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Yeah, yeah

Yeah, you know the truth is the truth, you know?

Yeah, uh, uh

Huh, huh

[Verse 1: JPEGMAFIA]

When I look at your shit, I’m like, “Ha”

When I look at my shit, I’m like, “Uh”

Wave cap got me feelin’ like Guapdad

All I do is respond how I’m mad

It gets funnier the more that you front (You front)

Boy, you quick to make sure it’s what you want


Why would I pray for your health? (Yeah)

Baby, I pray for myself

Why would I pray for your pics, boo? (Yeah)

I’m fuckin’ somebody else (Uh)

I’m fuckin’ somebody better (Yeah)

You bitches is fuckin’ whoever (Yeah-yeah)


Y’all niggas out here, man, I just, I just (Get it)

I don’t understand, man, niggas don’t think I have eyеs (Wet it)

Think I don’t have ears, man (Haha)

[Verse 2: JPEGMAFIA]

Uh, D-zеro-N-O-T fuck with me

Baby, I can’t be stopped, for real (Ooh)

Last nigga tried me broke and lyin’

Baby, I heard this mag’ could kill (I heard)

Look at the preacher and look at the spill

Swear on the bible and keep it concealed

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Kiss from the roses, I left ’em like Seal (Ah, huh)


Why would I pray for your health? (Huh)

Baby, I pray for myself (Yeah)

Why would I pray for your pics, boo?

I’m fuckin’ somebody else (For real)

I’m fuckin’ somebody better

You bitches is fuckin’ whoever


Yeah, I’m over the top, uh

I get the feeling I fathered the energy bit by the opps, uh

I get the M and the flame and the banger

Gon’ make him lose top, uh

Full metal jacket, rappers smackin’ harder than soap in a sock, uh

Keep it a lock, I’m needed the most

I clean up the flow with a broom and a mop

Flowin’ abrupt, stay rockin’ next to me

I drew the line on the side like I’m [?]

Speak up front, lie to your face

Copy and paste, left out a trace, you got a taste

Shit woulda been a Zoom meeting ’cause I wanna bust up his face (Uh), wait

[Verse 4: JPEGMAFIA]

How you talk shit and get caught with no pole?

How you still up and tell me you old?

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Fuck your momma, brother, sister and niece

Baby, you failed tryna find a new goal

We know this *****

We know you love to put teens behind bars

***** think it’s cute when they sing

When we catch him we gon’ pull him apart

It’s up, it’s that way

Countin’ money and b****s in the ashtray

Gettin’ death threats every week (Uh)

From some pussies that y’all never see

First, your daddy, I rolled in a suite (Oh yeah)

Then you came to my show and got beat (Oh yeah)

It’s so funny, you try to work it out

When y’all niggas can’t even stay on beat, huh


It’s crazy

Fix that verse, man, you Wizard of Oz rappin’ motherfucker

Look, huh

[Verse 5: JPEGMAFIA]

All them threats be makin’ me hard (It’s hard)

I’ma say that who you really be

All that shit that you did to your girl

I just wish that you’d do it to me

He told me to stop dissin’ his kin, huh

Oops, I did it again (My bad, shut yo bitch ass up)

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I just know those *****-ass niggas dead

Know it hurts that you missin’ your friends (Phew)

Know I’m selfish as shit, niggas know that I’m petty

You know we got beef and you know that I’m with it (Know it hurts)

Niggas named after baking soda, but he never…

As if he pretendin’, textin’ me that bullshit endin’

Heard your tape, but I didn’t get a mention

‘Cause you know how that woulda ended, huh

Internet think I been playin’ with shit (Huh)

You know a bitch, you were runnin’ a kid

Know you a *****, I was playin’ in front of you

You show up in class, I ain’t packin’ a Lunchable, nigga


Oh my God

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