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Kirk Franklin – I Am God Lyrics


Kirk Franklin

Fight of My Life

I Am God

Think I’m gonna walk away

You’re messing up my life today (wassup)

This time I refuse to pray but

Still you keep calling me (calling me)

I don’t wanna see your face

The thing I love you erased (Come on!)

Nothing but an empty space

Now I don’t know how to be

I know it wasn’t right for me. (Yea!)

What you liking what you need.

I feel like I’m in surgery

Still you cut deeper

My secrets within

My blanket of sin

Lord how much longer ’till ya through with me

Please take what you need (Can I get up now!)

Be still and know I am God

Be still and know I am God

Lord your ways ar not my ways

Everything you don’t explain

Somethings I don’t want to change

So you keep breaking me (There you go!)


It’s like I’m fighting for my life (woo!)

You hit me with another right

I feel like Jacob in the night

Won’t stop ’till you bless me

My flesh and my will (Yes father!)

Is yours not to kill (To kill!)

Bringing myself to you (Come on!)

But living sacrifice is more (Can I get up now)

Be still and know I am God (Gotta know Gotta know Gotta know Gotta know)

Be still and know (yea) I am God(Gotta know Gotta know One more time!)

Be still and know I am God (You are God! You are God! Gotta know! Gotta know!)

Be still (Be still) and know (and know) I am God (yea!)

If I could I’d fly away from here

But even when I’m far you still are near

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I gotta get out (There’s no way out)

Where is there to run(There’s no where to run)

Don’t go(Don’t go)

Don’t go (Can’t go)

No! No! No! (Whoa!)

You win. (uh huh!)

I’ve been trying to do it on my own. (Yes Lord!)

But right now I gotta surrender.

You know what’s best. (Say it like you mean it!)

It’s not easy waiting on you.

It’s not easy believing that you got this together.

But without faith it is impossible to please you. (We recognize you!)

So I’m gonna stand right here. (We are still before you!)

You got me. (We are still before you!) You got me. You got me.

Be still and know (we know!) I am God (We gonna lift those hands. I surrender to your authority God! I surrender!)

Be still (we’re still!) and know (we know!) I am God (I give you my will)(Gotta know! Gotta! know! Gotta know!)

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Be still (I’m yours!) and know (we know!) (I’m yours!) I am God (I’m tired of living on my own! I’m tired of living on my own!)

Be still and know (we know!) I am God (You are God!)

Hallelujah! Without God, I’m nothing.

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