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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason


“No it isn’t. Allow me teach these Tom and Jerry a lesson they won’t forget in a hurry” Quinn said

“If I_” Teresa was about to talk but Quinn cut her off

“If you what? Huh? What are you gonna do?”

“Quinn, let’s go” Noel pulled her away from them

“What effrontery!!!” Silvia exclaimed in anger

Teresa still stood in shock. This one was worse than Noel


Noel pulled Quinn close to where the lunch lady stood

“What you did back there wasn’t nice” Noel scolded her

“I know but they deserve it”

“Even if they did, it wasn’t cool. No matter how frustrating they make you,learn how to keep your cool. Those two ladies are ev’l. I didn’t want you to get involved because they may come after you”

“But they insulted you and you know I can’t stand that. I love you” Quinn pouted

“And I love you more. But leave me to do the talking next time okay?”

“Okay” She smiled

“Umm…Mrs Briggs,Can you please look after my sister?”

“Of course. She looks just like you. Pretty and jovial” Mrs Briggs smiled

“Thank” Quinn smiled back

“Thank you ma. Quinn,stay with her and help in any way you can. Don’t make troûble” Noel said and she nodded

Noel was on her way back to the office when she saw Miguel heading to the cafeteria. The teenager was very handsome like his brother. Miguel had his hands in his pockets and was about entering when Cassie stopped him

“You ain’t going anywhere young man till you meet your brother” Cassie said

“But Aunt Cassie,I want to check the cafeteria out first” Miguel pleaded

“Aunt Cassie?” Noel twitched her brows

“No. You’ll do that after you see Gray”

“Okay. I’ll go” Miguel started walking towards the elevator

“Hey Noel” Cassie smiled

“He just called you Aunt Cassie. Are you in any way related to them?” Noel asked

“Yes. I’m one of their relatives” Cassie smiled

“Wow. That’s cool” Noel smiled and her phone rang


She saw that it was Gray calling

“Oh gosh,I have to go now. See you at lunch” Noel said and ran into the elevator

She entered immediately Miguel entered and both of them were in the elevator together. She was panting as a result of the run and that seemed to annoy Miguel

“Hey lady,can you slow down your breathing? It’s pissing me off” Miguel said

“Excuse me? Can’t you see I just ran here from the cafeteria?” Noel frowned

“Pfft. Is that why you’re panting like a dog who just got chased by a hunter?” He sassed her

“You’re rude” Noel said

“And you’re ¢ràzy” Miguel said and the elevator door slid open

They were still arguing till they got to the office. Gray watched as they bickered

“What’s going on here?” He asked and they stopped and glared at each other

“Your brother is very disrespectful” Noel complained and sat down

“This lady is a psycho” Miguel glared at her

“Take that back sassy shorts” Noel said

“No I won’t ¢ràzy skirts” Miguel replied

“Enough” Gray yelled and everywhere became quiet

“What caused the fight in the first place?”

“I saw your call and ran from the cafeteria to the elevator panting. He complained that why am I panting like a dog who just got chased by a hunter?” Noel said

“It was annoying” Miguel countered and Gray face palmed

When two troûblesome species cross paths, expect the worst. Miguel is troûblesome,Noel is troûblesome too. Both in same place is like fire and ice

“It’s okay. Miguel,what are you doing here?” Gray asked

“I was bored at home. I called Damien to come over but he said he would come in the evening. I decided to come check this place out” Miguel said and slopped on the chair

“So disrespectful” Noel muttered

“I heard that” Miguel glared at her

“Like I care” Noel glared back

Gray sighed

“I can’t put up with this woman. You’re really trying Gray” Miguel stood up

“What do you mean by that? He’s trying for putting up with you too. You’re a handful”

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“Seriously? I’m out of here. I’m going to the cafeteria. I’ll be free from this psycho there” Miguel started walking away

“Sassy shorts” Noel snapped

“¢ràzy skirts” Miguel smirked and left

“Urghhh he is so annoying” Noel snorted

“Now you know how it feels” Gray eyed her



Miguel strode into the cafeteria and saw Quinn. He walked up to her

“Are you the new lvnch lady?” He laughed

“Ha ha ha very funny” Quinn rolled her eyes “I came with my sister”

“Don’t tell me it’s that ¢ràzy lady I encountered in the elevator?” Miguel said



“Yup she is my sister” Quinn said

Miguel laughed

“Now I see where you got your ¢raziness from”

“Meaning?” Quinn frowned

“I mean the ¢raziness runs in your family. She’s ¢ràzy, you’re ¢ràzy and_” He couldn’t finish his statement as Quinn threw a spoonful of tomato sauce into his mouth

He mumbled and she started laughing

“That should teach you not to mess with me” She laughed again

He swallowed it

“Oh I am so getting you for this” He thundered and she ran while he ran after her

He continued chasing her till they got to the company’s garden

“You’re too slow. I wonder how you beat people in basketball” She said and almost slip but he caught her and pulled her to himself making her land on his chest

They stared into each other’s eyes with racing hearts



Scarlet was busy setting up some files when Mr Harry entered. He just got back from a meeting

“Good afternoon sir” Scarlet greeted like nothing happened between them yesterday

“Afternoon Scarlet” He answered and sat down

She smiled and continued what she was doing

“Spare me a bit of your time” Mr Harry said

Scarlet walked and sat on the chair facing him

“Okay” She replied

“I really love Noel and I’m ready to give you anything if you get her for me” He said

“What about her happiness Mr Harry?” Scarlet asked


“She’ll be happy with me. I admit I’m a flirt but I really love her. Whether she gets into my bed or not”

“So the bed is still involved? Mr Harry, sx isn’t a way of showing love”

“You can’t dictate to me on how to live my life” He was getting a bit annoyed

“Obviously” She rolled her eyes

“Just name your price Scarlet. Many ladies are looking for opportunities like this?” Harry snapped

“Unfortunately for you,this lady…” She pointed to herself “…isn’t one of them”

“Why are you being difficult?”

“Because I am not a betrayal like you” Scarlet snapped

“What did you just say?”

“You heard me. I’m sick and tired of pretending like I don’t know what you’ve done and what you’ve been doing. I can’t act like a fool anymore Mr Harry. I won’t set my friend up with you for your own selfish gains” Scarlet said

Yes, she was right. Mr Harry doesn’t want Noel only for warming his bed, he wants her for revenge. He wants to make Gray feel same thing he felt. He wants Gray and his family to feel what they made he and his family pass through.

“One more word from you Scarlet and I’ll forget the fact that you’re my brother’s betrothed and sack you” He yelled

“You know what? Forget it cause I don’t wanna work here anymore. I can’t work with someone that wants me to betray my friend” Scarlet yelled back

“Don’t you dare”

“I dare Mr Harry. I’m out. I quit. Expect my resignation letter tomorrow”


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