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Korean Story: MR CEO Episode 5


Korean Story: MR CEO Episode 5

💋 MR
(Too cold and possessive)

Episode 5

By Simrah Saeed

Alexa’s POV

I turned to see my handsome devil of a boss fuming in anger.

I am so dead.

” sorry Sir, just this last chance please forgive me “

I gulped down nervously. He wasn’t glancing at me but at Andrew and that made me nudge his arm giving him a signal to leave but guess what? My best friend was busy smirking at my boss.

Did he really wish a death wish for me? Instead of him to leave, he stood up to where Mr Kingsley was standing.

” Hi Mr Kingsley, I am Andrew Rogers ” he smirked stretching out his hand while I glared at him with my heart beating fast.

I am so going to kill him if he’s loose my job. Does he have to o play with everything?

My prayer now is that I should be more careful.

This is my second day at work and I have already committed.

Mr Kingsley stared at Andrew’s hand then at him before his gaze fell on me and I quickly bowed my head.

The way my heart is racing seeing his eyes getting darker scares me.

” Meet me in my office Sidney ” with that, he gave Andrew a disgusting glance then he stormed off.

” What an ass ” I heard Andrew muttered.

” What was that about Andrew? ” I snapped.
He shrugged his shoulder walking away.

” I was just trying to test him and guess what I discovered?”
I shook my head pushing him away.

” You know what? Till I am back home ” I replied walking fast to the elevator.

I pressed the floor number and in no time, I was out at his door.

I gently knocked on his door with my already feeling sweaty.

God please, just this last time. I don’t want to loose this job.

I heard the familiar coming with his cold yet husky voice.

The moment I entered, my eyes landed on him.

Not even a glance did he spare me, his face remain neutral like always.

I bit my lip trying to talk, at least I should apologize even if I know he either fire me or give me punishment.

I don’t know why I kept falling his victim, I never listen to Stella’s warnings

” I..I am sorry Sir, I promise to manage my time from now on, please forgive me “

He raised his head for a moment then back to punching his laptop.

Closing his laptop, he focused his gaze at me and I bowed my head.

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” Sidney ” he called. The power in his voice is enough to scare anyone.
Who’s this man?

” Yes… Sir “

” I told you I hate people who doesn’t keep track of time right?”

Humph! Hating you is okay but saying it to your face is another. Gosh! I don’t like him either and I do keep track of time.

Today’s just a little different!

” Yes Sir “

” I am still keeping you not because I am lenient Sidney but because I want to be punishing you for every of your mistakes”

My heart thundered on hearing that. I could have scoffed is not that he’s my boss.

He’s keeping me to be punishing me? Who does that?

” Take this file, it contains two hundred thousand words and it has four hundred and fifty pages “

With my mouth hang open, I stared at the bulky file, when I say bulky, I mean very bulky.

It’s five times bigger than the one he gave me yesterday.

” We will be needing it for tomorrow’s presentation and I want you to type everything on your laptop and print it out, I need another copy of every pages “

Wait! What? WTF? How on Earth did he expect me to finish this work?

Did he really want to kill me? I blinked my eyes to avoid any tears falling. Two hundred thousand words and four hundred and fifty pages.

” B..but Sir, we can easily photocopy it ” I said
He shook his head then smirked.

” You don’t question my order Sidney, I want you to type everything on your laptop, save it then print it out. And it must be submitted before I enter my office tomorrow”

I collected the file cursing in my head, I am not going to survive this.
Even the file looks heavy in hand.

My eyes landed on the doorknob about to open his door when his voice stopped me.

” And Sidney? Make sure there is no error”

Of course there won’t, heartless Mr handsome. In fact, I take back my words. He’s the most ugliest man I have ever met. Tsk!


I yawned and glanced at the time, 11pm. I feel tired, my fingers and back hurts but I have to get this done before I leave the office.

I am the only left of course. All the workers have been dismissed for the day.

It is already dark and late, do I have any option?

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By 2am, I will be done. Then, I can go home .

I know Andrew will definitely call so I turned my phone to flight mode. No disturbance.
I am assured he won’t leave my kids.

I paused the typing dozing off. Ah! I need to wash my face to keep me awake.

I went to the office bathroom and sprinkled some water on my face.

I came back to my chair looking more relaxed and at that time, the security came in.

” It’s very late ma’am, aren’t you going home?” He asked.

” Not yet, till I am done with this work ” I replied getting back to it.

He stared at me for a while before nodding.

” Okay ma’am “

He opened the door and Left … 500 more pages remaining.

I have really tried. Mr Kingsley is very wicked. Giving me this type of punishment.

Is he always like this or is it because he hates me?

I continue typing ignoring the sleep that tried coming in my eyes.

I can’t get scold tomorrow, I need to get this done and over with this night.

At exactly 2am, I was done with it! Phew!
Than goodness.

I connected my laptop with the printer and began printing out the pages.

When it all came out, I stapled them together keeping them on my on the floor and lying beside it.

I need to rest a little before heading home.


Jeff’s POV

I sighed checking my phone that was still ringing. How many times have I told her to stop calling my line?

It stopped and in the next moment, it started ringing again.

My hand stayed in a fist as I closed my eyes to suppress my anger.

Taking my phone furiously, I picked it not before glaring at the name.

📲 Hello Son 📲

Her voice came in and I scoffed.

📲 What did you want? 📲

I replied sharply. I wish I can ignore her forever!

📲 That’s not nice Son, no Hello to your Mum ?📲

She said and I could feel a trace of mockery in her voice.

📲 I have told you to stop fking calling me, are you dump?📲
I snarled with my nose flaring up. Why’s she always getting me angry?

📲 Son I. …. 📲

📲 Do not Son me, I am not your Son. Tell me why you called me or get out of my phone 📲

I gritted my teeth angrily , I am tired of her antics .

📲 Fine, your sister will be having her birthday party next week and I want you present 📲

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I chuckled at her statement.

📲 What if I say I am not coming? 📲I asked.
I asked her sigh at the other side.

📲 Please Son…I mean Jeff… 📲

📲 Don’t call me Jeff, I can’t remember me being acquainted with you. My name is Jeffery 📲

I could hear her stiffened, that’s what I want. I want her scared of me.

📲 O..okay, can you please attend your sister’s birthday party? For the sake of her happiness please Jeffery 📲

📲 Are you done? 📲

I asked

📲 Yes I….📲

Before she could say anything further,I hung up.
H.ell of a problem.

Wondering why I am being rude to her? You will find out soon.

My family is something I don’t wish to discuss. They made me who I am today especially her.

She doesn’t deserve any respect! Not a single respect! If she have to, that should be from her workers and the paparazzi .

I smashed my phone angrily, she has succeeded in ruining my day. Like she has done to my life.

I entered into my office to discover that the file wasn’t there on my table.

I smirked heading out to her office, I know Miss Sidney won’t be able to finish the work.

I will use this to punish her the more. Even me, I will have to use two days to finish everything.

I am being wicked right? But I enjoy seeing her worked up.

I opened her office door to meet a great shock.

She was sleeping peacefully on the floor with the two files lying beside her. The one I asked her to do and the one I gave her.

She looked like a mess, her hair scattered on her face.

I picked up the one I asked her to do and to my greatest surprise, she did everything.

How the h.ell did she do it? She even slept in the office?

I ought to be satisfied to see her this way but unfortunately, I felt guilty.

Walking up to her, I gently tapped her shoulder to wake her up.

She must have slept late!

” Sidney “

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