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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 29

“What!” They all exclaimed

Evie burst into tears

“What have I done?” She said

“I know he must have used sugar-coated tongue on you but seriously? She is your daughter. You shouldn’t have allowed her go cause I know Noel didn’t go on her own free will” Scarlet half yelled

“We didn’t know he had such motive in mind. I love my daughter and would never do anything that will hurt her feelings” Mr Pat said

They’re right Aunt Scarlet. They love her. If they knew that he had such an ulterior motive for meeting them, they would not have allowed her go, it was an honest mistake” Quinn said and Scarlet calmed down a bit

“How am I going to pay this man back” Evie wailed while Quinn comforted her

“No need ma. Gray has already dealt with him. He should be in jail by now” Scarlet said

“What of Noel?” Mr pat asked

“She is with Gray. She is safe” Scarlet emphasized the last word

“Can we go apologize to her?” Evie asked

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. Let’s leave her so that the shock will die down first” Scarlet said and they nodded

Evie stood up immediately

“Where are you going?” Her husband asked

“To sound a warning” She replied and stormed out while Scarlet followed her

Both took a cab and headed for the police station



The police men dragged Harry and his men into the police station and threw them in jail. Ryan was shocked when he saw Harry.

Harry regained consciousness and his eyes met with that of Ryan

“What are you doing here?” Harry asked as he winced in pain

“I should be the one asking you that. What are you doing here?” Ryan asked

Harry saw that he was in jail and his eyes almost popped out of its sockets

“What am I doing in jail? What are you doing in jail?” He faced Ryan

“Those little rascals came to the hospital and arrested me because I tried teaching Quinn a little lesson” Ryan scoffed

“Gray will pay for this” Harry yelled

“Gray can’t pay for this until we get out of here” Ryan said “Now tell me why you are here”

“Our plan failed Ryan” Harry said

Ryan sighed

“We have to do something” Harry said

“What can we do when Damien has instructed that I can’t be bailed till he says so” Ryan complained

“That little d’vil” Harry clenched his fists

“Get out of there you have a visitor” A police officer opened the door and dragged Harry out

“Treat me with respect you imbecile” Harry snapped and the police man used his stick to hit Harry’s head

“No one is your mate here so behave yourself”

He brought Harry to sit down before Evie and Scarlet

Harry couldn’t look Evie in the eyes. He knew she had found out already

“Look me in the eyes you betrayal” She yelled

“I’m sorry” He said and she sIapped him three times


“Why would you do this to me? I trusted you but you turned out to be a gold diggér. You wanted to use my daughter for revenge” Evie said as she sIapped him again and again

Harry couldn’t talk and watched as she poured all her anger on him despite the pain

When she was done sIapping and be..àting him, she sat down

“Mrs Pat” He called

“Call my name one more time and I’ll deal with you. You are a very heartless and wicked man. You deserve to die” Evie said

“Of course he does. Womanizing runs in their bIood anyway. People of your kind of species deserve to be put to de..ath the very day they were born. It’s not fair to take advantage of women” Scarlet snapped

“I hàte you with everything in me Mr Harry. Your face alone disgust me” Evie spat

He tried calling her but she sIapped him again

“Go to h’ll” She yelled and stood up

Scarlet stood up too and they left

The police officer raised him up and dragged him back to his cell

“Who did this to you?” Ryan asked but Harry ignored him and put his face in his palms


Sooner than later,the news went over social media as everyone started talking about how two brothers were arrested for an attempted kidnap and rappé.

Teresa and Silvia were preparing to leave the hospital

“This is serious. So the famous Mr Harry has been arrested” Teresa said

“Yeah. I’m sure Noel has a hand in this” Silvia said

“Of course it’s her. She is a witch and we will deal with her” Teresa said as they left

She took care of the bills herself cause she still had some money with her. They strode out of the hospital and boarded a cab to Silvia’s apartment. Teresa was owing her landlord rent but has refused to pay. Her plan was to sneak in one day and pack her stuffs to Silvia’s place.



“Screw you Mr Lee Sung” Camille fumed

“I won’t tolerate this nonchalant attitude of yours Camille”

“Shut up! Foolish Korean Man. Do you know you are senseless and irresponsible? How can you tell me to buy my own dresses for the runway?” Camille snapped

“Because you aren’t under any company yet. Just admit you’ve squandered the money so we can stop stressing ourselves” Mr Lee Sung yelled

“Do you know who you are talking to?”

“An incompetent model yes” He replied

“You are an imbe¢ile. I’m even helping your career and here you are talking back at me”

“You never helped me Camille. You’ve only made my life a living h’ll. You know what? I quit” He slammed the files he was holding on the floor

“I don’t care. I can hire another manager with just a snap of my fingers. Get lost” She yelled

“Karma is warming up for you” He glared at her and left

Julie ran in immediately


“Ma,the company that hired you just called to tell me they’ve withdrawn the contract” Julie said

“Not possible. They can’t terminate that contract” Camille ran her hands through her hair “Did you try to negotiate?”

“Yes but the man is adamant. He refused. He said you should return whatever they have given you. The cars, houses and other assets” Julie said “He said he never wants to see your face in his industry again else he will send you to jail”

Camille couldn’t believe her ears. What was happening? This is the time she needs Gray’s help. She has to return to America, California to be precise. She also needs to cook up some lies as to why she left in the first place.

“Book me an emergency flight now?” She ordered

“To where?”

“To America Dummy” She yelled and Julie ran to do as she was instructed



Quinn had called Noel and Noel assured her she was fine and that she was not angry with their parents. She understood they made a mistake and promised to come home soon.

She was watching a movie when she heard a knock on the door. She checked the time and it was already past 7pm. She sighed and dragged her legs to the door.

She opened the door and saw Snow. She hugged her

“Oh I miss you baby girl” Quinn said

“I missed you too” Snow hugged her tight

“Did you see the news? Ryan was arrested. That means I can come to school now” Quinn said

“Yeah. All thanks to Damien” Snow smiled


“Yeah. He and Miguel were the ones that arrested Ryan”

“Wow. He really did that for me?” Quinn was touched

“Yes he did”

“I wish he was here. I could have hugged him so tight” Quinn said

“Do you really mean that? Cause my arms are open wide” Damien said and she opened her mouth surprised

“Why didn’t you tell me he came with you?” Quinn asked Snow

“Surprise!” Snow smiled nervously

“I’m still waiting for my hug” Damien said

Quinn blushed a bit before running into his arms

“Thanks for helping me” She said

“It’s my pleasure” He replied scenting her hair and smiled then winked at Snow who gave him a thumbs up

“Can we go in now? I’m getting jealous” Snow said and they laughed

“Come on in” Quinn said and they entered

“So what can I get you guys?” Quinn asked and Damien dragged her to sit down

“Don’t bother” He said and she smiled

Mrs Evie came to the room and they greeted her. She smiled but froze when she saw Damien

“Um…Damien is here too” She smiled awkwardly

“Yeah mum. I told you about him remember?” Quinn said

“Okay dear” She was surprised how her children got to know this Billionaire children. First it was Noel and Gray, Now it’s Quinn and Damien

Sue is only hoping for their safety

“I wanna watch cartoons” Snow shrieked

“Jeez are you a baby?” Quinn said

“Yeah. I’m a baby by heart” Snow replied


“Cartoons are kinda cool” Damien said

“Even you?” Quinn was surprised

“Yeah” He smiled

Evie smiled and left them as they continued arguing



They had finished eating dinner and Noel was with Lia in the kitchen

“Thanks for everything Noel” Lia smiled

“For everything? I did nothing” Noel said

“No dear. You did something. Mr Gray has never been this happy. He was always lonely and cold towards everyone but since you came into his life,a lot changed” Lia said putting some cutleries in the dish washer

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah. The heartbreak really changed him. He became boring and hates when love was being mentioned. He was easily angered and fired most of the people that work here for little or no reasons at all but now he is back to who we all know and it’s all thanks to you” Lia said

“It was my pleasure” Noel smiled

They finished what they were doing and it was time to retire for bed. Gray gave Noel a room to sleep in and went to his room. Few minutes later,he heard a knock on his door and opened it only to see Noel standing there

“I can’t sleep alone please. I’m scared” She bent her head

“Do you wanna sleep here?” Gray asked and she nodded

“Okay come in” He gave way and she entered

She slept on the bed and he was about sleeping on the couch in his room but she made him sleep on the bed. Gray enjoyed her being beside him. He felt like cuddling her but she wasn’t his so why would he? He was still in thought when Noel sleepily h!t his head with her pleg.

He looked at her and she was sleeping peacefully. He wouldn’t call it peacefully cause she was rolling and h!tting him everywhere

“How can a human b sleeping like this?” Gray said

She turned and cuddled him tight. He face palmed and prayed for no naughty thoughts. She cuddled him tightly and when he was set to sleep her hand hit him again and he jerked up but she pulled him down. He didn’t know whether to cry or start screaming for help

He was about sleeping again when the final attack came and this time it knocked him off the bed and he fell down. He glared at her,took a pillow and ran to the living room

He cannot come and die in her sleeping hands tonight


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