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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 24

“Good. Now get out of this office” Damien ordered and Lucy dragged Sapphire out immediately

Damien turned to face Principal Andrew and he broke out in cold sweat

“What do you have to say for yourself?” Damien asked

“I’m sorry” He replied

“Sorry? Always sorry. Why would you treat your own student unfairly because of a mere threat?”

“I didn’t wanna lose my job”

“And you think she can fire you? Is she the one that employed you? Sometimes I wonder what my dad and Mr Gerald saw in you. I hate to be disrespectful but you are incompetent.

You are the head of the school, you should know how to take a stand even in the midst of numerous adversaries. Why are you scared of someone that is supposed to be following your orders?” Damien was displeased

“I promise to change and take a stand. This job means a lot to me and that’s why I’m scared of loosing it” Mr Andrew said

“Then it’s better you act like you’re supposed to before that fear becomes reality” He held Quinn and took her out

Mr Andrew sighed


He dragged her to the school garden

“Hey easy,I wasn’t the one that pissed you off” Quinn complained

He sighed

“You really are a magnet for troûble” Damien said

“I’m not. I’m only giving it back to them the way they brought it”

“What am I gonna do with you?” He face palmed

“Are you saying you’re getting tired of me?”

“Not at all. I’m just_”

“You’re just what?” She cut in

“Never mind. You were really brave out there. I love how you defended yourself” He smiled

“Thanks and thanks for helping me out too” She smiled back

“My pleasure. Let’s go finish up our project” He said and they returned to class


Mrs Lucy dragged Sapphire outside of the school

“Mum” Sapphire called

“Now listen to me. Stay away from that girl. Since Damien has gotten involved,don’t do anything rash” She warned

“But she almost made me blind mum. I can’t and won’t let her go scot free”

“Sapphy listen to me. Our wealth is at that boy’s mercy. One word from him and we are done. You do not wanna piss him off”

“But I like him and he hasn’t even glanced at me. He spends most of his time with that girl” Sapphire whined

“My dear,you know I’ve always supported and helped you but I can’t help you on this one.

I have accumulated enough wealth and it won’t be good if I loose everything and starts from scratch so to avoid living in poverty, leave that girl and Damien alone” Mrs Lucy warned

“This isn’t fair”

“It’s a must for you please. I have to go now” She said

“But mum”

“Stay out of troüble Sapphire” Mrs Lucy warned one more time before leaving

Sapphire stomped her feet angrily

“If it means to hurt you secretly Quinn, I’ll gladly do that”


“Done!” Snow said as she put the final piece on their project

“Our Helicopter look cool” Miguel said

“Yeah. It wasn’t that bad working with you” Snow said


“Wait,you didn’t wanna work with me before?” He asked

“Not exactly. I thought working with you was gonna be hell but I was wrong. You’re a nice guy” She smiled

“Not everyone knows that” Miguel sighed

“Because you don’t show them. Maybe they haven’t known you too well. They could think of you in a whole different manner if you let them” She held his shoulders

“You think that’s gonna work?” He scoffed “They are mostly scared of me. I don’t know why”

“Well…I might know why. Probably because your dad is super rich and you are giving them the cold shoulders” Snow said and he sighed “But don’t worry,we can make it right”

“How?” He asked

“By making you act nicer to people silly” She laughed

“I hope it works” Miguel smiled




“Will you stop staring at me like that?” Scarlet poked Austin’s forehead

“Nope. You’re just too beautiful to look away from” He replied

“Ugh you’re frustrating me” She frowned

“If that is gonna make me get your attention then it’s worth it”

“No Mr Austin. It’s not gonna work. I don’t believe in love” She replied

“Well,I do and that’s what I feel for you”

“Stop fIirting with me Mr Austin. This is an office” She warned him sternly

“C’mon Scarlet”

“I’ll draw your ears if you mention my name again”

“You wouldn’t dare” He held his ears

“Try me”

“Umm.. Scarlet”

“That does it” She stood up and drew his ears “That should shut you up for a while”

“Ouch! That hurts. Now I have to get ice cubes” He whined and stood up “But_”

She shot him a glare and he ran out.

“Funny guy” She laughed and went back to work


Austin walked to the freezer and met Noel getting ice cubes

“What happened to you? You look like someone who just got beaten by his wife” She laughed

“Your friend is really strict” Austin held his ears

“That’s Scarlet for you. Did you piss her off?”

“I think so” Austin replied and took an ice bag “She drew my ears”

Noel laughed

“You like her?” Noel asked

“I think so. She wouldn’t even give me a chance to get close to her” He massaged his ears with the ice bag

“You know, it’s not actually her fault” Noel said holding a cube box filled with ice

“What do you mean?”

“Just like Gray,Scarlet had gone through a terrible heartbreak. The 4th one actually”

“Are you kidding me? 4 heartbreaks!” Austin exclaimed

“Yeah. So you see,it’s not gonna be easy winning her over”

“Then I’m gonna win her over”

“You’re very stubborn Austin. She is gonna deal with you” Noel laughed

“It’ll be worth it after I win her heart and you’re gonna help me”

“Me? How am I gonna help you?” Noel asked

“By telling me the kind of things she likes”

“You can’t win her over with money. She is from a very wealthy family. Her father is the owner of Oscorp in Korea”

“Mr Evans is her father?”

“Are you surprised?” Noel smirked

“Woah she’s an heiress”

“Exactly so think of other ways to win her heart. You can start by character” Noel smiled


“Hmmm okay. Thanks with Gray Noel. I appreciate how you’ve changed him” Austin smiled

“You’re welcome. But you know I am not done with him yet” Noel smirked

“I think you are cause….” He trailed off


“Nevermind. I don’t wanna be a spoiler” He laughed and left

Noel shook her head and returned to the office



Noel returned with the ice cubes

“What took you so long?” Gray asked

“Just advicing a certain guy on how to win a lady’s heart” She answered and sat down

“Austin right?”


Gray just smiled

Noel put some cubes in his juice and gave it to him. He collected it and stared at her

“Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked

“Just wanna see if I’m being poisoned” He replied

“Seriously?” She rolled her eyes

“Just kidding” He laughed and sipped it “Are you ready for the dinner tomorrow?”

“Of course I am. I want to see if your dad is jovial and cheerful like your mum and if he is,I will deal with you”

Gray blinked

“Deal with me? Why?”

“Because,how can someone have interesting parents and be grumpy?” She frowned

“I’m not grumpy”

“Yes you are”

“Have it your way then” He pouted and she laughed

“Just kidding”

“So you’re paying me back?”

“Yeah” She sipped her drink too

Raymond entered the office

“Mr Harry is here to see you sir”

“Let him in” Gray said

Raymond left and Mr Harry entered and sat down. Noel didn’t bother to give him a glance not after what Scarlet told her. She would never get herself involved with a flirty man

Mr Harry looked at her but she ignored him. He smirked,two days to go and he would have her all to himself

Gray cleared his throat and drew Harry’s attention

“Aren’t you here to see me Mr Harry?” Gray frowned at him

“It seems you’re quite protective of your beautiful assistant” Harry smirked

“Yeah especially from misfits like you”

“That hurt me but I’ll let it slide. Anyways,I’m here for business. I would like to purchase one of your hair brands”

Gray laughed slyly

“My hair brands? Why?”

“Mine got exhausted and I need to deliver an order” Harry answered

“Do you know you’re such a sly fellow?” Noel cut in

“Why would you say that pretty?” Harry smiled

“So after your plan of making his company go bankrupt failed miserably, you decided to purchase some brands from him so you can steal his idea and claim it to be yours” Noel glared at him

“I would never do that” Harry acted innocent

“Spare me the pretence you wicked man. I know how to handle people like you. Mr Gray, don’t ever make the mistake of selling any of your brands to this fool”

Gray smiled

“Noel” Harry called

“Don’t you ever call my name again. You are nothing but a flirty betrayal with a tip of jealousy and envy. Your type are supposed to be in jail” She blurted

“I can see Gray has poisoned your mind towards me but believe me when I say I mean no harm. I’m only trying to seek help”

“Sorry to burst your bubble but we ain’t offering that help. Now get out of this office” Noel ordered


“You’re seriously sending me out?” Harry was shocked

“Yeah duhhh 😌 Now get out” She pointed out to the door

Harry looked at Gray

“She said get out Harry. My beautiful assistant said you should get out. Obey her for Christ sake” Gray laughed

“This isn’t over” Harry stood up and stormed out angrily

Noel sighed

“Feels good to finally get that out of my system”

“You were amazing” Gray said

“Thanks. All he needs is someone to put him right where he belongs. He’s a stinky scvmbag” Noel said

“I have to say I’m impressed with how you chased him out. Totally cool” Gray said and they laughed “Time to go home. Get up and let me take you and Scarlet home”

“Okay thanks” She smiled

Noel finished up her work and called Scarlet. They left the company and entered the car. The Chauffeur started the engine and drove off. They dropped Noel and Scarlet and made sure they entered their apartment before driving off.


The men Teresa hired waited for Noel but couldn’t see her and it was getting darker. Teresa waited for good news but didn’t receive their call. She tried calling them but it wasn’t going through so she decided to meet them.

She got to the alley and met the men

“What the bvtt is going on? I didn’t get any calls” Teresa snapped

“The lady didn’t show up” Scott who was their leader spoke up

“What do you mean by the lady didn’t show up? Stop messing with me here” Teresa frowned

“We aren’t novices in this field Teresa. The dmn lady never showed up”

“Stop lying Scott. Maybe she bribed you and you let her go”

Scott stood up

“Don’t you joke with me. You made us waste our time waiting for a ghost when we should have been elsewhere enjoying ourselves and you have the effrontery to tell me to my face that I’m lying”

“I don’t care about that. All I know is that I’m not giving you a penny” Teresa said and Scott smirked

“You are going to pay whether you like it or not. I am not leaving here till you pay”

“Don’t leave then. I’ll leave here for you. Incompetent men. Just a simple task and you coukdi carry it out” She hissed and turned to leave but Scott dragged her back with her hair and gave her a blinding sIap

She stumbled backwards and fell down

“Since you think you are very smart, let’s show you what we do to blabbermouths like you. Boys! Teach her a lesson”

She tried to run but they caught her and gave her the bé..ating of her life


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