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Little Simz – Two Worlds Apart Lyrics


[Intro: Smokey Robinson]

Ooh, ooh, ooh


[Verse 1: Little Simz & Smokey Robinson]

Lady, lady, lady, lady, lady, lady, lady (Oh-ooh)

Know you see the confidence, believe me, I am wavy (Oh-ooh)

I need something deeper, money does not stimulate me (Oh-ooh)

Whether you got mansions or got diamonds in your AP (Yeah, yeah)

Drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama (Oh-ooh)

Please don’t tell my mama I’ve been smokin’ marijuana (Oh-ooh)

Talk piña coladas, gettin’ loose in the Bahamas (Oh, but you love me still)

Look at me now, I got a bitch, her name is karma

I was movin’ wild, but now I’m calmer (Oh-ooh)

We was on the front line listenin’ to Kendrick Lamar (Oh-ooh)

Still the same, now we just blow that yaya on the charters (Oh-ooh)

Twenty-four’s to Aussie just to hang with some koalas (Yeah, yeah)

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Livin’ in the present, still my future lookin’ sweet (Oh-ooh)

Jodeci and cherry wine, sippin’ on that Arrows Creek (Oh-ooh)

Please let go of all your troubles whenever you’re here with me and (You’ll be free, no, no)


Patience, patience, patience, patience, patience (Oh-ooh)

London-born estate girl to international sensation (Oh-ooh)

Cuttin’ through your settings, do not need an invitation (Oh-ooh)

Baskin’ in this feeling, if I must say, it’s amazing (Yeah, yeah)

I’m amazing

[Bridge: Little Simz & Smokey Robinson]

Our two worlds and, our two worlds and, our two worlds and, our two worlds apart

Two worlds apart

[Verse 2: Little Simz & Smokey Robinson]

Bougie, bougie, bougie, bougie, bougie (Oh-ooh)

You made her your everything, but she was just a groupie (Oh-ooh)

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I got higher standards, don’t waste time tryin’ to pursue me (Oh-ooh)

You would trade intellect for an artificial booty (Oh-ooh)

That’s goofy, goofy, goofy (Yeah, yeah)

Tenisha held you down, but you want Lucy (Oh-ooh)

Now she kickin’ up a fuss like Bruce Lee (Oh-ooh)

Okay, if you love me, baby, why’d you want to lose me? (Oh-ooh)

You use me, confuse me, accuse me, it’s truly a movie (Yeah, yeah)

Covered with silver linings, it took time just to learn about timing (Oh-ooh)

I got lost in it, you got lost in it

You clocked out, meanwhile I stayed bossin’ it (Oh-ooh)

What it cost to be this damn hot with it?

Who knew love would be so damn toxic? (Oh-ooh)

I am intoxicated, exhilarated, finally moved on

How devastating for you (Oh-ooh)

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Got my groove on, meditatin’ too, creatin’, makin’ innovative moves (Oh-ooh)

Listen up, honey

Never had a penny, now I’m artist-slash-actor-money, yeah

[Outro: Little Simz & Smokey Robinson]

But you love me still

And I love you (I do)

And I love you (I do)

And I love you (Love you)

And I love you (I do)

And I love you (Love you)

And I love you

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