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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 13

“Yes and I need your help” Mr Harry glanced at her

“My help? I don’t understand”

“She is single right?”

“Yes but I don’t think she will accept you” Scarlet said

“Why not?”

“She likes someone else”

“And does that person she likes reciprocate her love?” He asked

“No. He doesn’t know that yet” Scarlet answered

“Which means I still have a chance to make her fall in love with me”

“You don’t understand what I’m trying to say Mr Harry. Noel is a very determinant person. She goes for what she wants without looking back. She could do anything to achieve her goal except committing crime or hurting others”

“You leave that to me. I just want you to tell me the kind of things she likes” Mr Harry said


“So I can use them to win her over to my side”

“Mr Harry, why do I have the feeling that there is an ulterior motive behind your sudden love for Noel”

“Ulterior motive? Why do you say that?” Mr Harry asked

“Because I know you. You only like a lady you want to bed” Scarlet said

“How dare you say such to me?” Harry glared at her

“It’s the truth and I don’t want my friend to fall into your trap”

“Because you were betrothed to my brother doesn’t give you the right to insult me. Need I remind you,this is my company and I can fire you whenever I feel like. I’m only leaving you here cause of the love I have for my junior brother”

“And I’m respecting you for that same reason Mr Harry. Don’t even bother yourself cause Noel,the Noel I know will accept no one but the man she loves” Scarlet glared at him

“Watch and see how I’ll make her dance to my tunes Scarlet” Harry said

Scarlet picked up her handbag and left the office

Mr Harry smiled mischievously

“So she likes Gray huh? That bà$tard is just like his father” Harry muttered


Scarlet came out of the company and saw Harry’s junior brother. He was the one she was betrothed to.

“Good evening babe” He pecked her forehead

“Evening Ryan” She smiled

“You look worried,angry and sad. What’s the problem?” He asked

“I’m fine. Just stressed out” She faked a smile

“And you think I’m buying that?” He gave her a knowing look

“I was hoping you would” She laughed nervously

“C’mon,tell me what’s bothering you”

“Umm..I’m just worried about Noel. She hasn’t called me and I’ve been trying to call her but her line is switched off” Scarlet lied

She didn’t want to tell Ryan she had an argument with his brother. It could cause a rift between them.

“You shouldn’t be worried about Noel. Noel is an adult and can look after herself. Forget that she has a child like attitude. She is very smart. I’m sure she is home now so, stop beating yourself up over that” He pinched her cheek playfully

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“Okay. You’re the best” She smiled

“And you’re better than the best” He kssed her “Come on, I’ll drive you home”

“I thought you were entering the company. Don’t let me waste your time. I’ll board a cab”

“No. I disagree. Get in the car and let me take you home. I’m even supposed to have bought you a car. Princesses like you deserves special treatment” He winked and she blushed

“Thanks love” She said

He opened the car door for her and she entered. After closing it, he entered the driver’s seat and turned on the ignition. He performed other actions and drove off



Noel left work and picked Quinn up from the bakery. Both came home together. Noel didn’t see Scarlet at home and wondered where she could be because it was unlike her to come home late.

“That’s weird. She should be back by now” Noel bought out her phone

“I’m hungry” Quinn complained

“Hold on Quinn I’m coming” She dialed Scarlet’s number but she didn’t pick up

She sighed and went into the freezer to get a soup. She warmed the chicken soup and gave Quinn some fruits before putting rice on fire.

🌷Scarlet please hurry up before Noel burns the kitchen down o🌷

Scarlet entered later with Ryan

“No wonder you came home late. You were chilling with your boo” Noel winked

“Don’t start. Hey Quinn” Scarlet went to sit beside Quinn

Ryan turned and his gaze met with that of Quinn. His eyes widened in shock as she kept looking at him.

“Have you met him before?” Scarlet asked Quinn who was staring at Ryan

“Um..No. He looks like someone I’ve seen before that’s why” Quinn smiled

“I’ll be on my way now” Ryan turned to leave

“Wait and eat dinner Ryan or are you scared I’ll ask you for money again?” Noel teased

“No. I have something important to tend to at the company” Ryan opened the door

“So you’re leaving? When can I see you again?” Scarlet stood up and leaned on him

“I’ll call you” He pecked her forehead,glanced at Quinn for the last time and rushed out

“He seems to be in a rush” Noel said

“Yeah I guess”

“Aunt Scarlet,is that your boyfriend?” Quinn asked

“Silly girl. He’s my fiance dear”

Quinn’s mouth curved into an “O” and she smiled

Ryan entered his car and cvrsed

“Sht! Why did I have to see that girl today? She might ruin everything for me now” He hit the engine and sped off

“So how was school today?” Scarlet asked

“School wasn’t fun at all Aunt Scarlet. School isn’t fun nowadays” Quinn complained

“Why dear? Is anyone bvllying you?” Scarlet asked

“Not yet. Its just_”

A sound from the kitchen cut her off

“Is Noel in the kitchen?” Scarlet asked

“Yes. She went to cook rice” Quinn replied


“Oh No!” Scarlet exclaimed and ran to the kitchen

“Haven’t I told you not to cook in this house?” Scarlet poked Noel’s head

The floor was a mess. In fact everywhere was covered in rice seeds

“Yeah but you weren’t home so,I decided to do the cooking” Noel answered

“Do you wanna burn the kitchen down? Don’t cook again. Thanks” Scarlet dragged her to the living room

“But it’s not fair” Noel pouted

“And you think what you did to the kitchen is fair?” Scarlet asked and Quinn laughed

Scarlet quickly cleaned the kitchen up and cooked rice. She served them. After they were done eating and relaxed,she turned to face Quinn

“Okay Quinn. You were about telling me something before your sister cut us off” Scarlet glared at Noel


“I was even going to tell Noel too but since you two are very special to me,I’ll tell you” Quinn smiled

“I’m more special cause I’m her sister”

“I am cause I’m her sister’s bestie” Scarlet said

Noel rolled her eyes

“Do you wanna hear it or are you two gonna continue being cat and rat?” Quinn glared at them

“We’ll hear baby” Scarlet said

“Okay. I’m crushing on someone in school” Quinn bent her head

Noel and Scarlet looked at each other

“A crush? Who is the lucky guy?” Scarlet asked

“His name is Damien. He is in his second year”

“You mean Damien,Austin’s brother? I’ve seen him with Austin before. They came to our company the other day” Scarlet said

“Wait..Austin has a brother? I thought it was only Gray” Noel exclaimed

“Yes he has a brother and that’s the guy I’m crushing on. I don’t know if he likes me too. The problem is I get nervous whenever I see him and run away. One day,I tried talking to him and I ended up sputtering rubbish” Quinn said

“Don’t worry dear. Even if he doesn’t like you now,he will, with time. Stop running away from him. That’s not gonna help you at all. You should at least try to be friends with him then give him reasons to love you” Scarlet said

“Yes Scarlet is right. Be brave. If he knows you’re hiding from him,he might dislike you” Noel said and Scarlet laughed

“Seriously?” Quinn glared at her

“What?” Noel acted innocent

“He’ll dislike me?” Quinn asked

“Yeah. I have to tell you the truth. Don’t expect me to pamper you the way Scarlet did” Noel pouted

Quinn face palmed

“Sometimes,I wonder how we became sisters” Quinn said and they laughed




Noel brought Quinn to work because she didn’t want to leave only her at home. She was planning to Leave Quinn with the lunch lady

“Good morning sir” Noel smiled

“Morning. Who’s the girl?” Gray asked

“My little sister”

Gray looked up to see her. She was beautiful too with long wavy black hair

“Good morning sir” Quinn greeted


“Morning” He answered

“I know you’re wondering why I bought her here but I can explain. She came to visit me and I didn’t wanna leave only her at home so I decided to bring her to work so she could stay with the lunch lady” Noel explained

“Okay” He said

“You’re okay with that?” Noel asked

“Yeah” He replied and continued working

“Let’s Go Quinn” Noel muttered and went down the elevator to the cafeteria



Noel strode towards the lunch lady’s direction ignoring the glares the female workers were giving her.

“Why are they glaring at you?” Quinn asked

“That’s their business” Noel replied

Quinn almost stumbled and fell but Noel caught her. She turned to see who put out the leg for her and saw a lady with brown hair standing before her

“Silvia what were you thinking? You almost hurt my sister” Noel snapped

“That would have been good you know. If she dies now,it would be good for the future generation because she won’t go about snatching what’s not hers like you” Silvia snapped

“If you have scores to settle with anyone, its me. Don’t ever get my sister involved in your shenanigans”

Silvia laughed and Teresa came

“Look at the girl. An exact replica of our bçhy assistant. Hey girl, are you gonna be a shameless bçh like your sister” Teresa mocked them

“That’s not nice young lady” Quinn snapped

She has been taking in their insults for a while now and she couldn’t take it anymore

“Who? Me?” Teresa laughed

“Please close that mouth. Nobody wanna see your dirty teeth” Quinn said and the ladies jeered

“Don’t you have respect?” Silvia sassed

“I don’t give my respect to mannerless people. Haven’t you heard the saying “Give honor to whom honor is due”? It’s so obvious you do not deserve my respect so fk off” Quinn fired back

Silvia was shocked

“She is just like her sister. Look at how troublesome she is. She even had the guts to insult us. Who do you think you are?” Teresa yelled at Quinn

“I’m a human and I’m better than the two of you. Chubby barbies that won’t go and look for husbands to marry” Quinn said and the spectators started laughing

“Quinn,that’s enough” Noel held her

“No it isn’t. Allow me teach these Tom and Jerry a lesson they won’t forget in a hurry”


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