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Korean Story: MR CEO Episode 18

 Korean Story: MR CEO Episode 18

💋 MR
(Too cold and possessive)


Episode 18

By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

Alexa’s POV

I stared at Eric and he look pretty serious with Jeffery being a good person.

Well, who wouldn’t defended his friend?

I will do that if it was Andrew anyways!

” I remember the first day we met, you know with my small statue, I was being bullied by a group of boys and he came to my rescue “

” He beat them up without knowing what I did to them so after then, I decided to make friends with him and he ignored me “

” I didn’t give up, I believed he’s that way for a reason. No friends, nothing, just him alone all the time “

He paused and chuckled! Well, I think I am finding this interesting and I agree with him.

Was there something that happened to him in the past that makes him hate people?

” I believe it was insecurities, he was having insecurities and people like that find it hard to trust people “

” I drew a plan of making him free with me and trust me, it worked after two months. We became friends”

” Despite that, he talks less , we barely engage in a long conversation. Each time I visit him, he is always alone with his book and on his be.d “

” I tried all I could to see through him and all I see was a broken guy with pure hatred for people and less trust, it didn’t happen because he wanted to “

He paused and chuckled again.

” He was going through a lot at that moment as a teen. I can’t tell you the story, he will do that himself but believe me Alexa, whatever he does is out of the anger that has been in him from scratch “

I stared at him trying to process everything he just said.

And what did he mean by he will tell me himself? I shove the thought away, it’s unimportant.

Too much information but I was still curious to know more. What made him that way?

” is that why he hates me too?” I finally asked.

Instead of him to answer, he started laughing confusing me than I already am.

What’s funny about what I just asked?

” Yours is different Alexa, he doesn’t hate you “

If he doesn’t then…

” Why all the punishments?.”

I asked blinking my eyes innocently..

” That’s definitely because he likes you, seeing you with another man hurts, knowing that you have kids hurts. He likes you Alexa, so much and I believe you are the only one that can make him better again”

Wait !! What?


Jeff’s POV

” Bro?” Edna called as I badged into her room.

” Where the h.ell did you keep your phone huh? I have been calling you since forever ” I said a little angry and she gasped.

She rushed to her b.ed side to check her phone.

” Oh my God! I am sorry Jeff, one dumbo was disturbing my cellphone and I had to put it on silent to stop him from disturbing me, I am sorry “

She replied! A Dumbo huh?

” Who’s he ? And why is he disturbing you?” I asked in a serious tone.

” Chill bro, he’s a school mate and…”

” I shouldn’t see him anywhere around you, tell him to stop calling you else I will track him “

I said and she rolled her eyes.

” Yes big brother, so why are you here in my room to be precise?”

I took sat down beside her on the b.ed breathing deeply.

” I want you to help me with something Edna ” I said

” What’s wrong? You look worried ” she asked checking my temperature.
Did I tell her that I am sick? [email protected]!

” I am fine Edna”

” Fine, what did you want me to do for you?”

I sat properly on the bed facing her.

” There’s this lady I want you to make friends with before your birthday party ”
She chuckled crossing her arms!

Really? Why did she chuckled now?

” Seriously bro? Why did you want me to make friends with her? Who’s she anyways?” She asked.

I hope she doesn’t shout like a c[email protected] lady right now.

” Her name is Alexa , I will give you her home address then you can go there and..”

” Are you kidding me Jeff? How can I go to someone’s house and ask her to be my friend? She will think I am crazy or something “

That’s true though! But I need her to come to the party at least!

I know she won’t even acknowledge my invitation!

” You know what? Did you have a picture of her? ” She asked.

A picture of her! Oh yeah! The one we took in a meeting.

A group photo with our foreign investors actually.

I swiped my phone and in no time, I saw the picture.

” Here, she’s the one in the middle “

She collected my phone checking the picture .

” She’s beautiful, and I can see she’s reserved too. You will give me her address like you said and did you know if she went out today?”

” Yes, she’s at work ” I replied sharply

” Okay, if I make friends with her then what next?”

” Invite her to your birthday party , that’s what I want “

She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion .

” Is she the one?”


” The one what?” I asked back.

” Don’t tell me you don’t know what I am saying Jeff, you love her don’t you? “

She asked.

” Edna…I .. I. “

” Oh my goodness! Finally! My brother is in love and guess what? I like her already ” she yelled excitedly and I chuckled.

That’s not love! Did I love Alexa ? Absolutely not!

The next month, her excitement died down and she sat down back again with a frown on her face.

What happened just now? Is it because I didn’t react to her assumptions?

” How about your fiancee Jeff, are you going to get rid of her?”

She asked with a glint of happiness in her eyes.

What fiancee?

” Fiancee? What fiancee?” I asked with a confused expression.

” Dad haven’t told you about her? The girl he asked for a marriage proposal on your behalf “

” Her name is Anika “

Next: Episode 19


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