see yourself through God’s eyes

Any other theory is nothing but devil’s lies

Let the Holy Spirit take the lead

‘Cause in the nick of time

He’s all that you will ever need

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