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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 22

“Two of you! Get your àsses out of my company. You’re fired”

Gray’s words sounded like a thunderclap to them.

“Please we are sorry. I am sorry” Teresa begged in tears

“Mr Gray please,it won’t repeat itself” Silvia pleaded

“My decision is final. Get the heck out of here” He yelled and they scurried out of the office

Gray dismissed the remaining employees leaving only him, Noel, Austin and Scarlet in the office.

Noel sighed in relief

“Thanks for trusting me” Noel smiled

“You earned my trust the day you returned my credit card. If it’s someone else,they would have taken it” Gray replied and she smiled

“Come on goddess Scarlet. I wanna give you a tour of the company” Austin winked

“Stop fIirting with her” Noel warned

“Sorry but she is irresistible” Austin said

“Don’t worry Scarlet,if he messes with you,deal with him” Gray said

“You see, I’ve been given permission by the boss. Thank goodness I’m a badass at dealing with men like you” Scarlet said

“Seriously Gray” Austin glared

“Don’t bring me into this” Gray faced his work

“Let’s go. Ladies first” He said and she went out before he followed

“Scarlet is gonna nag her throat out with the way Austin is behaving” Gray said

“She nags alot so she’ll be fine” Noel replied



“This is bvllsht. I just lost my job because of some stupid plan” Teresa lamented

“Stupid plan? Few days ago you were busy screaming that the plan was awesome. Now the plan has failed then you resorted to calling it stupid” Silvia said

“It failed because it was your plan. I won’t forget this” Teresa half yelled

“Instead of complaining and crying over spilled milk,why not think of a way to get back at Noel”

“I am not succumbing to any of your plans again Silvia. I will get my revenge my own way. Noel should watch out cause I’m coming for her” Teresa clenched her fists

“Let’s join hands together. It will be better that way”

“No. I’m doing this on my own this time and I know where to start from” Teresa smirked and walked away leaving Silvia

Silvia ruffled her hair. She needs to think of something too. Where is she gonna get a better job again? This is messed up



Noel was free so she was reading a comic book when her stomach rumbled.

“Hungry?” Gray asked

“Yeah” She answered

“Go and eat then” He said

“Okay” She stood up and stepped out

Raymond saw her

“This is a good chance for us to have lunch together. You promised” He said

“Fine. Let’s go” Noel said

“Yay!” He shrieked and followed her to the elevator

Gray happened to hear their conversation and swore to teach Raymond a lesson. He will make sure that lunch doesn’t take place. He doesn’t play pranks on people for nothing. He smirked and took his phone then made a phone call.


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Raymond kept talking and talking till they got to the cafeteria.

“Geez,stop talking already” Noel poked his forehead

“I’m an introvert. Is that bad?”

Noel facepalms

They kept walking and were halfway to the table when Raymond slipped on a banana peel and fell


“Oh my Gosh, Raymond” Noel ran to him “Are you okay?”

“Ouch!!! My bvtt hurts” He winced in pain

“Sorry. Should we cancel the lunch date?” She helped him up

“No. We are having this lunch whether they like it or not. Who dropped this banana peel?” He yelled

No one answered him. They were just laughing

“Let’s go to the table”

“But you’re limping” Noel protested

“My mouth isn’t limping”


They got to the table and Noel helped him sit down. They were served. Noel started eating and urged him to do same

Raymond put a spoonful of the food in his mouth and spit it out immediately as hot tears dropped from his eyes. He took a glass of water

“What happened?” Noel asked

“Pepper! Geez my mouth is on fire” He screamed and ran away

Noel tried following him but got a call from Gray to come up. She sighed and walked out of the cafeteria.

Taking the elevator,she entered the office and Gray pretended like he didn’t know all that was going on

“What happened?” He asked

“It’s Raymond. First he slipped on a banana peel then he ate a pepperish food. I guess he’s in the men restroom now” Noel said as she sat down

Gray fought back his laughter and coughed

“Maybe today isn’t his day”

“Yeah I guess”

Raymond got back and his lips were already red. He entered the office and Noel almost burst Into laughter.

“Don’t you dare laugh at me” Raymond snapped

“What happened to you?” Gray asked

“With all due respect Mr Gray,you must fire that lunch lady. She doesn’t know how to cook. She added too much pepper in the pasta”

“Oh sorry about that. But you’ve been eating her pastas and you love them. Why is it suddenly pepperish today?” Gray asked

“I don’t know. I think someone played a prank on me. I slipped on a banana peel then this” He pointed to his lips

“Sorry” Noel held her laughter back

“I’ll give you some money to get it treated okay? Sorry” Gray said and Raymond smiled

“That would be better. Does that mean I have to take the day off?”

“Yes Raymond. You can take the day off” Gray smiled and gave him some money

He collected it

“Thanks Boss. See you tomorrow Noel” He ran out

Noel released her laughter

“I wish he could see how reddish his lips are” She said

“Leave him to enjoy himself” Gray said



Mrs Jasmine entered the house and met her husband at home. She removed her heels and sat beside him

“No work today?” She asked and rested her head on his shoulder

“There is..I just wanted to take a break from work today. I needed to refresh this muscles” He said

“Your muscles are skinny” She teased

“No they’re not” He pouted


“I was only joking honey. Skinny or not,I love them” She kssed his cheek

“That’s more like it but you would have directed the kss to my lips” He frowned

“Naughty man” She giggled

“Naughty man’s wife” He teased and they laughed

“Less I forget, you won’t believe what I witnessed in our son’s office today”

“What is it?”

“I met Gray laughing”

“Tell me you’re lying” He was shocked

“I’m serious. Remember the lady I told you helped me at the grocery store”


“Turns out she is his personal assistant. She made him laugh and pretended to be angry then he started telling her sorry”

“Wow. She must mean alot to him then. Our son is in love again and it’s all thanks to her. I wish I could see her and appreciate her”

“Worry no more my husband. I invited her over for dinner the day after tomorrow”

“That’s why I love you Jasmine. You are too smart” He pecked her lips

“Thanks. That’s the main reason you Married me” She teased

“No it isn’t. The main reason is because I love you”

“Seriously” She rolled her eyes


She laughed and puts her head on his chest.



Mrs Evie was instructing the new maid they hired. Her husband had gone to deliver a package.

“Finally,Make sure you’re always polite”

“I will adhere to that ma. Thanks” The girl whose name was Rita replied

Just then,Mr Harry entered with a nylon

“Good afternoon Mr Harry” Mrs Evie smiled

“Good afternoon Mrs Pat. How are you doing?” They shake hands

“Fine sir” She turned to the girl “You may go”

The girl nodded and left

“Come have a seat sir”

“I’m actually in a hurry so I won’t be able to do that. I just brought the gown she is going to use for the dinner” He gave her the nylon

She collected it

“Okay. Thanks. Wow,colour red,her favorite” She smiled


“Thank you sir”

“It’s my greatest pleasure. I have to go now”

“Okay. See you around” She smiled

He smiled back and walked out,entered his car and drove off



Harry parked his car in the compound and entered the house. He saw Ryan on the couch sipping wine.

“You bà$tàrd! What have you done?” Harry yelled

“Don’t raise your voice at me. It wasn’t my fault” Ryan replied

“Then who’s fking fault was it?”

“It was a girl’s fault. She told Scarlet”

“It’s partly your fault Ryan. Why can’t you keep your dk in your trousers?” Harry yelled in frustration

“I’m sorry okay?”

“The problem is how are we gonna inherit her father’s wealth now?” Harry ruffled his hair

Ryan tried thinking

“I can’t think of anything. I’m sorry. That girl must pay for this” Ryan frowned

“This is dmn frustrating” Harry sat down



School was finally over and Quinn was putting her assignment notes in her bag

“Ready to go home?” Snow asked

“Yeah. Let’s go” Quinn stood up and hung her bag on one shoulder


They were almost out of the class when three girls emerged from no where and blocked their way.

Fear crept into Snow immediately. These three girls were mean. Their leader whose name was Sapphire is the daughter of a very rich business tycoon. She is very beautiful and dangerous as same time. She was a rebel who committed many atrocities in school but still get away with it.

Her minions were Hayley and Maya. Also from a rich background and notorious too. You would never want to be in their blacklist else you’ll face the consequences. They are not remorseful at all. Even the principal is afraid of them

“Hey What do we have here?” Sapphire clicked her tongue

“The newbie that had to get everybody’s attention lately” Hayley replied with an evil smirk

“” Snow asked

“We have no business with you now do my eyes some good and scurry out of here” Sapphire said

“But.. I’m leaving with Quinn” Snow replied

“Leave!!!” Maya yelled

“She is going no where” Quinn spoke up

“Says who?” Sapphire smiled

“Says me” Quinn replied courageously

“I can see you’re brave newbie. Snow leave if you don’t wanna see your own blood now!” Sapphire threatened and Snow ran away

She ran outside and saw that Damien’s car was about to drive out. She ran to the car and Damien whined down the window

“What is it Snow?” He asked

“Quinn is in troûble with the rebels” She said

“What!!!” Damien got down from the car and rushed in with Snow

“Who do you think you are for taking Damien’s attention? You’re just worthless” Sapphire spat

“I have nothing to say to you. Let me through” Quinn said

“Let me teach this dumba$s some lesson Sapphire. Her mouth making is enough” Maya clenched her fists

“I’ll deal with her myself” Sapphire said and brought out a pocket knife “When I leave a scar on your body with this, you’ll stay away from him”

Quinn was able to reach into her bag and brought out her pepper spray

“Yeah. Give her a good scar right in her face” Hayley laughed

“I think you should run” Quinn smirked

“What do you mea_”

Before Sapphire could finish what she was saying,Quinn sprayed the pepper spray directly in her eyes. She turned and sprayed it on Hayley and Maya too

The girls screamed and there was a commotion between them

“You might be rebels but I am Quinn Patterson. I’m ¢razier than you think so stay off my lane” She warned and walked past them

“My eyes. My beautiful eyes” Sapphire cried.


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