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Lyrics: Frank Edwards – Sing Glory ft. Chelsea

We are praising God here tonight
It’s alright
You brought me out of sin and shame
You said to me everything is alright
You are the reason I’m still standing strong
Oh God, Halleluyah
Yeah, Uh-uh
You gave my life a meaning
You broke the chains that held me bound
I’m surrounded by Your awesomeness Oh God
Everything I know is You, everything I am is You
I don’t need to worry about my life any more, No no no no
You got me in the darkest night
You fixed my feet on the rock to stand
There is a reason why I’m singing Oh Glory (Yeah) / 4x

You are worthy
There is a reason why I’m singing Oh glory (glory) /3x
….Somebody worship God tonight
You are the reason, you are the reason
You are the reason I sing glory
Repeat till fade

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