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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 26

When Mrs Jasmine and her husband set their eyes on them walking hand in hand,Mrs Jasmine almost cried at how perfect they looked together. Mr Gerald was mesmerized by what he is seeing. He leaned closer and whispered to his wife

“Honey,is it okay if we get them married today?”

Mrs Jasmine laughed

“I agree with you hubby but the problem is if they will agree”

Gray and Noel finally got to where they were

“Good evening mum,dad” Gray smiled

“Good evening sir,Good evening ma” Noel greeted with a smile too

“Good evening. How was your day?” They asked simultaneously

“It was fine. Thanks” Noel smiled

“So nice of you to honor our invitation Noel” Mr Gerald said

“The pleasure is all mine sir”

“Please come sit down. Emma is in the kitchen and will be done in no time” Mrs Jasmine led them to sit. She made Noel and Gray sit on same couch while she and her husband sat facing them

“So tell me more about yourself Noel” Mr Gerald said

“Well,My name is Noella Patterson but I prefer being called Noel because it’s kinda related to Christmas which is my best time of the year” She replied

“That’s cool” Mrs Jasmine mouthed

“I am 22 years old. I graduated from the University with a first class upper in Public administration. My parents are Mr Tyler Patterson and Mrs Evie Patterson. They own the bakery along the road”

“You mean Pat’s bakery?” Mr Gerald asked

“Yes sir” Noel answered

“Wow,I never knew your parents own that. They deliver bread to my company. I decided to have a taste the other day and I couldn’t stop buying from there. It is simply the best. Who is the main person running the restaurant?” Mr Gerald asked

“My dad”

“Why hasn’t he expand it yet? If he does,sales will increase”

“My dad has that in mind. The problem is money” Noel said

“Oh okay no problem. I’ll see what I can do about that. Another question”

“Dad,it’s enough. Do you wanna ki!l her with questions?” Gray asked

“She isn’t your wife so stay out of our business” Mr Gerald glared at him and Noel laughed

“Exactly” Mrs Jasmine supported him

“She might not be my wife but she is my friend” Gray said and his parents looked at each other and smiled

“Okay no problem. We will leave your friend alone since you’ve become jealous of your own parents”

“Mum,talk to Dad. He has started again” Gray pouted

“Don’t tell me anything jealous bones” Mrs Jasmine said


She turned away. Noel just laughed. She really like his parents. They were very jovial and different.

“Food is ready” Emma announced

“Okay. Let’s proceed to the dinning my dear” Mr Gerald said as they stood up

They strode to the dinning and Noel couldn’t hide her amazement. The dinning was like a room itself. It was beautiful. Everything, starting from the expensive table cloth to the expensive chairs,she couldn’t keep her wonder at bay.

They sat down and Emma served the food. Noel almost salivated at the scent of the food. She wished she was able to cook like that. She decided,she was going to learn how to cook.


They started eating and a little girl ran to Noel’s feet

“Aunt Jasmine,is this an angel?” The little girl asked,her big eyes bulging into that if Noel’s

“No she isn’t but she is something like that. Why did you ask love?”

“Because she is super beautiful and my mum always say that angels are super beautiful” Summer replied and Gray smiled

“That’s interesting” Mr Gerald said

She managed to climb and sit on Noel’s laps

“Angel,My name is Summer. What is your name?”

“My name is Noel dear” Noel pinched her cheeks playfully

“Noel,is it the one I normally hear them saying in Christmas songs?”

“Yes Summer” Noel answered

“That’s cool”

“Summer dear,Aunt Noel is eating. You can come down from her lap now” Mrs Jasmine said

“I don’t wanna. I want her to feed me” Summer positioned herself well

“Don’t worry ma. I’m fine with her” Noel smiled

“If you say so” Mrs Jasmine said

All through the dinner, Gray’s eyes wouldn’t leave Noel. He would glance at her from time to time and his parents didn’t fail to notice that. They knew their son was in love but they won’t rush him this time around. They were going to allow him take his time.

After the dinner,Summer slept off and Emma took her inside. They talked and chatted for sometime before it was time to go.

“Thank you so much for having me here” Noel said

“it was our greatest pleasure” Mr and Mrs Gerald replied

“Goodnight mum and dad. I have to go drop her off” Gray said

“Okay. Feel free to visit any time Noel”

“Thank you sir”

Mrs Jasmine hugged her before Gray took her out. They watched how Gray started the engine before driving out of the gate

“I like her. She is perfect for our son” Mr Gerald said

“Yeah she is”



“Thanks” Noel said

“For what?” Gray asked

“For taking me to see your parents” She replied

“It’s nothing”

“Your parents are really nice” She played with her fingers


They got to the house and he dropped her off

“I’m having an interview on TV tomorrow and you’re gonna join me” Gray said

“I might get nervous. I’ve not really been on TV before” She bent her head

“You’ll be fine. Make sure you wear something nice tomorrow” He said

“Okay thanks” She got down from the car and walked to the door

“Bye and Goodnight” He said

“Goodnight to you too” She smiled and entered the house before he drove off.


Immediately Noel entered,Scarlet rushed to her

“Welcome babe. How did it go?” She asked

“Splendid. His parents are super nice” Noel removed her heels and sat on the couch

“Wow. That’s amazing then. I’ve always had the feeling they’re nice” Scarlet said

“I’m gonna be on TV tomorrow” Noel said

“Wow. How?”

“Mr Gray would be having an interview on TV tomorrow so he said I should accompany him but I’m nervous”

“Why are you nervous?”

“I’m nervous because I haven’t been on TV before. Everyone will be watching. I wouldn’t know if my posture us right or red. What if the smile on my face looks fake to them” Noel said

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“You’re very funny” Scarlet laughed “You don’t have to worry about all that. They will be more focused on Gray and if they should focus on you,trust me, they will be mesmerized by your beauty so just be yourself”

“Are you sure?” Noel arched her brows

“Yeah but I’m sure”

“Thanks Scarlet. You’re the best”

“I know I am. By the way, my mum called. She said they are moving to California here”

“What! Does that mean you are going to leave me here?” Noel asked

“Of course not. We are rommies. They can move to this country but I’m not staying with them and all their boring rules” Scarlet rolled her eyes

“Better. So when are they coming?”

“Next week”

“Okay. I’m so exhausted. Just wanna take a cold shower and sleep” Noel stood up

“Lazy bones” Scarlet teased

“Ha ha ha” Noel rolled her eyes and her phone rang immediately

📞Hello Mum

📞Noel,Ryan almost kidnapped Quinn today

Her mother’s anxious voice blared through the phone

📞What! How?

Noel sat up in the bed

📞He said she made Scarlet break up up with him. We need to do something

📞Mum,please calm down okay? We will do something about it. Tell Quinn not to go to school tomorrow. I’ll do something about it

📞Okay. See you soon

📞You too mum. Don’t worry too much

📞I won’t

Try hung up the call

“What happened?” Scarlet asked

“Ryan tried to kidnap Quinn. He said she is responsible for the breakup” Noel answered

“What is wrong with him? He is lucky she outsmarted him else…I’m getting him arrested tomorrow. We can’t sit still and allow him do the worst”

“You’re right. We’ll take action on him tomorrow” Noel said



Ward 05

“Are you for real?” Silvia was shocked

“Yes. Those men dealt with me. They treated me like trash” Teresa wailed

“It’s okay dear. You see why I told you to work with me. We could have achieved something but you chose to work alone. Now see what it has cost you” Silvia said

“This has made me hate Noel more. I hate her so much” She yelled

“We will think of something the moment you get on your feet” Silvia smiled

Ward 23

“How can you be so foolish Ryan?” Harry yelled

“It wasn’t my fault. That girl is a bada$s bçh. She knows how to defend herself. She attacked me unexpectedly” Ryan said

“Noel’s family is really giving me headache. I think it’s high time I step up my plan”




“And we are live on Cali’s Billionaire celebrity show. And the Billionaire we are fortunate to interview today is no other person than Gray Gerald,CEO of Gray Gerald Enterprises,the best company who has made immense profit from importing and exporting foreign brands. Nice to have you here Mr Gerald” The interviewer who was a woman in her 25’s smiled dreamily at him

“Nice to be here Carlota” Gray smiled and the viewers watched with keen interest

While the ladies were more focused on Gray’s looks and demeanor,the guys were ogling Noel who stood beside him in a black fitted suit and heels as she packed her hair in a ponytail.


“So,tell us who the lady with you is Mr Gray” Carlota said

“She is my personal assistant and has been a huge part of my life” He said and smiled at her

“Wow that’s great. Over to business. G.G Enterprises has been the best company so far here in California,can you please share how it all started with us?”

“To be honest Carlota,it wasn’t an easy start. We started as a minor company dealing with hair brands alone. Business wasn’t moving the way I expected it to and it was a great cause if worry but then again,I looked at where I’m coming from and where I’m aiming to be and that gave me the enthusiasm to continue. From theft and fraud to battling with competition. But as God may have it,we are where we want now” He said and the hall thundered with applause

“That was cool. I’m sure our viewers and spectators will like to know why your business almost went down the drain two years ago before coming up again?”

“The truth is I was suffering from emotional trauma. The news was all over the place two years ago when my fiancee ditched me on our wedding day. I almost committed sui¢ide but my friends and family followed me up. I was heartbroken and stopped working but with a little help and counselling,I decided to build back my company after two years which I succeeded but the pain was still there until I met her” He said

“Met who sir? We are dying to know who that Angel is” Carlota was psyched

This was the best show she had done and it was going to be a boost to her career by making the famous Gray Gerald talk about his life

Gray smiled and looked at Noel

“That lady is standing before us right now” He said and all cameras pointed at Noel who was shocked, overwhelmed and speechless

The whole hall shook with applause and cheers



A lady sat on a chair,sipping her wine and watching an interview on television. She chuckled

“He looks more hot and handsome than I remember. Gray hasn’t changed at all” She said as she swayed from left to right

She kept watching until a particular question drew her attention. She listened with keen interest and when Gray pointed to Noel,she boiled in anger and smashed her glass cup on the marble floor

“How dare she take what is mine! Julie! Julie!” She yelled and a young lady ran to her

“Yes ma’am” She bowed

“Book an emergency flight for me, we are going to America”


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