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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 15

Harry sat down and smirked

“You quitting won’t stop my plans Scarlet”

Miguel stared into Quinn’s eyes and she pulled away from him smiling nervously

“Thanks for breaking my fall” She said

“You owe me” He replied


“For saving you of course”

“What should I do?” She rolled her eyes

“You’ll buy me lunch in school on Monday” He replied

“Really? You barely talk to me especially in school. I was even surprised that you talked to me today. Then when you have your poker face on in school tomorrow, you want me to come and be like Hey Miguel,I bought you lunch”

“You talk too much” He poked her forehead

“It’s the simple truth” She pouted

“Okay fine. I won’t do that again. Happy?”

“Yes. Also tell Damien to stop giving me the cold shoulders. One time he’s lively,the next he’s frowning” She complained behaving as if she isn’t the one always hiding in her locker whenever she sees him.

Miguel sighed

“And I thought only mum could nag” Miguel said

“I’m not nagging. I’m only complaining”

“Soothe yourself then” He puts his hands in his pockets and went back to the cafeteria with her trying to keep up with him



Gray was busy on his laptop while Noel was reading comic books. Gray looked at her and frowned

“Hey Missy,are you just gonna sit there burying your face in comic books while I work my butt off here?” He asked

“You didn’t give me anything to do again. I’ve done the ones you gave me already” She replied innocently

“So? Can’t you ask for more?”

“I can when I’m less busy” She said flipping a page

“Less busy?” He frowned

“Yes I’m busy now”

Miguel entered the office and Noel hissed before going back to her book. He ignored her and sat down. Just then, Gray’s phone rang. It was Mr Harry calling


📞Mr Gray

📞Get to the point Harry

📞You need to learn how to be nice to people you know

📞I don’t have time for your games now. What do you want?

📞I want to see you Gray. We need to talk about business

📞What business?

📞Sooner you come,the better

📞 I’m not coming

📞 Really? It kinda involves your finances Gray

Gray adjusted in his seat

📞How is that going to affect my finances?

📞Your question will be answered whenever you come

Gray sighed


📞My company

📞 I’ll be there. Gray said and hung up

“Where are you off to?” Noel asked

“Hey,I’m your boss and not your boyfriend for you to always know where I’m going to” Gray said

“I know but I am your assistant. I’m supposed to go with you”

“Yeah but you can’t go with me today” Gray didn’t want Mr Harry to see her with those lustful eyes of his.


“Because it’s a man to man discussion”

“But I’ve followed you to a conference meeting before. The people there were mostly men” Noel countered

“Don’t follow me for today. Just go home okay? I give you the remaining hours off” Gray said hastily

“That’s awesome. I’m going home. See you tomorrow” Noel smiled and Gray nodded

“Come Miguel, I’m dropping you off at home before leaving” Gray took his car keys

“No I’m coming with you then we go home together”


“No you_”

“I don’t wanna hear anything else. I’m coming with you” Miguel cut in

“Fine but you’ll have to wait in the car”

“No problem”

Miguel stood up and glared at Noel before leaving with Gray. Noel was so happy she’ll be going home early. That means more food,more films and more snacks to stuff her face with.

She reached for her handbag and took it. She stood up and was about leaving when her eyes caught something. She looked closer and saw Gray’s credit card on the chair he was sitting before. It was a black one which means Gray was even richer than she thought.

He must have forgotten it. She took it and decided to return it but remembered that he went somewhere so she put it in her bag hoping to return it to him once he’s back. She was glad she knew his address. Being his assistant really has its own advantages.

She walked out of the office and Reina stopped her

“Where are you going to?” Reina asked in a friendly way

“I’m going home. Mr Gray asked me to leave early” Noel replied

“Oh okay. See you tomorrow then” Reina smiled

“You too” Noel was about leaving but Raymond stopped her

“You aren’t going anywhere without me” He said

“Really?” Noel laughed

“Yes. I wish I was lucky like you. Do you know how much fun I would have at home if I go early like you’re going now. Oh why does the universe hate me so?”

“Stop being dramatic Raymond” Reina rolled her eyes

“Stay out of this Reina. Don’t you know how lucky she is?” Raymond frowned

“Yes. She’s lucky. We get it Ray” Reina said

“Okay I’ll be going now”

“You aren’t going till you grant my request” Raymond blocked her way

“Which is?”

“Lunch at the cafeteria with me tomorrow. Remember the other time I asked you and you said I should wait?”

“Yes I remember”

“So, we’re doing it tomorrow”

“Okay Raymond. I’ll have lunch with you tomorrow. Can I go now?”

“Yes” He smiled and went back to his seat

Noel smiled and walked out

“Raymond,Raymond,Raymond,how many times did I call you?” Reina held her ears

“Three” He replied without looking at her

“Hope it isn’t what I’m thinking?”

“It’s exactly what you’re thinking” Raymond smiled and she shook her head

Noel went to the cafeteria and thanked the lunch lady for looking after Quinn. She later took Quinn and they boarded a cab heading home.



Noel entered the house with Quinn and was surprised to see Scarlet at home.

“Hey babe, you’re home early. What’s up” Scarlet smiled at her

“I should be the one asking you that question” Noel closed the door and removed her shoes. Quinn did same and went to lie on the bed

“Mine is a long story which I will tell you in four words then explain the rest at an appropriate time”

“Okay. What is it?”

“I quit my job” Scarlet said

“You what? Why?”

“Like I said before It’s a long story and I’ll tell you at an appropriate time” Scarlet winked tilting her head to where Quinn was and Noel got it immediately.

She wanted Quinn to go before saying it

“Okay no problem”

“How about you?”

“Well,Gray went to meet someone. I heard him call the person Harry. I think it’s the man that I delivered bread to recently. Your ex boss to be precise. I wanted to go with him but he refused insisting I come home” Noel said


Scarlet sighed in relief

“That’s good”

“Yeah. I also found something” Noel brought the card out of her bag

Scarlet gasped

“It’s a black card. Where do did you get it from?” Scarlet asked moving back

“It’s for Mr Gray. He left it in the office. I’ll go return it this evening cause if I wait till tomorrow,it might cause troûble”

“Please return it because it can buy you more than a hundred times” Scarlet teased and they laughed



Gray drove into the company and parked the car. He instructed Miguel to stay in the car and not come out. He strode to the door and saw Harry’s secretary waiting for him. He followed her to Harry’s office. While Gray walked through the Halls filled with busy employees,they couldn’t help but stare and admire his features.

He walked with so much pride and vigor that the female employees were blown away. Some couldn’t even breathe while some drooled shamelessly. Even the secretary he was working with used all the strength she had to control herself.



They got to the office and the secretary left them. Gray strode elegantly to the chair in front of Harry’s desk and sat down facing him. Harry had a smug look on his face.


“Let’s get this over with Harry” Gray cut in

Harry sighed

“My reason for calling you here is simple Gray. You are aware of the conference meeting coming up after next week”

“Yes” Gray nodded

“Actually,it’s going to be a contract signing conference. Mr Romeo told me that,it will be a mersion of two business organizations selling almost same product”

“Like a collaboration” Gray said

“Exactly. We are to be in groups of twos for that day and make a business speech” Harry said

“So what has that got to do with me?” Gray asked

“The other business men have chose their business partners so I was thinking if we could merge together”

“Me and you?” Gray asked

“Yeah. See,I know we don’t get along but we can try for the sake of our businesses” Harry said

“Oh. And you think I’m that dumb to work with you? C’mon. I’ve known you for years. I know you like the back of my hand. All these you’re saying is for your own benefit. Sorry but I ain’t working with you” Gray replied

“So who are you gonna work with?” Harry smirked

“We have many business men in this city. Just a snap of my fingers,I could get anyone I want. Man or woman. Too bad I don’t collaborate with women” Gray said

Harry laughed

“Speaking of women, isn’t your hot assistant supposed to follow you here? I mean,she is your assistant and needs to be wherever you are”

The aura around Gray changed immediately

“Tell me why you’re selfish Gray. Can’t I have access to her because she works for you? If you aren’t interested in her,I am. Let me have her” Harry said

“She isn’t something you can have now shut up” Gray snapped

“Sometimes,I wonder why you hate me talking about her but that can’t and won’t stop me from taking her away from you”

Gray stood up trying hard to tame his anger

“I believe we’re done here” Gray turned and started walking away

“Let me ask you a simple but difficult question Gray,do you love her?” Harry asked and Gray stopped in his tracks


Did he love her?

He isn’t even sure

He sighed and walked out while Harry snickered

“Watch out Gray. Watch as I’ll destroy everything you worked hard to achieve. You might have refused working with me but that’s not gonna stop me from exerting my revenge. I’ll snatch her away from you before you even discover that you love her” He chuckled

Gray got out and entered the car.

“Hey,Damien called. Said he’s at home already” Miguel said

“Let’s go home then. I don’t think I’ll be returning to the office today again. I need to rest” Gray started the engine

“Yes. You look stressed out”


All through the drive,Gray was thinking about Harry’s question. He know he had a soft spot for Noel but he couldn’t comprehend whether he loved her or not. The thoughts alone started giving him a headache


It was 5pm and Noel figured he might be home by now. Scarlet had gone to see Ryan leaving her with Quinn. Now she had to go to Gray’s house with Quinn again.

She sighed and took the card

She wore a black jean trouser with a white handless top and black leather jacket complemented with black sneakers while Quinn wore a blue gown.

She took the address to his house and they boarded a cab there. It was an hour drive to where they lived.

She got to the gate and knocked. She told the guards she was his assistant and showed them her ID card before they let her in.

They got to the door and she knocked. The door was opened by a slim lady who was about her age. Looking at the lady alone,you could tell she was the maid.

“How may I help you ma’am?” Lia asked

“I’m here for Mr Gray. I’m his assistant at work. I just want to return something of his” Noel replied showing her the ID Card

“Okay. Come in. I’ll go inform him of your presence” Lia smiled

Noel entered and her eyes almost popped. The place was like heaven on Earth. Quinn also stared in shock.

“Wow this place is huge” Quinn said and the maid smiled

“Let me take you to the living room”

“Wait…isn’t this the living room?” Noel asked

“No ma”

“Call me Noel please”

“Okay” Lia nodded and took them to a glass door

They heard two male voices from inside and Quinn could swear she has heard them somewhere before

“We’re here” Lia opened the door

Noel entered followed by Quinn.

Quinn’s jaw dropped at who she saw

Damien was playing a video game with Miguel when they entered

They stopped playing their game and looked up only to lock gazes with Quinn who stood dazed on the spot

She never knew she would meet Damien here


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