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Julien Baker – Favor Lyrics


[Verse 1]

We took the forty down to

Visit the family, and I

Told you the only kin I knew

Was who I could see from the gurney

I used to think about myself

Like I was a talented liar

Turns out that all my friends were

Trying to do me a favor

[Chorus 1]

I always wanna tell the truth

But it never seems like the right time

To be serious enough

I’m sorry I’m making myself cry


How long do I have until

I’ve spent up everyone’s goodwill?

[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 2]

Sat on the hood, out all night

Trying to scrape together change

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You pulled a moth out

From the grill of your truck

Saying it’s a shame

How come it’s so much еasier

With anything less than human

Letting yoursеlf be tender?

Well, you couldn’t make me do it

[Chorus 2]

It doesn’t feel too bad, but it

Doesn’t feel too good, either

Just like a nicotine patch, it

Hardly works, then it’s over


Who put me

In your way to find?

And what right had you

Not to let me die?

Ooh, but did I even know

What I was asking for?

If I had my way

I’d have missed you more

Than you missed me

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You missed me


You missed me

You missed me

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