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Jethro Tull – The Fisherman of Ephesus Lyrics


Ten set out along the rocky road

To suffer for their saintly sins

The great betrayer missing

Having topped himself or split his skin

Now, the young beloved one

Last son of father Zebedee

Comes to the town of Ephesus

To spin the lure and reel them in

Casts a line, sits waiting quietly

For the telltale nibble to reveal

The passing curiosity

The inner need, the faint appeal

Sings sweetly for his supper

Sings of miracles and fairy tales

Of barley loaves and two small fish

To make, for multitudes, a meal

Fisherman of Ephesus

Surveys the spirits’ battleground

Flag was flown, a story told

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Of crucifix and thorny crown

Hard to go on living

With the guilt of chance survival

All alone to fall from sky

Crash landing on arrival

To walk again the rocky road

No martyrdom to comfort

Wait out the years to join the ten

In fairytale revival

The test of poison cup

A little boiling oil along the way

On isle of Artemis to toil

Write memoirs at the end of day

Then back to lie in Ephesus

Alone among the dozen

As harbour slowly suffocates

And the catch has swum far away

Fisherman of Ephesus

Did he know the fate of others?

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Their sticky end, the harsh rebuttal

He alone without his brothers

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