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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 21

“What’s going on here?” She asked

Gray was startled and mistakenly left Noel who fell back on the floor.

Another round of laughter ensued as she glared at Gray

Why would he allow her fall in the presence of her Future mother in law?

Mrs Jasmine joined in the laughter and Noel was embarrassed.

“Pick her up Gray” She ordered

Gray wanted to pick her up but she stopped him

“I’ll get up myself. I don’t want you htting my bvtt on the floor twice” Noel glared at him

“Let me help you up” Mrs Jasmine pushed Gray away and helped her up. Noel stood up and cleaned her body

“Thanks ma’am”

“You’re welcome dear. Why did you fall in the first place?”

“I’m not really good on heels” Noel smiled nervously

“Then why did you wear it?”

Noel laughed and glared at Gray again

Mrs Jasmine laughed

“Austin!! Stop laughing” Noel half yelled

“Okay okay. I’ll stop. You’re just too funny” He was about laughing again but one look from Noel shut him up immediately.

“Mum please sit down” Gray pointed to a seat for her and pulled out the chair then she sat down while Noel sat on her own position.

“I can see you’re in a good mood today” Mrs Jasmine smiled

“Yeah. All thanks to Noel” Gray said but she glared at him

“I’m still mad at you Mister” Noel took some files

“Please it was an honest mistake. I was startled,that’s why” Gray pleaded

“That lie is too expensive. I’m not buying that. You only wanted to make fun of me” Noel frowned

“Okay I admit it and I’m sorry”

“Apology not accepted” Noel looked away

Mrs Jasmine watched them in awe. It seems that she was too late in her plan to join them together. They’re already in love.

She couldn’t believe Noel really made her son smile and laugh. He is even begging her

She couldn’t believe it even though it was happening right in front of her

“Noel please”


Gray sighed

“Women are really good at keeping things in mind”

“Hey” Mrs Jasmine and Noel exclaimed in unison

“No we aren’t” His mum chimed in

“If you aren’t,why can’t she forgive me?” Gray pouted

“Because you don’t deserve it”

“Mum?” Gray pouted again and Noel laughed

“I forgive you” Noel said and they laughed

“I can see you’re tired of laughing at people” Mrs Jasmine faced Austin who rested on the chair he sat on

“Me? Tired? Never! I’m only quiet because Noel asked me to” Austin replied

“So,why are you here mum?” Gray asked,his tone evident of suspicion

“Um….” She was thinking of what to say

“Aren’t you gonna tell me anything?” Gray asked

“I…you know invite Noel over to our house for dinner. Yes! That’s exactly what I came for” She smiled nervously

“Really? I’d love to” Noel replied

“Mum” Gray gave her a knowing look

“Don’t judge me” She pouted and eyed him

Gray shook his head. These women were something else

“So when is the dinner Mrs Jasmine?” Noel asked

“You know my mum?” Gray was surprised

“We’ve met on two occasions” Mrs Jasmine replied

“And no one told me?”

“Why do you wanna know?” Noel eyed him

“Help me ask him. It’s not like he’s a woman” Mrs Jasmine cut in

“Gray, you’re in for it. Imagine if you get married to Noel and she joins hands with your mum to frustrate you” Austin laughed

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“That would be cool” Mrs Jasmine smirked

“Mum” Gray said

“Don’t ‘mum’ me” She replied

Gray face palmed

“So Noel,how about dinner at our place the day after tomorrow” Mrs Jasmine smiled

“It’s nice. I’ll be there” Noel smiled back

Gray’s mum stood up

“Gray will come pick you up” She said


“No,young man. No buts. You’ll pick her up whether you like it or not” She eyed him “Have a nice day” She smiled and walked out of the office

Gray turned and glared at Noel

“So now is your turn to glare at me?” Noel asked

“It’s just not fair” Gray said

“It wasn’t fair when you made my bvtt kss the floor either” Noel said

“You two are acting like children” Austin said

Just then, Cassie walked in

“I’m set to go Gray” Cassie smiled

“Go where?” Noel asked

“To Paris. My dad just made me a CEO in his company” She replied

“Wow. So you’re resigning from here?” Noel asked


“Good luck to you Cassie. I’m sure gonna miss you” Gray smiled

“I’ll miss you too” She replied

“Now you’re leaving? Where are we gonna find a person that can be a manager and who can also speak French?” Austin lamented

“You’ll find someone better than me okay? I need to get going so I won’t miss my flight” Cassie hugged Gray “See you soon Cousin”

“You too” Gray said and she left

“We need an assistant manager urgently” Gray said

“I have someone” Noel spoke up

“Who?” Austin asked

“Scarlet. She is my bestie. She isn’t working for now so she is available”

“Can she speak French?” Gray asked

“Yeah. She speaks french like a pro. She was also an assistant manager in her last place of work”

“That’s good. Call her here immediately” Gray said

“Okay” Before she could reach out to her phone,she got a text from Scarlet telling her she was outside the company

“Wow,she just texted me that she is outside the company. Let me go and bring her in” Noel said but looked down “I’m not gonna walk in these heels”

“Fine. I’ll go and bring her” Austin stood up and left

“Let me get you some flats from the shoes department” Gray said and stood up

“I’m coming with you” Noel stood up

“Didn’t you say you couldn’t walk?”

“I’ll manage”

“I forgot to ask of your health” Gray said

“Well,as you can see I’m bubbling with energy” Noel smiled

“Okay but you’re not following me. Sit here now” Gray ordered and she sat down

He left the office for the room. Noel waited and didn’t see Austin and Scarlet so she stood up and took the elevator down ignoring all Raymond’s nagging. He was complaining that she didn’t fulfill her Promise of having dinner with him.


Austin looked for Scarlet but couldn’t see her. He was about returning to meet Noel when he bumped into her and she almost fell but he was able to pull her back.

“Thanks” She smiled

“You’re welcome. I couldn’t find your friend” He said

“Are you sure?” Noel twitched her brows and looked then saw Scarlet leaning on her pole “There is she is”


“There” Noel couldn’t run. She took out her phone and texted Scarlet.

Austin watched as the lady looked at her phone and started coming towards them. She was wearing a face cap so he couldn’t see her face clearly but he admired her shape. She got closer and closer and her face was revealed but the shadow of the cap covered it a bit.


“Hey Noel” Scarlet smiled

“Hey Girl. So nice to have you here. Meet our manager,Mr Austin, Austin,meet Scarlet. My bestie” Noel introduced them to each other

“Nice meeting you Miss Scarlet” Austin stretched his hand for a handshake and she took it

“Nice meeting you too Mr Austin” She smiled

“Remove the face cap madam. You’re entering an office” Noel teased

“As you wish mum” Scarlet teased back and they laughed

Scarlet removed the face cap and Austin’s mouth dropped

“Mama Mia” He exclaimed “Your friend is a goddess of beauty” Austin drooled

“Thanks” Scarlet smiled

“Hey pretty lady,mind if I take you out for dinner sometime?” Austin winked

“Don’t fIirt with my best friend” Noel dragged Scarlet into the elevator and they rode it up to Gray’s office.

Austin followed them immediately. He couldn’t imagine such beauty still exists on Earth. Her pink plumped lips with almond shaped eyes and beautiful features were charming. If men were Demi gods then she is a Demi goddess.

Noel entered the office and saw Gray. He was already back and was holding a black flat

“Where were you?” He asked

“To get my bestie” She replied and sat down

“Good morning Mr Gray” Scarlet bowed

“Good morning Miss Scarlet. Please have a seat”

“Thank you sir” Scarlet smiled and sat down

“Here are the flats. Put it on and stop walking like a drunkard” Gray gave it to her

“Thank you” Noel collected it with a smile. She removed the heels and wore it. “Much better”

“Miss Scarlet,Noel informed me you just got off a job” Gray said

“Yes sir”

“What work were you doing before?”

“I was Mr Harry’s assistant” She replied

“That’s interesting. Why did you get off the job or did he sack you?” Gray asked

“No. I resigned. I got fed up with his shenanigans. He is a flirt and a jerk. A pervert if I must say. I detest working with such people” She said straightforwardly

Gray smiled

“So what about me? Am I a j.erk?” Gray asked

“Not at all. You’re a hundred times better than him”

“Good. So, would you like to work for me?”

“If there is vacancy,I will” She replied

“There is. You’ll be our new assistant manager. You speak French right?”

“Yes sir”

“Then you’re hired” Gray said

“Won’t you check my CV?”

“No need for that. I’ve seen how intelligent you are so there won’t be any need. Hope you’re trustworthy?”

“Yes sir. Thanks so much”

“You’re welcome to G.G Enterprises. Austin is the manager so you will be assisting him. He will also be the one to fill you in on what the company is all about”

“Okay sir”

“Austin” Gray called but no answer

He turned only to see Austin drooling over Scarlet. He shook his head

“Austin” He yelled and Austin snapped out of his reverie

“Yes Yes” He answered

Noel laughed

Now is her turn to laugh at him

“She is your new assistant. Work and cooperate well with her”

“Okay. No problem” Austin smiled

“Congratulations bestie” Noel said


“Gray,I need the company’s credit card” Austin said

“Okay. I kept it in this locker yesterday” Gray looked for it but couldn’t find it

“I can’t find it. Summon the workers in the financial department for me” Gray ordered and Austin did so

Soon,they all lined up in front of him. Silvia included

“Is anyone ready to explain what’s going on or I should sack all of you?” Gray was serious

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“Sir we know nothing” Annette replied

“Where is the company’s credit card?” Gray asked again

“We don’t know sir” They replied

“It seems you all want to loose your jobs”

Teresa walked in pretending she was there for her work

“No cleaning for now Teresa. There’s an issue at hand” Austin said

“What happened?” She asked feigning innocence

“The company’s credit card is Missing. Any suggestions?” Noel asked

“Why are you asking me when I saw you taking it the before yesterday?” Teresa snapped

Noel gasped

“Me? I would never do such”

“Stop lying. I saw you. If you all think I’m lying, check her bag” Teresa pointed to the bag

They searched the bag and found it. They all gasped except Gray

“I have no idea how that got there. Trust me” Noel felt like crying

“Noel would never do such a thing” Scarlet supported her

“I agree. Someone set her up” Austin chimed in

“She did it. I saw her trying to take it the other day but she dropped it on seeing me” Silvia said

“So you both are sure that Noel took it?” Gray asked

“Yes” They replied

“Show me proof” Gray said

“We never thought of proof” Silvia said

“Yeah. She threatened to make my stay here miserable if I tell you. I was too shocked to get proof” Teresa replied

“That doesn’t sound like something Noel would say” Gray said much to the surprise of everyone

“She said it” Teresa defended

“I never said anything. Why are you framing me? You and I know that you are lying” Noel said

“I caught you too so stop acting innocent” Silvia snapped

“I’m giving you the last chance. Did she do it or not?” Gray asked them

“She did it” They answered simultaneously

Gray smirked and took his laptop. He opened it to the CCTV footage from that day. He saw when Teresa took it and gave it to Silvia.

He also saw when Silvia sneaked into the office after Noel left to meet Scarlet and put it in her bag. He took the laptop and showed them

“So she took it huh?” He asked angrily

Teresa felt like they’ve poured her cold water as she fell on her knees. Silvia was dumbstruck and speechless. They never knew Gray’s office had security cameras

“I’m sorry sir. It was Silvia that forced me to do it” Teresa started crying

“Stop lying you lizard. We did it together. Don’t blame me” Silvia snapped “I’m sorry Mr Gray. It won’t happen again”

“Of course it won’t happen cause you’re leaving my company for good. Parasites like your species are not welcome here” Gray said

“No please” Teresa wailed “Noel help me beg him”

“If I hear my name from your mouth one more time, I’ll give you a resounding and brain resetting sIap. You’re shameless” Noel spat

“Please Mr Gray” Silvia begged

“Two of you! Get your à$ses out of my company. You’re fired”


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