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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 20

He was contemplating on whether to buy it or not. Later he decided to buy it so he stepped down and entered the boutique.

“Welcome to Boutique de Fantastique sir. How may we help you?” A lady came out and bowed

Due to her accent,he could tell she was a French lady.

“I would like to purchase those silver heels” Gray pointed to the ones he had seen earlier

“Magnifique Monsieur. Come with me” She said as she led him to the stand. There were different types of the shoes

He didn’t know which colour Noel liked but that silver one had already caught his eyes so he wasn’t gonna let it go.

“Which one Monsieur?” She asked

“The silver one”

“Okay” She reached for the shoes and took it “That’s a very nice choice sir. The person you’re buying it for must be special”

Gray smiled

“Yeah. She is special”

“Do you mind giving her some roses. It would be so r©mantic”

“Yes please”

The lady brought out a bouquet of roses and gave it to him. She escorted him to the cashier and he paid. Then the shoe was packaged. It was really cost but it was worth it

He got back in the car and sped to Noel’s apartment.



“I would like to discuss something very important with you and your husband” Mr Harry said

“Okay. Let me call him” Evie stood up to the kitchen and came back immediately with her husband

“Hope there is no problem sir” Mr Pat asked

“No. It’s about Noel”

“Oh No. I knew she was going to get herself in troûble one day. Mr Harry please forgive her. She can be quite hyper active at times” Evie pleaded

“No Mrs Pat. She hasn’t done anything wrong. Well,you see,your daughter is a very sociable girl with splendid qualities that I admire a lot. I have come to love her and I can proudly tell you that I love her with all my heart” Harry explained

Mr and Mrs Pat looked at themselves and then back at him

“Have you spoken with her?” Mr Pat asked

“I’m planning to do so”

“I think it would be nice if you spoke with her. We can only give her parental advise in cases like this. The final decision is hers to make” Evie smiled

“I understand you Mrs Pat. I would love to let her know my intentions but the problem is that her boss has held her down in the office. He wouldn’t even allow me come close to her talk more of inviting her for a date” Harry frowned

“You mean Mr Gray?” Mr Pat asked

“Yes” Harry replied

“I know how we can solve that problem. One thing I have come to know about Mr Gray is that he values family alot. So I’ll just call Noel and ask her to come over then you will take her out and tell her how you feel. If she agrees,we will support her but if she disagrees, please don’t force her. We want her to be happy” Evie said

“You can count on me Mrs Pat. I won’t force her. It’s gonna be her choice” Harry smirked

“So when are you planning on taking her out?” Mr Pat asked

“This coming Monday will be okay” He smiled

“Okay then. I will talk to her” Evie said


“Okay. By the way,I will buy a gown she would use that day so you don’t need to worry” Harry stood up

“No problem” Evie smiled

“Have a nice day Mr and Mrs Pat”

“You too Harry” Mr Pat said and he left

“Are you sure Noel will accept his proposal? We both know she loves Mr Gray” Evie whispered to her husband

“Everything falls on her. We can’t make decisions for her. If she doesn’t like him,she should reject. It’s her choice. All we need to do is guide her to make the right decisions”

“You’re right honey. She deserves the best even with her childish behavior” Evie said and they laughed



Noel was already getting impatient. Many thoughts ran through her mind. What if Silvia and Teresa gang up against him? What if he decides to fire her from not coming to work? What if Austin is not there to persuade him?

“Babe chillax” Scarlet said

She went to their window and saw a car pull over

“OMG he’s here. Go and lie down now” Scarlet screamed and Noel ran to the bed and laid down pretending to be sick.

Soon,a knock was heard on the door

Scarlet composed herself and opened the door

“Good evening sir” She greeted

“Good evening Miss. Please I’m here to see Noel” Gray said

“Oh okay. Come right in”

Gray walked in and admired the room. It was very neat with a standing mirror by the dresser. There was a beautiful pink carpet on the floor. He snapped out of his thoughts and decided to focus on Noel.

“She is over here” Scarlet pointed to another section of the room where there was a bed. The bed Noel laid on.

He walked over and sat on the chair beside the bed

“How are you feeling?” He asked touching her forehead

“A bit sick but I’ll be fine” She replied,trying all her possible best to keep her pretence on.

Scarlet sat on the couch and watched them

“Look! I bought you roses” He smiled and gave them to her

Noel collected it and sniffed it

“It smells beautiful. Thank you”

“I’m sorry” Gray said

“Here you go again. I told you it wasn’t your fault. Just forget about it and let’s look on the bright side” Noel said

“Really? What bright side?” He asked

“Umm…Me coming to work tomorrow”

“You are not strong to work now. Maybe we should take you to the hospital” Gray said

“No need for that. I will be fine before tomorrow trust me” She said


“No buts Mr Gray. I’m coming to work tomorrow and that’s final” Noel interrupted him

“Fine but you won’t work or do anything. You’ll only come to eat and sleep till you’re back on your feet. Deal?”

Scarlet laughed

“Deal” She shook his hand

“I wish I could stay with you but I have to go now” Gray stood up

“Thanks for visiting. It was really nice” Noel smiled

“You’re welcome. Here’s a little gift for you. Wear it to work tomorrow” He dropped the bag beside her and turned to face Scarlet

“Thanks for having me”

“Its our pleasure. The name’s Scarlet and I already know yours so don’t bother to tell me” She smiled

He stretched his hand for a handshake and she took it

“Nice meeting you Miss Scarlet” He smiled and walked out

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Scarlet watched him through the window till he got into the car and drove off

“He’s gone” She said and Noel got down from the bed

“OMG that was lit. He gave me roses. So romantic” Noel sniffed it again

“Yeah and he bought you something. I’m literally dying to see what’s in that bag”

“Let’s open it then” Noel took it and brought out a shoe box “Scarlet,its a shoe box”

“Yeah duh. Open it already”

Noel opened the shoe box and gasped when she saw the heels. Scarlet eyes widened

“Oh My Gosh,he bought you the latest heels. Babe this shoe you’re holding can buy over ten of this house”

“I can’t believe this. This is super expensive” Noel squealed

“Told you he likes you. Infact,he is head over heels in love with you” Scarlet smiled

“Awwn. I’m wearing it tomorrow whether I’m good at wearing heels or not. This is too special to be kept in one place”

“That’s the spirit girl”

“Scarlet you have to teach me how to walk in heels now” Noel put the shoe on and it was exactly her size

“He has very good taste Noel. Now take a step” Scarlet said

Noel took a step and fell down almost immediately

Scarlet face palmed

This wasn’t gonna be easy




Quinn was having her lunch with Snow when Damien came

“May I sit?” He asked

“Of course” Quinn replied

He sat down

“Hey Snow” He waved at her

“What’s up? Do you have anything for me?” Snow asked

“Just wanted to tell you that Miguel is waiting for you”

“Urgh…that friend of yours is something else. I don’t know why Principal Andrew changed his mind. I can’t work with him. He’s too grumpy” Snow frowned

“When you get to know him,you will discover that he’s nice and fun to be with. It’s just that his moods change alot” Damien said

“Is he a pregnant woman?”

“Snow!” Quinn poked her forehead

“I’m just asking”

Damien chuckled

“Ignore her. She is a pain in the àss herself. Two of you would really go together” Quinn teased

“No way” Snow said immediately and they laughed

“Meet me in the school garden when you’re done eating Quinn. Our group members are waiting” Damien stood up

“Sorry,I forgot to ask you to join me” Quinn said

“No problem. That’s how foodies are” He teased

“I’m not a foodie” She pouted

“Then explain what happened to a big bowl of Mac and cheese” Damien laughed

“Ummm….I did justice to it” Quinn replied

Spending time with him has really helped her get over her shyness a little. She still can’t look him in the eyes but at least she isn’t stuttering anymore.

“Justice? Sheesh” He smiled and left

Quinn turned to face Snow and Snow winked

“What is it Snow?”

“I’m sensing love in the air” Snow winked

“Between you and Miguel right?” Quinn smirked

“If you say that one more time, I’m gonna use this fork to remove all her tè..èth”




Gray entered his office and saw Teresa cleaning up. She looked at him and greeted

“Good morning sir”

“Morning” He replied and sat down

Teresa frowned. He couldn’t even ask how her night was. She finished up and left the office in a foul mood.

When she got out,she met Silvia

“Were you able to get the stuff from his office?” Silvia whispered


“Yes. Here it is” She gave it to Silvia

“Let’s see how Noel is gonna get out of this one” Silvia smirked



Gray had just received a call from his mum that she was on her way to the office. He knew she had an ulterior motive for wanting to visit him at work today.

He kept checking his wristwatch expecting Noel but she didn’t come. He thought maybe the sickness held her and she couldn’t come. He decided to wait for an hour and if she isn’t at work by then,he was gonna take her to the hospital.



It’s an hour and Gray became worried. Austin entered the office and noticed his mood

“What is it again lover boy?” Austin asked and sat on the chair

“Don’t call me that” Gray glared at him

“Your wish. I can see you’re worried about somebody. It’s Noel right?”

“Yeah. She isn’t here yet and she told me she would come to work today”

Austin laughed

“Why are you laughing?”

“It’s just so funny to see you behaving like this” Austin laughed again

Gray was about to talk when the office door opened and Noel walked in. She was wearing a white gown with black spots and it reached a bit below her knees. Her hair was let down in waves making her beautiful face more radiant.

Gray scanned her body from head to toe with wide eyes. She was wearing the silver heels he bought for her and her beauty alone charmed him.

She raised her chin up and started walking to her table. She didn’t even reach the center of the room before falling on the floor.

Gray and Austin looked at each other and burst into laughter. She tried standing up but couldn’t. Gray couldn’t hold in his laughter anymore and laughed his heart out.

“You’re laughing at me. If it’s Austin that’s laughing,I understand because that’s what he’s good at but you Mr Gray, you’re joining him to laugh at me?” Noel pouted

“I’m sorry. It’s just too funny” Gray laughed again

“Oh my stomach will burst today” Austin continued laughing too

“Come pick me up and stop laughing at me” Noel half yelled

Gray stood up and walked to her. He held her hand and was about pulling her up when the door flung open revealing his mum who was shocked at what she saw

Gray was laughing. She looked down and saw Noel

“What’s going on here?” She asked

Gray was startled and mistakenly left Noel who fell back on the floor.

Another round of laughter ensued as she glared at Gray

Why would he allow her fall in the presence of her Future mother in law?


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