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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 28

She tried standing up again but she couldn’t and passed out immediately. Harry smiled satisfyingly and took her, placing her on his shoulder. He winked at the waiter again and stepped out

He opened his car door and threw her in before entering

“Swizzy Hotel” He said and the chauffeur drove off

Harry was happy. His own has finally worked. Now he was going to show Gray that two can play that game



“Why would she go out with Harry? He’s a backstabber” Gray said pacing to and fro

They’ve tried calling her but it isn’t working. Suddenly, Scarlet saw her message

“She’s at 5 star restaurant” Scarlet shrieked

“I’m off” Gray took his car keys and left immediately



Gray got there in no time and entered not bothering if he turned off the car. He ran his eyes round the restaurant but saw no one. He walked up to the counter and that waiter was there smiling sheepishly as he counted the money he was offered to drug Noel.

Harry knew Noel would refuse to drink from him so he made the waiter put the drugs in all the glass cups on the shelf and also on the juice that Noel carried. Gray noticed something suspicious and asked

“Did a young guy and lady come for dinner here?”

The waiter turned around and saw Gray. His countenance changed and he became nervous

“I…I..don’t know sir” He stuttered

“Don’t you work here? Did they come? Yes or No?” Gray asked angrily

“Sir it’s not what you think”

Gray grabbed the guy by his collar

“You know how dangerous I can be when my demands are not met so quit wasting my time and tell me what I need to know” Gray said

The waiter flinched and explained everything that happened to him. Gray left his collar with shock written all over his face

“Where did he take her?” Gray asked

“Swizzy hotel sir”

Gray didn’t say anything as he rushed out. He was gonna save Noel first before dealing with this às$hoIes. He just prays nothing happens to her. He entered his car and sped off to the hotel.



Gray got there in no time and ran to the reception.

“Please did any man come here with an unconscious lady?”

“She wasn’t unconscious sir. She was sleeping. Her boyfriend said she got drunk and slept off” The receptionist said

“I need the spare key to their room” Gray said

“I’m sorry sir but the privacy of our customers is our priority. Their security matters too” The lady whose name was boldly written on her name tag as Daisy said without blinking or looking up from what she was doing

“I’m pretty sure you do not wanna lose your job” Gray spoke authoritatively and she looked up

“I’m sorry sir. I didn’t know you were the one”

“The key! Now!” Gray stretched his hand and she gave him the key “Room number?”

“Room number 116” She answered and Gray hurried up the stairs


He kept going using his eyes to scan the room doors. He was lucky room numbers were written at the top of the doors else he wouldn’t have known where to go.


ROOM 116

Harry had gone to the bathroom and taken his bath. He came out with only his underwear on while wiping his wet body with a towel. He looked at unconscious Noel and smiled in satisfaction. Now he was finally going to pay Gray back for what his father did.

He glanced at her again and licked his lips before moving to her. He removed her shoes and jewelries and as he was about zipping her dress down,the door burst open and Gray entered.

The first person Gray looked at was Noel and he was relieved Harry hasn’t touched her yet. He looked at Harry who still stood there in shock and gave him a deadly glare as he walked towards him.

“How dare you?” Gray clenched his fist and before Harry could utter a word,Gray sent a heavy bIow to his nose making him bIeed

Harry held his nose and smirked.

“Since you are here now,why don’t you watch me defile your bride then after that you can marry her. Boys!” Harry said and almost 10 men emerged from all corners of the hotel room

“Sht!” Gray muttered

“Gray,you must be foolish to think I wasn’t prepared for this. I knew you would poke into this so I was well prepared. Let’s give you the opportunity to watch this live” Harry smiled and asked the men to deal with Gray

Gray counted them

“It’s just ten of them. Is that how many men you have?” Gray asked

“Let’s see if you can stop them. Get him” Harry ordered and they walked towards Gray

Gray yawned and smirked. It’s been long he ki¢ked some às$es and his fist is kinda hungry.

The men charged at him and within a minute,they were all down and unable to move. Gray crossed them and walked towards Harry slowly

“How did this happen?” Harry couldn’t understand. He watched the fight and couldn’t see how they all got bé..aten. Not even a hair on Gray’s head was out of place. Harry moved back in fear. If Gray can do this to ten men,how much more him?

“I warned you to stay away from her” Gray landed another punch on Harry’s face

“You can’t blame me. Your father took what belonged to mine.”

“You’re lying Harry. My mum never loved your dad. Your father threw himself at her” Gray said

“Seriously,is that what he told you? My father met Mrs Jasmine and they were best friends until your father came in the picture and snatched her away” Harry yelled

“They loved each other genuinely. Unlike your dad who was after what was under her skirt” Gray said

“That’s not true. Your dad is a betrayal and you aren’t any different”

“Here we go again” Gray rolled his eyes

“You took Camille away from me. We were happy together until you came and became friends with us. You distracted her and made her fall for you then you took her away and forgot about me”


“Forgot about you? Harry,you almost klled me. I am not as selfish as you are” Gray yelled “Right from the time we met, you’ve always been jealous of me. You hated that I was always ahead of you.

You tried to be like me but it didn’t work and that fueled your jealousy more. All these years, you’ve made me your worst enemy and tried to bring my business down. I have tolerated enough cause what you’ve just done has pushed me to the wall”

Harry chuckled

“You can’t do anything cause if it means to kill you and have my way with her,I will” Harry said

“Bring it on” Gray said

Harry charged at him and Gray bè him mercilessly till he went unconscious.

Gray quickly carried Noel in a bridal style and took his phone

“Hello Inspector,I have some trash I need you to pick up at Swizzy hotel,Room 116” He dropped the phone and rushed out

He put her in his car and drove her home after telling Scarlet everything.

Scarlet was furious and stormed out of the office. She was going to talk to Noel’s mum.



Gray parked the car and carried her into the house. Lia rushed to him

“What happened to her?” Lia asked

“I’ll explain later. Just prepare a bath for her in my room” Gray said and Lia rushed to do as instructed

Miguel was alighting the stairs and saw Gray coming up with Noel in his arms

“What happened to Miss ¢razy Skirts” Miguel asked worriedly

Yeah,him and Noel were always arguing but that doesn’t mean he didn’t like her. He liked her personality and the fact that she was the only lady that made his brother smile again.

“Let me take her to the room first” Gray rushed to his room and Miguel followed immediately

Lia had already prepared the bath while Gray told them all that happened

“That man is a mon$ter” Lia covered her mouth

“I’m gonna treat his fk up. Where is he?” Miguel asked

“He should be in jail by now” Gray said

“Good. Let him join his brother there” Miguel said

“Ryan?” Gray asked

“Yeah. He almost kidnapped Quinn today” Miguel said and Gray sighed while Lia shook her head

This family was something else.

“She is about waking up” Lia said

“Leave us please” Gray said and Lia left with Miguel

Gray moved closer and sat on the bed.

Noel jerked up immediately and screamed

“That monster!” She yelled and started crying “He…He..”

“He did nothing” Gray said and she turned to face him

“What are you doing here? I’m supposed to be dead now right?” She wailed

Gray hugged her while she cried on his shoulders

“Don’t worry dear. Harry didn’t succeed. He’s been taken care of” Gray patted her back

“Are you sure he didn’t touch me?” She cried more

“Do you feel funny?” Gray asked

She waited for a while,like she was observing something

“No” She answered

“You see?” Gray patted her back as her tensed body relaxed. You need to take your bath now

“Here?” She asked nervously

“Yeah. Don’t worry I’ll leave the room for you to have your bath” He Said and stood up but she held him


“Don’t leave. Please don’t leave me” She bit her lower lip and he smiled

“Sure” He sat on the bed and she went to the bathroom.

She saw that the bath was already prepared for her and undressed before sliding into it. Her body relaxed and she smiled knowing that Gray actually saved her from getting raped today. She frowned when she thought of what would have happened to her.

After bathing, she stepped out and tied a towel. The towel was somehow short so she held it and walked out of the bathroom. Gray was on the phone and she heard him telling the inspector he was going to sue Harry to court.

He finished making the call and dropped the phone then turned only to see her that way. He gulped in as he stared at her. His eyes roamed her body. He had to admit she had the perfect body

“Why are you staring at me like you want to eat me whole” She asked


“Speechless huh?” She laughed

“Kinda” He smiled

“I don’t have anything to wear” She said

“Let me get you something” He stood up and took one if his long sleeved shirt and gave it to her. She collected it and ran to the bathroom to wear it.

After wearing it, she stepped out. The shirt didn’t reach her knees and her wet hair made her look hot and se..ductive.

Gray cried within

“God,what kind of temptation is this?” He muttered

“Are you hungry?” He asked facing her

“No” She replied but her stomach rumbled and it gave her out. She smiled nervously “A little”

“Let’s go to the dinning room then” Gray said

“Like this? What if your loosed tongued brother tease me ” She said

“Then we will teach him a lesson” Gray said and stretched his hand to her

She took the hand and he led her downstairs



Scarlet drove and stopped in front of the restaurant. She was not only angry but disappointed. She flung the door open and thank goodness there were no customers. Evie,Quinn and her husband were already getting ready to leave.

“Mrs Evie I need to talk to you and your husband” Scarlet faced them

They noticed her anger. Scarlet has not acted like this before meaning that something was wrong somewhere

“Okay” Evie said

“Noel almost got rapped by Mr Harry today and it’s partly your fault for allowing that scvmbag deceive you”

“What!” They all exclaimed


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