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John Mellencamp – A Life Full Of Rain Lyrics


A Life Full Of Rain Lyrics by John Mellencamp (feat. Bruce Springsteen)


A life full of rain

Coming down on my shoulders

A life full of rain

Here in a room where no one cares

I’m not wanted here

I got no place to go

I’ve found all is empty

In a life full of rain

Your sky is never clear

And you can hear that thunder

You know that means trouble

The kind of trouble that won’t disappear

So you ask for forgiveness

And you know there’s none coming

A life full of rain

And the forecast is severe

The gravel roads

That lie stretched out before you

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They are the roads that you’ve gone down before

Goddamn it, you didn’t ask

You didn’t ask to come here

So you curse your own mother

For the day that you were born

It’s all been a trick

A little sleight of hand

Like the clowns in the circus

Who tells a story but no one understands

So you disappear into the solitude

And you go into the shadows

Of a life full of rain

With no dry spot to stand

There’s a blue-eyed world

That said it once loved you

But that was in your youth

Such a long, long time ago

As the days went by

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With your pride walking beside you

Pride you could not swallow

And refused to let go

So here you are

Stuck in a world of your own ego

World where there’s no rumors

Of other lost souls

Who’ve turned into ghosts

And float sadly through the evening

And you thought you were exempt

From a life full of rain

A life full of rain

That’s coming down on your shoulders

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