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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 30

Lia saw him hurrying downstairs with a pillow and followed

“What happened Mr Gray” She asked worriedly

“That girl is a sleep dancer or fighter. I don’t even know which one to call it but she doesn’t sleep peacefully” Gray pouted

“What did she do?”

“She threw me off the bed”

“I thought she had her own room” Lia said

“Yeah but she came to my room saying she couldn’t sleep alone so I asked her to sleep on my bed. I was about using the couch but she made me sleep on the bed. I obeyed not knowing she would turn me to a pvnching bag” Gray pouted

Lia laughed

“This is hilarious. So you’ve escaped?”

“Yeah. I don’t want to die untimely please” Gray put the pillow on the biggest couch there

“Why not use one of the rooms?”

“I want to stay where I won’t be able to share a bed with her incase she wakes up”

Lia laughed again

“Okay then. Goodnight” She smiled

“Goodnight” Gray smiled back and closed his eyes

Lia laughed again and left.



Miguel kept rolling on the bed unable to sleep. His mind was clouded by thoughts of Snow again. Whenever he lays down to sleep,he thinks about her.

Her delicate facial features with a cute black dot a little below her lips. She had rosy pink lips with almond shaped eyes. Her skin was pale white and a brown wavy hair complemented her beauty as well. Her smile alone sends butterflies down his stomach. He gets that fluttery feeling when ever he’s with her.

He remembered the last person he thought of like this was Quinn but now he doesn’t feel that way around Quinn anymore. Maybe,because he accepted the fact that he can never have her. Now he’s feeling same way for Snow. Could he be in love with her?

He sat up in the bed and sighed tiredly.

“Am I the only one unable to sleep tonight?” He asked no one in particular




Snow couldn’t sleep either. She groaned as another image of Miguel popped into her head. Ever since they finished that project and aced it,she had started having weird feelings that she couldn’t understand.

Sometimes she would be alone admiring his dark black hair with brown eyes. His red lips was another distraction for her as she would stare at it most times. He was tall and light skinned and has a kller smile which always made her weak in the knees.

She admits that she never liked him from the start because she had the feeling he was too sassy and arrogant but when she became close to him,she found out he was a very nice boy and she couldn’t believe she had fallen for him even though she doesn’t want to accept it.

She sighed and sat up in the bed

“I hope I’m not the only one feeling this way tonight” She puts her jaw in her hands and puts her elbow her her laps,sighing




Noel stretched her body on the bed as the sun shone directly at her eyes. She sat up and rubbed her eyes so as to clear her vision

“Good morning Mr…” She trailed off when she turned and didn’t see Gray in bed.

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She sighed and rushed to take her bath. Maybe he’ll be back before she comes out. She came out but he wasn’t around either. She picked another of his long sleeved shirt and put it on.

She strode out and looked down from up the stairs but he wasn’t there. She got down from the stairs and went to the living room only to see him sleeping peacefully there.

She wondered why he came downstairs. She looked at his features,he was really cute and she felt like touching him. She used her index finger to brush his right cheek and smiled. She stretched her hand to touch his cheek again but he caught it and opened his eyes giving her a smirk.

“Is it not too early to seduce me Miss Noel?”


“Hmm now you’re speechless?” He glared at her

Noel didn’t know what to say. She just bent her head. He caught her so there was no need lying about it

“I’m sorry. I only wanted to wake you up but when I touched your cheek and felt how soft it is,I couldn’t stop myself from touching it again” She explained and he left her hand

“Oh really,so you are in love with my cheeks now?” He winked

“No that’s not what I meant. Your cheeks are just too soft. It was so fluffy like bread”

“Bread?” He glared at her

“Yes” She laughed

“My cheeks aren’t fluffy. They’re um…how do I put it?” Gray scratched his head

“You don’t even know what your cheeks are like” Noel scoffed

“Don’t piss me off this early morning Missy. Besides I was the one who caught you drooling” Gray said

“Me? I wasn’t drooling”

“It’s too early to bicker” Miguel entered inside and sat down “Good morning bro, Morning Noel”

“Morning” They replied in unison

“You woke up surprisingly early today. Hope all is well?” Gray asked

“I couldn’t sleep last night” Miguel replied

“Why?” Noel asked and sat down

“Just occupied by different thoughts”

“Thoughts? Miguel you are too young to think” Gray said

“Yeah but this particular one won’t leave my mind. It comes subconsciously” Miguel sighed

“Miguel,are you in love?” Noel asked

“Woah,Woah,calm down young lady. I’m not in love” He looked away and she smiled

“Teenagers” Gray rolled his eyes and stood up

“Meaning?” Miguel asked

“Nothing” He said and walked upstairs

Miguel looked at Noel and she smiled at him. He couldn’t help but smile back.

Minutes later, Noel stood up to Gray’s room and opened the door only to see him drying his hair with a towel around his waist. She screamed which drew his attention. He looked at her and she turned her back at him

“Why aren’t you putting on clothes?” She asked

“Hello, this is my room and I just got out of the bathroom. It’s your fault for coming in without knocking”

Noel bit her lower lip. He was right. She even forgot she was in his house. She was actually used to barging in like that because of Scarlet that she forgot it was Gray’s room.

“Look you’re right…” She turned only to see him in front of her. He had already put on his suit meaning he was off to work.

She looked up at him since he was taller than her.

“Why are you so close to me?” She asked, feeling a bit nervous

“Maybe I wanna kss you” Gray teased and she blushed


“Kss me?”

“Yeah. You’re just irresistible” Gray held her jaw up making her look into his eyes

“So now, you’re a fIirt?”

“I could be a fIirt,for you” He said in a low voice

Noel was praying for him to stop. If only he knew what he was doing to her body right now.

“Gray, I’m gonna nod you” She said and he laughed

“I’d love to see you try” He blew air on her neck and she grabbed his shirt

“Flirt with me next time and I might just steal a kss from you” She warned and ran out

Gray replayed her words in his head and smiled before stepping out

“I’m off to the office” He announced

“What about me?” Noel said

“You can’t go like this”

“Then drive me home and I’ll change” Noel said

“Not gonna happen. I’ll get you some stuff when I get back. So have fun with Lia” He said and Lia smiled


“No buts young lady” Gray shakes his head “Miguel are you ready so I’ll drop you off or you’re waiting for the chauffeur?” Gray asked

“Go on without me” Miguel yelled from his room

Gray smiled at Noel before leaving.

“You’re gonna spend the whole day with me” Lia squealed happily

“But I’m gonna miss him” Noel confessed

“Miss him?” Lia smiled

“I’m used to being around him so a whole day without him is like a whole day without food” Noel pouted and Lia laughed

“I can see love in the air. Come and tell me everything” Lia dragged her to sit on the couch

“Miss Lia,I’m off to school” Miguel rushed out

“Why is he in such a hurry today?” Lia asked

“He’s got a crush” Noel said

“Interesting. Now over to you,tell me how it all started”




Gray got down from the car and entered. His employees stood up and greeted him. He answered and smiled which surprised them cause most times they would greet and he would nod. Sometimes he won’t even answer but today was different to the extent he even smiled.

He took the elevator to his office and Raymond came in

“Good morning sir”

“Morning Ray” Gray answered with a smile and Raymond blinked

This was the first time since he started working here that Gray shortened his name and even smiled at me.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Gray asked

“I’m surprised. You’re not your usual self today”

“I’m in a good mood. My schedule for today please”

Raymond smiled

“Jennifer Peters is still insisting she sees you by 10am today then you have to attend the international board meeting by 2pm” Raymond said

Gray sighed

“Okay. I’ll meet with Jennifer Peters by 10 but have it in mind that I may not return to work after the board meeting. I have something very important to attend to”

“Okay sir”

“You may leave” Gray smiled and Raymond smiled back before leaving

Gray groaned. He misses her already. He looked at Noel’s seat and smiled. That Crazy girl that has driven him crazy with love. The lady he could no longer control himself if he’s with her. He loves her and he’s gonna tell her when he ask her to dinner. But he’s worried.

He glanced at her comic books and took one. He looked at the title and it read “Mending his broken heart”. Gray smiled. Same way she has mended his. He flipped a page and started reading. Soon,he was engrossed in the story and didn’t know when Scarlet entered.


She cleared her throat and he quickly hid the book

“No need to hide the book Mr Gray. I already saw everything” Scarlet laughed


“Don’t explain yourself. Comical Romance aren’t for ladies alone” Scarlet said before sitting down

“Are you sure?” He asked

“Definitely. So how is Noel doing?”

“Fine as always” He replied with a smile

“Have you told her yet?” Scarlet asked

“No I’m scared. What if she rejects me?” Gray was worried

“Reject you? If I know Noel too well,that would be her dream come true. She came to this company on a mission to make you fall for her and heal you while doing it. She has accomplished her mission and you think she would go back?” Scarlet asked

“No. It’s just that the feeling that she would reject me is still there”

“Take her on a r©mantic dinner. I’ll give you tips on how to ask her out” Scarlet smiled

“Thanks. I would like you to follow me to the boutique today. You know what she likes right?”

“Of course”

“Okay. 4pm sharp” Gray said

“I’ll be there” She said and stood up to leave



Noel was watching a movie with Lia when they heard a knock on the door. They stood up to the door and Noel opened it. She saw a man in his late forties. She knew Gray’s dad so this man was definitely not his dad. Lia didn’t know who he was either

“Good day sir. Please how may we help you?” Lia asked politely

“I’m here to ask Gray why he got my son detained because of a bçh” The man said

Noel took the word bçh to heart


“Yes. The lady is a bçh for laying false accusations on my son. First it was Ryan and now Harry”

“So you’re their father” Noel smirked

“Yes I am. Where is he? He must tell me where that bçh is” Mr Cooper yelled

“Bring your voice down mister. I’m trying to respect you but it seems you’re tired of being respected. Why use offensive words?” Noel glared at him

“Are you cràzy or just plain stupid? Do you know who I am?”

“Sir you’re creating a scene here” Lia said

“Shut up. You both are bçhes. I’m sure you’re one of his fk toys”

Noel and Lia gasped

“Fûck Toys?” Noel got angry


“Hey listen up Mr whoever you are,I don’t give a dmn if you’re older than me or not but when you don’t respect your old age,I will show you that I’m ¢razier than you think”


“Hold it!” Noel waves him off “I am not done talking to you. When I’m done,you can open your mouth but that would be if I permit you to so don’t talk when I haven’t permitted you. This isn’t your house”


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