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Martina Mordi – Amayanabo Lyrics

Martina Mordi – Amayanabo Lyrics

Martina Mordi – Amayanabo Lyrics

God who was at the beginning
He’s still at the end
Strong tower, great deliverer
We stand in awe of You

Opu Tamuno
(Great God)
Great and mighty God
You reign in all the earth

You are You are the all sufficient God
Marvelous in all Your ways
All creation bow before Your majesty
Angels sing in harmony
To the great and mighty God

Amayanabo …
So na kirina temebo…
(creator of heaven and earth)
Wa ikerenime… we are greeting you (can be we are praising you too)
Wa isi abo o…. we are calling on you
Bara fari ipirime… we are clapping for you
We bless your name Jesus
To the King eternal
The one who sits upon the throne
No God like You
No one like You
We bless You Jesus
We bless You Lord

Opu tamuno
(Great God)
Martina Mordi – Amayanabo Official Video

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