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Kanye West – Get Lost Lyrics


I still get lost in the night

Lost in my ….

Memories back from fine

Back to get all my time

I still get lost, what’s mine?

Memories back from time

All my thoughts on at night

All my life’s on the line

I still get lost in the night

Memories back from mine

‘Member we had one night

‘Member we had the night

I still get lost sometimes

Memories haunting mind

‘Member we had the mind

‘Member we had the mind

I go get lost sometimes

‘Member we ….

I went through final five

When you was mine, all mine

…. commit

Now I’m taking darker streets

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Fucked up without the ….

Parker without the cleats

….on repeat

…. from night I beat

I don’t went back to sleep

With a new sight to see, what do you write for me? What will fit right for me

I did what’s right for me

I fought from fighting me

Well, I would like to see

I still get lost sometimes

…. state of mind

Stay on the ….

When do I cross your mind?

When do you see my pride?

I’ve got a Pablo shine

Pride is the ….

Okay, well nevermind

Okay, then nevermind

Do I still cross your mind?

If not then nevermind

If not then nevermind


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