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Come in the backroom

Backing up like I don’t give a fuck

Gotta move the bricks

Bands so I could get the truck

What up with it, buddy?


[Verse 1]

Uh, dirty (Dirty)

Money, I’ma make you look dirty

Poke it out

Funny how the world caught up with me (Yeah)

Heard them pigs in New York don’t fuck with me

Sheeple (Sheeple)

Keep it transparent, y’all see-through

Help me out

Mama used to bump Luther, no Beatles

McNabb tired of getting soup from the Eagles


In L.A. with that Blicky playing Contra


You can meet the fist like Arthur (Uh)

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Love screwin’ with the cops, I’m Lana

Two SIGs, Big Pun and Fat Joe, they twins

Pull it out, get them mumbling like Sims

And I don’t need twenty niggas to defense



Get low

Huh, get low

Uh, uh


Better have ten, nah, nah, nigga, we—

[Verse 2]

Dawg, look at these niggas

Grind my teeth, how they spit so much filler (For real)

Wannabes used to wanna be wiggas

Same wannabes wanna be killers, mmm-mmm

Weak-ass rhymes (Weak), weak-ass lines (Weak)

Same old synths, them weak-ass slides (Facts)

Fresh carpool, this lane all mine (Uh)

Already lapped, can’t nobody get by

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Who you gon’ call when the trends all die? (Me)

Niggas follow, I been walkin’ my path the whole time (Yeah)

Shit hurts worse when you deep in the grind

Out on bail like Pac in the prime

Style so slutty, even you gotta try it (What else?)

My shit, yeah, big drum on the .9 (What else?)

When you spit subs, give me your own time

And you can’t get it back, niggas know I ain’t lyin’




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