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Korean Story: MR CEO Episode 12


 Korean Story: MR CEO Episode 12

๐Ÿ’‹ MR
CEO ๐Ÿ’‹
( Too cold and possessive)

( I quit )

Episode 12

By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

Anikaโ€™s POV

What ?

โ€ Are you kidding me Adnan? โ€ I asked blinking innocently!

Seriously? Like my b0dy as a goodbye? Whatโ€™s that?

โ€ Do I look like I am joking Anika? I canโ€™t let you leave me like that, I promise to do that when you give me what I want and not that we havenโ€™t had sx before โ€ he replied shrugging his shoulders.

I am so done for ! How did I end up with a lunatic?

โ€ That was then but not anymore, I do not owe you my b0dy. Just let me go โ€ I said and he shunned me.

He drew me cl0ser to him trailing ksses all over my!

โ€ Just this once Anika, not that your called fiance will know about it โ€
He pushed me back on the s0fa cl!mbing up on me.

Now I am regretting why I came here in the first place, I just thought it itโ€™s the right thing to do.

โ€ We canโ€™t be doing this Adnan, I have somewhere to be โ€ I said trying to stand up but he 0utweighed me.

โ€ Just give in already, we will both enj0y this and as you know. The last time, this is the last time โ€œ

I sighed and he scked my n.eck the more! Thereโ€™s no getting out of this, I either give in or I get [email protected]!

Since heโ€™s determined to have my b0dy, he will have it by all means!

And besides, this will be the last time like he said, I am never going to see him again.

When I am finally married to Jeff, I will be busy trying to be on the media. My reputation will come first.

I just canโ€™t wait to let that happen, I will meet him on his sisterโ€™s birthday party and after then, we will discuss the marriage plans.

I will have to tell my Dad to make them draw it closer, maybe next month or so!

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When we get married, we will know each other! Thatโ€™s certain!

โ€ Fine โ€ I replied and he grinned!

He removed my t0p before I could change my mind and immediately uncla$p my b.rรฃ .

This guy is [email protected], heโ€™s really gonna have me on this s0fa!
It will be f.un though!

I just hope this doesnโ€™t repeat itself again! I canโ€™t risk loosing my Jeff !

Heโ€™s all I ever wanted! And now, I think I have gotten him. A very big fish!


Ednaโ€™s POV

I crossed my legs trying to stop eavesdropping on Mum and dadโ€™s conversation but I couldnโ€™t!

It involves my brotherโ€™s future and they want to choose that Anika girl for him.

She might be good but I donโ€™t like her, at all!

โ€ Are you sure he will like her?โ€ Mum asked and Dad nodded.

โ€ Of course Hanna, he will like her. I mean sheโ€™s beautiful, intelligent and from a rich home too with good home training โ€ Dad replied.

I rolled my eyes bringing out my phone to check my socials.

โ€ I donโ€™t want him to get angry Kingsley โ€ Mum said. I am glad sheโ€™s skeptical about this.

They are bringing more distance between them and Jeff by giving him a wife

I mean in this 21st century, who does that?

โ€ I am glad you donโ€™t want him mad at you Mum, Dad! Jeff wonโ€™t be happy if he knows you chose a wife for him โ€œ

I said and Dad glared at me !

โ€ What did you know Edna? I am trying to give him the best โ€ Dad snapped and I snorted.

โ€ What if I say your best is not good enough? No offense Dad but are you trying to work on your relationship with your Son or trying to create more distance and hatred from him?โ€

I asked standing up and he didnโ€™t give me an answer!

โ€ Think about this Dad, Jeff will be very mad when he hears about this and if you still wanna continue with it, I will be hear to watch the world war ii erupt โ€œ

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I picked up my phone and jogged inside my room.

โ€ And oh Dad, my birthday party. It should be classy please Mum โ€œ

With that I left to my room! I wasnโ€™t been rude right? I was just trying to make him understand something!

I have tried all I could to make sure their relationship with Jeff comes back to normal like son and parent relationship but it proved abortive.

I am glad he sees me as his baby sister and not hate me because I am my motherโ€™s daughter!

Eish! I canโ€™t think of Jeff hating me! Who will treat me like baby forever even when I am will be turning twenty in few days?

Heโ€™s the best brother anyone could wish for and I love him.
And guess what? Heโ€™s my money bank too!


Alexaโ€™s POV

โ€ Am I clear Sidney?โ€ He asked

โ€ Yesโ€ฆ Sir โ€ I stammered picking up the glasses as quick as I could to meet up with the time he gave me.

And it ended up cutting my hand! I winced in [email protected] seeing the bl00d coming out from the cut.

Mr Kingsleyโ€™s expression was still neutral! I had to ignore the [email protected] in my hand and the bl00d to clean up this mess.

When I was done packing up the broken cup, I stood up to dispose them.

I ignored the stares people were giving me, of course! I look like a mad woman with my dress soaked in coffee, my hand cut and running โ€“ walking.

I went back to his office with a mop to clean up his table and where the coffee poured on the floor.

He didnโ€™t even acknowledge my present, he buried his face in his work!

When I was about moping, I saw that the broken cup were still remaining!

Goodness! My time!

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โ€ Five minutes gone Sidney, you havenโ€™t finished this sht and my coffee is not here. Whatโ€™s wrong with you? I should have known you are a very lazy lady โ€œ

โ€ Did you have to mask it with your โ€ I can do it โ€ expression? โ€œ

โ€ Poor people are lazy, I should have known better. Remind me not to employ people like you next time โ€œ

โ€ You know, I am wondering how poor your husband might be or even joblessโ€

I felt a pain in my che$t at the mention of that, does he think I am married? Is that what all this punishment for?

โ€ With two beautiful kids you canโ€™t take care of, I mean why will you marry that man who canโ€™t take care of you and your kids? โ€œ

โ€ They are beautiful yet, they looked so low, their shirtโ€™s quality including yours. What type of food did you feed them with?โ€

โ€ Probably a left over from somewhereโ€

Okay! Thatโ€™s enough! I have heard it enough!

โ€ I wonโ€™t stand here and watch you insult my kids Mr Kingsley, we might not have all the wealth in the world but we are comfortableโ€

โ€ Youโ€™ve insulted me enough Mr Kingsley, I have heard enough from you โ€ I choked on my tears as I spoke to him.

Did he have to remind me that my kids are not leaving fine?

โ€ You know what Mr Jeffrey Kingsley, I canโ€™t tolerate your attitude anymore. I quit โ€œ

โ€ I qu_ fking_it , I quit being your assistant โ€œ

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