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Korean Story: MR CEO Episode 14


 Korean Story: MR CEO Episode 14

💋 MR
( Too cold and possessive)

( Single Mum?)

Episode 14
By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

Anika’s POV

The smile on my face didn’t leave since I entered the Kingsley’s mansion.

After I left Adnan’s apartment, I came here direct not without spraying enough perfume.

I can’t risk being caught up in the act! I mean for anyone to notice I just left a man’s house when I am going to be engaged to someone else.

” Feel at home baby girl ” Mr Kingsley said and I bowed my head shyly.

Mrs Kingsley gave me a hearty smile as the maids serve me a drink.

” You see why I chose her Hanna, she’s very reserved ” Mr Kingsley said and that made me blush harder.

” I do agree with you, you are a beautiful lady Anika ” Jeffery’s Mum complimented.

” Thank you ma’am ” I replied putting on my best actress smile

” Oh please, call me Mum ” she said and I nodded.

” So how’s your father?” Mr Kingsley asked

” He’s fine si.. Dad, he sent his regards ” I replied taking a sip of the orange juice.

G0sh! I just wish I can see Jeffery already, I can’t wait to be all all over him .

I don’t mind giving him my body on our first meet if that will make him love me.

I am sure he will love me anyways, I have lots of guys asking me out.

I am beautiful, classy and Sexy! I know he will fall for me at first sight.

Even if he doesn’t, I will make him. Se.duction is what I knows best.

” You will have to stay with us for dinner before you leave ” Mrs Kingsley said.

Well! I don’t mind spending all my time in this mansion, my problem is that Jeffery doesn’t live here.

I bit my lip and nodded! And…. Edna, where’s she?
G0sh! I just wish she…

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” Mum I….”

Oh talk of the dev!l! Here she comes!

She paused immediately her eyes landed on me.

We stared at ourselves for sometimes before I quickly smiled. Faked a smile!

If you must know, she’s been my rival since kindergarten!

We were once friends but one thing led to another and now, we are rivals!

That should be a story for another day.

I don’t want her parents suspecting there’s no good relationship between us.

” Edna!” I called beaming my face and equally standing up.

She faked a smile back opening her arms wide for me to hug her.

Very well! I gave her a hug! A hug that screams irritation!

” Don’t think you will last here Anika ” she whispered into my ear while the smile was still on her face.

I smiled back and patted her back, did she thinks she can take me out of this family?

I am already a part of this family since her parents chose me.

They love me and definitely going to treat me like a princess so who’s she?

” Chill Edna, you can’t stop me from marrying your brother right?” I asked

” Of course not, you will leave by yourself when the fire becomes much for you. This is my brother we are talking about, not my boyfriend you snatched ” she replied.

Huh? Fire? I chuckled softly.
Did she think she can scare me?

” Let’s see who laughs last baby girl ” I said disengaging from the hug.

My eyes met with Mr Kingsley and I could see a pleased expression on his face.

If only he knows everything is fake!

” You two know each other?” Mrs Kingsley asked.

” Yes Mum, Anika and I attended the same kindergarten remember? And equally the same highschool ” Edna beat me to the answer.

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” Yes that’s true” I added.

” I have totally forgotten about that, anyways. You can show her around the mansion while the dinner is ready “

Mr Kingsley said and I could hear her groan!

G0sh! Stuck with her!

” But Dad, I was about going out ” she whined.

” It’s not a bad thing spending sometimes with your sister in-law and besides, wherever you want to go can wait “

Mr Kingsley said.
Edna scoffed rolling her eyes!

” Yeah right? Let’s go on a tour sister in-law ” she said in a mocking tone taking my hand in hers.


Jeff’s POV

I checked the mail again and again blinking my eyes rapidly.

Eric sent it for me few hours ago, and I have been staring at it .

Alexa Sidney!
22 years old single mother of two.
has a best friend. Andrew!

The news of the person she gave birth for is blank! No one knows how come about her [email protected] but perhaps her best friend might know……

I closed my laptop taking in everything I just read!

She’s a single Mum? All this while, I thought that Andrew guy was her husband but I was proved wrong.

Who could have been responsible for her [email protected]?

Was it her boyfriend or was she [email protected]?

This little information I just got is getting me more curious!

I need to know more! More about her! This is not a detail!!

I brought out my phone and dialed Eric’s number and he picked in one ring!

📲 You’ve seen it? 📲

His voice came in.

📲 Yeah I have but, that’s not the details Eric, I need more information. Find out about the father of her kids 📲

📲 Well, I was on it though, that’s not all the information, I just sent this one to tell you she never deserved everything you did to her for your stupid reasons📲

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He rasped and I sighed. Not that he knows her that well, why’s he backing her?

📲 You can blame me how ever you want but reserve it for later, you need to get me the informations about her immediately 📲

📲 I am not promising you bro but I will try to get that 📲

He hung up before I could speak again.

I dropped the phone trying to concentrate on my work but my mind kept drafting to her.

She’s a single Mum! How could I have been so stupid not to notice her struggles?

She’s been enduring everything because of her children?

She raised those two kids all by herself without a pillar called husband or father to to kids?

She must have gone through a lot and I added to eat!

Remembering how I insulted her this morning gave me a pang on my che$t!

I insulted her and her children, Including the husband that doesn’t exist!

For bringing up those two kids, I must admit she’s the strongest woman I have ever come across!

A lot of ladies will rather abort the pregnancy at early stage!

Goodness! I feel so ashamed of myself right now!

I don’t know why, I am happy that she’s not married knowing that it’s weird to have kids and no father.

I feel happy she’s still single!

What do I do? And now she left, I can’t deny that I miss her presence!


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