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Kirk Franklin – Outro Lyrics


I refuse to be another black statistic

A black man who can wine and dine in the sin of the world

And still be considered a Christian

I plan on being great, I care not to be less

I refuse to wear a bar code across my chest

I refuse to let a black tee or throwback jersey define me

I refuse to let my children witness divorce

Or make mature decisions in court

I refuse to grow up carrying the generational curse

I refuse to feel the need to curse in my verse

I hate bein’ automatically looked at

When someone asks, “Can anyone rap?”

I wanna be a black man

That can flip it from urban to corporate measures

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A black man who doesn’t gain

Knowledge of the world for his own pleasures

A black man who reps Christ to the fullest with no regrets

My only regret is the stigma

That many black statistics in the past have set

Like goin’ to jail, braggin’ about bail

Leavin’ our kids, cussin’ at church

Married and you still flirt, no father present at birth

Animosity within the ministers of our church

I refuse to let my people be viewed as temporary

I plan on planting a seed not for the moment

But for one that’s legendary

As for statistics, my father broke the mode

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And I feel it’s just my job for the next generation to continue in it

Because I refuse to be another black statistic

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