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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 23

“You might be rebels but I am Quinn Patterson. I’m ¢razier than you think so stay off my lane” She warned and walked past them

“My eyes. My beautiful eyes” Sapphire cried

Damien heard screams and thought it was Quinn but when he got there, he saw Quinn coming out.

“Are you okay?” Damien asked

“Yeah I am fine” She replied and looked back at the girls

“What did you do to them?” Snow asked

“I sprayed pepper into their eyes”

“Wow. They’ve seen their match then” Damien said

“Stop encouraging her. Their parents are rich and will come for Quinn. They might take her to juvenile” Snow panicked

“What are you saying? That I should have left them? Do I look like a fool?” Quinn asked

“No but_”

“Hold on. She was about tearing my face with a pocket knlfe and you expect me to stand like an id!ot and watch her do it.

I don’t care if her parents come over, I’ll handle them too. They should learn the proper ways of training and taming their children”

Damien could not believe Quinn could be this fierce. He had to admit he loved it.

“I’m sorry” Snow bent her head

“I support what you did and in case her parents come, I’ll be here to help you” Damien said and she smiled

“Should we take them to the school nurse? I think they’ve had enough” Snow said

“You guys can take them there cause I’m not laying a finger on any of them” Quinn blurted

“Okay but you’re coming with us” Damien held her hand and took her to them

“My eyes,I will never forgive her for this” Maya said

Quinn rolled her eyes

“Let’s take you girls to the school nurse” Damien said and held Sapphire

“Damien is that you?” She asked

“Yes” He rolled his eyes

“Oh thank you. Look at what that psychopath did to me. I will make sure I make her pay for this” Sapphire kept talking till they got to the school clinic

Damien and Snow took them in while Quinn stood and leaned on the door frame

“What happened to them?” Nurse Tina asked uninterestedly

She knew how violent this girls were. They even scattered the clinic the other day. She was grateful to whoever did this to them

“They got pepper sprayed” Damien almost laughed

“Oh really? I’m not surprised. Troublemakers are likely to get into trouble too” She mocked them

“Shut your mouth and attend to me first” Sapphire snapped

“You better mind the way you talk to me. Don’t forget, whether you will get well or not depends on me so if you piss me off,I’ll make sure you get blind” Nurse Tina was firm and Sapphire went mute

She took water and washed their eyes one by one. After that, she put some eye drops and told them to lie down for a while so the pain will subside

“Whoever did this to them must be really brave but she has to be careful. These girls are deadly. It’s no doubt that they’re coming for her” Nurse Tina whispered to Damien

“Thank you ma. We’ll be leaving”

“Okay. Goodbye” She smiled

Damien went out with Snow and Quinn followed them. They got outside and Quinn was about leaving

“And where do you think you’re going?” Damien asked

“Home” She replied plainly

Seems she was still mad

“You’re coming with me. I’ll be dropping you at home from now on”

“No it’s fine”

“It’s not. It’s dangerous. So I will be dropping you from now okay?”

Quinn hesitated for a while before nodding

She and Snow entered the car with him and the chauffeur drove off.

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Mrs Rosella who was Austin’s mother is Mrs Jasmine best friend cause both of them work in same hospital. They tightened their friendship bond by opening a hospital together. They have many employees working for them which is why they are not too busy.

Mrs Rosella had come to visit after Mrs Jasmine called her and told her about Noel. They were drinking wine and chatting heartily. Their husbands were well…at work

“So you mean this pretty lady made our Gray to laugh. This is beyond amazing” Mrs Rosella said

“I know right? Since I have a niche that Gray is falling in love with her,I invited her over for dinner tomorrow night”

“Wow. That was a smart move. Then you are gonna use that opportunity to ask about where she is from and other stuff”

“Yes Rosy. I can’t wait like I’m psyched for that day to come quickly”

“I know you. You are the cràzy type” Mrs Rosella teased

“You do not know the half of it” Mrs Jasmine laughed

“How about Miguel?”

“That one,he left me and went to stay with Gray”

“That explains why Damien has been disturbing me that he wants to stay in Gray’s house for two weeks too. I had no idea Miguel was there” Mrs Rosella laughed

“Please let him go. He wants to be with his friend. I had to bring Summer here”

“Summer is here? Are you sure? Because everywhere is quiet”

“She is sleeping” Mrs Jasmine said Mrs Rosella mouthed an “O”

“That small lady is a handful” Rosella smiled

“She is too energetic. I had to bribe her with a doll before she decided to sleep”

“That’s children for you”



Maureen was attending to some customers when a lady walked into the restaurant. She was average in figure and had hips a little. She had curved eyebrows and was a bit beautiful. Maureen recognized her immediately. She was the lady that worked as Mr Gray’s personal assistant before Noel got hired.

When she texted Noel,Noel had told her everything that happened including how Teresa became the new cleaner.

She walked up to the lady

“What may I get you today?”. Maureen smiled

“Strawberry shake would be fine” She replied

“Okay. Give me a minute” Maureen said

Maureen entered the kitchen to prepare the milkshake when she overheard Teresa’s conversation with someone on the phone

“I don’t care whether she is crãzy or not. Get the job done…Her name is Noel and she will be passing that alley to get to her apartment. Get her there” Teresa dropped her phone and smirked

Maureen was frightened. She had to call Noel immediately. She quickly made the strawberry shake and served Teresa then she went to the back to make a phone call. She dialed Noel’s number and fortunately,it went through

📞Hello Maureen What’s up

📞Noel, Noel,this is no time for greeting. Your life is in danger


📞Yes. The girl you said became the new cleaner is in our restaurant now

📞How is that my business?

📞Shut up and listen to me. She arranged some boys who has laid an ambush for you in the alley. Do not follow the road you normally take home

📞Are you sure about this?

📞 I’m dmn sure

📞Okay. Thanks for the information

📞 You’re welcome. I have to hang up now. Stay safe

📞You too

Maureen hung up and returned to her post.



Noel dropped her phone and sighed

“What happened?” Gray asked


“I just got a call from Maureen. She said some men are planning to kll me and that I shouldn’t follow the usual route I take home”

“What!!! How?”

“She overheard Teresa making a phone call so she called to warn me” Noel said

“This isn’t good”

“The problem is what am I gonna do? I don’t know any other route cause I never tried them” She ruffled her hair

“I’ll drive you home” He said

“Really? Thanks a lot. You’ve really done so much for me”

“That’s what friends are for” He replied and her heart leaped for joy

“Friends? Like I’m your friend?”

“Yes or don’t you wanna be my friend?” He asked

“I want to. I’m just…”

“Surprised? Yeah you can be. You aren’t my personal assistant but my friend so act like one and stop frustrating me”

She smiled



Austin was in his parents house. He couldn’t go to work cause his dad,Mr Smith wanted to have a discussion with him. Luckily, Scarlet was there to attend to some office matters. Her thought alone made him smile. Could he be falling for her?

He sat on the couch and watched as his father descended the stairs. Mr Smith was a disciplined man who doesn’t tolerate nonsense. All he cares about is business and more business. He was very strict.

People wonder if he smiles at all and Mrs Rosella thanked God that Austin and Damien didn’t act like him. They were lively and jovial children.

“Good morning dad” Austin greeted

“Morning son” Mr Smith answered and sat down facing him

“Why have you called me here dad?”

“Austin you need to get married”

“I’m working on that”

“For how long will you work on it?”

“Dad,I haven’t found any woman that fits my standards yet”

“I am not getting any younger. I told you to come and take over the family business but you chose to work under someone” Mr Smith sounded disappointed

“That someone is my friend. You know why I decided to work there dad. Gray needs people beside him. If I had left him alone,he might have klled himself. I’m only trying to help a friend”

“I know but_”

“Dad please, we’ve talked about this. I told you that once Gray recovers,I will resign. Even in the office he takes me as a friend. We don’t act like boss and employee. Don’t worry dad,I’m still your heir”

“Okay but what about this marriage issue? You and Gray are agemates and should settle down before it’s too late”

“I’ve heard you. I’ll find a wife sooner than you expect” Austin smiled

“I’ll be waiting”

“I’ll take my leave now” Austin stood up

“Have a nice day” Mr Smith stood up and went back upstairs. He had drove home from work to discuss with Austin but now he isn’t willing to go back.



Quinn was in the class with Damien. They were almost done with their project. The group members have done their part so it’s left for the group leaders to put the finishing touches on it.

“This Principal of ours is something else. How is he expecting us to construct an airplane then solve an equation on it?” Quinn complained

“But it’s beautiful…like you” Damien said and she blushed

“Really? You really think so?”


She was about saying something when they heard the principal’s voice from the mic

“Quinn Patterson,report to the principal’s office immediately”

“Here we go again” She rolled her eyes

“I think it’s about yesterday’s incident” Damien said

“Good thing I came prepared” She stood up

“Let me come with you”


“No Damien. Stay here. I can handle this” She said and walked out



The door to the office squeaked as Quinn opened it slowly and entered. The eyes she met weren’t happy eyes at all. She saw Sapphire and a woman. She figured the woman must be her mum.

“Good day Mr Andrew”

“Mum she’s the one. Look at the monster that almost took my eyes” Sapphire pointed at Quinn while crying dramatically

“So you were the gold diggér that almost made my daughter blind” Mrs Lucy shot her a glare

Quinn pretended not to hear the woman

“Quinn,did you pepper spray Sapphire and her friends?” Principal Andrew asked

“Yes sir”


“Because Sapphire and her friends tried tearing my face with a pocket knlfe” Quinn replied

“It’s a lie. She’s lying. I did nothing to her” Sapphire snapped

“You’re the one who’s lying. I did nothing wrong. I only defended myself that’s all” Quinn snapped

“So because of that you almost made my daughter blind huh? You’re a wtch”

“With all due respect ma,your daughter is a rebel, a troublemaker and a big time bvlly. You don’t expect me to stand and watch her wound me. Why didn’t you correct her? Even the law won’t pvnish me for this” Quinn said

“I can see you lack respect. Wait till I call my husband, you’ll be sent to juvenile. Mr Andrew,I want this girl expelled” Mrs Lucy yelled

“As you wish ma” Mr Andrew replied

“I won’t let that happen Principal Andrew. Why are you being unfair? Are they gods because they’re rich? You all should be mindful else I’ll file a case against you because you have no right to expel me for the wrong of someone else” Quinn said

“Are you threatening me? Do you know who I am?” Lucy yelled angrily

“Who you are doesn’t matter to me ma. What matters is that you should train your daughter well”

“How dare you?” Mrs Lucy raised her hand to sIap Quinn

“I’d bring that hand down if I were you” Damien walked over to where they stood

Mrs Lucy brought the hand down

“You know you shouldn’t get involved in this Damien” She smiled nervously

“Why not? She is my friend and is about to be treated unfairly. So I want to get involved”

“You know Damien, your friend was at fault” Mr Andrew said

“Principal Andrew,you and I know how Sapphire behaves in this school. Are you scared that you can’t stand as a leader?” Damien asked and he kept quiet

Damien turned to Lucy and looked her right in the eyes

“Apologize to Quinn now” He said

“Umm…I’m sorry Quinn” Lucy said

“Sapphire, apologize now”

“Never” Sapphire snapped

“Sapphire, do it now if you don’t want to stay poor for the rest of your life” Lucy yelled at her

“Okay okay. I’m sorry Quinn for accusing you wrongly” Sapphire said

Quinn nodded even though she was shocked at what Damien was doing

“Good. Now get the h’ll out of this office” Damien ordered and Lucy dragged Sapphire out immediately

Damien turned to face Principal Andrew and he broke out in cold sweat.


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