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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 16

They stopped playing their game and looked up only to lock gazes with Quinn who stood dazed on the spot

She never knew she would meet Damien here

Damien on the other hand was shocked to see her while Miguel smirked

“Boys, won’t you welcome them?” Lia folded her hands

“Welcome” They said simultaneously

“Please have a seat while I go inform him” Lia smiled

“Okay” Noel smiled back and sat on a couch opposite that of Damien and Miguel. Quinn became shy suddenly and bent her head. She sat close to Noel

“So you’re at my brother’s house ¢räzy lady” Miguel smirked

“Don’t start now Miguel. I don’t have your time” Noel glared at him

“But I have yours” Miguel said and was about standing up but Damien dragged him back

“Leave the nice lady alone” Damien said and Noel smiled

“See, he’s a nice guy unlike you sassy pants” Noel said

“I will pretend I didn’t hear that since cràziness runs in your family” Miguel looked at Quinn and she raised her head

“What did you say?” Quinn asked

“I said ¢ràziness runs in your family” Miguel repeated and she threw a pillow at his face making him fall back on the couch

Damien started laughing

“Serves you right Miguel. Nice move Quinn” Damien said still laughing and Quinn’s eyes widened in shock

He just complemented her. She felt like screaming in joy right now.

“Thank you” She blushed

“You should see your face and ruffled hair right now” Noel laughed

“Hey, that’s not fair. You both just complemented her for throwing me a pillow” Miguel frowned

“What? Should we spank her?” Damien rolled his eyes

“Help me ask him. Meanwhile,he was the one that looked for her troûble” Noel added

“I’m going to wash my face and re arrange my hair. And when I’m back,Quinn gets it” Miguel glared at the three of them and left


Gray was in his study when Lia came. Although the door was open,she still knocked. Gray turned and saw her

“Good evening sir” Lia curtsied

“What is it Lia?” He asked

“Your friend came and asked to see you”

“My friend?” Gray asked

“Yes sir”

“Okay. Let him come see me here” Gray said thinking it was either Austin or one of his male workers

“Okay sir” Lia curtsied again and made for the living room

“Come with me” She pointed to Noel

“Okay” Noel stood up “I’ll be back Quinn”

Quinn nodded and watched as Noel left with Lia. It was remaining her and Damien. She couldn’t even look up at him and felt like entering into the couch where he wouldn’t see her. There was an awkward silence and she wanted to stand up and step out

“So what are you doing here?” Damien asked and she froze

“” She pointed to herself unsure of whether she was dreaming or not

“Yeah” He looked up to meet her eyes and she looked down making him smile

She’s shy. He wondered how someone can be crazy and shy at same time

“We came to um..return something of Gray’s” She replied

“Oh” Was his reply

Then silence came again

“Where is Miguel? We need to finish up this game” Damien said breaking the silence agay

“What game is that?” Quinn asked

“It’s a video game”

Quinn looked at it

“Um…do you mind me playing with you?” Quinn asked biting her lower lip

“Do you play?” He arched his brows and looked cute

Quinn nodded

“Okay. Let’s play” He shifted and she sat beside him. He handed her a gaming capsule and they started playing. It was an Avatar war game


They seemed to be having fun as Miguel and Lia watched them through the glass door

“Awwn they look so cute together” Lia said

“Yeah” Miguel sighed

“You like her too don’t you?” Lia asked

“Unfortunately yes but I want Damien to be happy. Damien loves her and I love him so leaving her for him is right. Miss Lia,am I stupid for doing this?” Miguel asked

Lia has been their maid for a very long time so they take her as part of their family. They wanted her to work in Gray’s company but she insisted on being a maid instead. All their efforts to persuade her was futile so they let her have her way.

“No dear. You aren’t being stupid. You’re being selfless and considerate. You love her but you want her to be with your friend because you love him and want him to be happy,people who do that are rare this days. It shows that you are a good friend” Lia patted his head

“Thank you. I’ll try my best to join them together because Damien is really good at hiding his feelings” Miguel said

“Same way you’re good at being naughty sometimes” She poked his forehead playfully and he smiled still watching them


Gray was surprised to see Noel

“How did you know my house?” He asked

“Is that how they welcome visitors around here?” Noel rolled her eyes and sat down facing him

“Don’t give me that attitude Missy. I’m your boss” Gray said

“We aren’t at work so I wouldn’t say you are my boss. Since work hours ended 10 minutes ago,you aren’t my boss anymore till we resume work tomorrow” She replied

“Have it your way then. How did you know where I live?” He asked

“I’m your assistant. Remember?” She said

“Oh. So what are you doing here?” Gray asked

“I came to return this” She dropped the card on his table and he gasped

“Where did you find this?” He asked

“Your seat in the office. You left it this afternoon”

“And you returned it? You didn’t take it?” He asked

“Why would I take what doesn’t belong to me? It’s wrong. I decided to return it to it’s rightful owner” She smiled

“Wow, I’m surprised”

“Wait..are you thinking I would have carried it? You don’t trust me?” Noel asked. She was a bit hurt

“I trusted someone once but all I got in return was wounds which have left countless scars”

Noel knew he was talking about Camille. If only he could loosen up a little and allow her into his life. She was going to think of what to do

“Anyways, thanks for returning my card. I owe you one” He said

“You’re welcome. Um..I’ll be on my way now” She said

“Goodnight” He said and left the study

Noel stood there and sighed. She looked round his study,there was a shelf with different genres of books. She wanted to venture into it but changed her mind and left instead.

She walked down the stairs to the veranda where she saw Lia and Miguel watching Damien and Quinn play.

“What’s going on?” Noel asked

“Quinn defeated Damien in Avatar war 3 and he is determined to béat her. It’s quite interesting” Lia said

“He won’t be able to béat her” Noel said

“You don’t know that?” Miguel retorted

“Yes I do. She is a gamer. She also create games so she knows the nook and cranny of it all. Tell me how he’s gonna defeat her huh?” Noel smiled

“Wow” Miguel exclaimed

They opened the glass door and entered the living room

“Game over. I won again” Quinn yelled happily forgetting that she was shy few minutes ago


“Damn! You’re really good at this” Damien said

“Thanks” She smiled

“Quinn, it’s time to go” Noel said

“But I was having fun” Quinn complained

“Maybe next time okay? We need to be home now”

“Okay. Bye Miss Lia,Bye Miguel and um…bye Damien” She said

“Bye Quinn. See you in school on Monday” Miguel said “Don’t forget my lunch”

“I won’t”

“Lunch?” Damien asked

“I’ll tell you later. So tell her bye dude” Miguel tapped him

“Bye Quinn” Damien smiled and she blushed

Lia thanked them and led them out. They were about stepping out of the gate when Gray’s chauffeur stopped them

“Mr Gray said I should drive you to your destination ma” He said

“Me?” Noel pointed to herself

“Yes ma”

“No thanks. We’ll board a cab” Noel was about to walk away but he stopped her

“Please ma,for the sake of my job. If I don’t do as he has ordered,I will loose my job and I don’t want that so please come and let me drop you off” He said

Noel sighed

“Okay” She held Quinn and he opened the door for them

“Please visit next time” Lia said

“Okay thank you” Noel replied and shut the door

The driver started the engine. The gate was automatically opened and he drove out




Quinn updated Snow on all that happened

“OMG,he really spoke to you?” Snow shrieked

“Yes babe. We even played video games. Avatar War 3”

“I love that game. Did he win?”

“Of course not. I won three times in a roll. Who’s the best? Me” Quinn bragged

“That is so cool. What about Miguel?” Snow asked

“I’ve come to realize that Miguel is nice if you get to know him. My assumptions about him were wrong. He is fun to be with” Quinn said

“Awesome” Snow said and looked behind Quinn

“He’s heading this way. Damien’s is heading your way” Snow said and Quinn quickly hid her face in her locker

Damien walked up to where she stood

“What’s wrong with her?” He asked Snow

“Um…she…um..she is looking for… something” Snow lied

“Really?” Damien asked

“Yeah” Snow nodded

When Quinn didn’t hear voices anymore,she slowly brought her head out only to meet his face. She smiled nervously

“Hi Damien” She waved

“Are you trying to avoid me?” He asked

“No. Not at all. I was…um..looking for something but couldn’t find it” She answered

“Okay. Just wanted to ask a favor from you”

“What favor?” She asked

“I was thinking if you could…you know…teach me some of the moves you used in the game we played yesterday. It was cool” He smiled

“Really?” She screamed and covered her mouth “I mean yeah I will”

“Okay thanks”

Snow winked at her and she smiled

Just then they heard the principal’s voice from the mic in the halls.

🎤🔊 Students of Year 1 class B and Year 2 class B should take note of this important announcement. We are going to give you a project to work on together. So we’ll mix you guys up. We’re gonna be having two students from each class respectively to work together…

Miguel came and stood with Quinn,Snow and Damien. They all arched their ears to hear.

🎤🔊So we’re gonna have four representatives from each class and here are their names. Quinn,Snow,Damien and Miguel

“Wow” They exclaimed as the students clapped for them

🎤🔊Now I’m going to divide them into two groups and will give them the list of those that will be working under them. So, Miguel and Quinn will be partners for Group A while Damien and Snow will be partners for Group B. The rest should wait patiently as we share your names to the groups. Goodbye for now


Miguel saw the disappointment in Damien’s eyes for not being partners with Quinn. In as much as he was happy within him that he was going to work with Quinn,part of him was sad that Damien won’t be happy. He decided to fix it

“Hey guys, I’ll be right back” Miguel said and headed to the principal’s office

Damien put his hands in his pockets and walked away

“I wish he was my partner” Quinn pouted

“Calm down babe. I won’t snatch him from you” Snow teased and they laughed



Miguel entered the office and bowed to the principal. He was a short man in his early 35’s and looked handsome. He wasn’t too fàt nor too slim. He looked up and saw Miguel

“How may I help you today Miguel?” Mr Andrew asked

“I would like to talk to you about the project stuff”

“If you’re here to confirm whether you’re among the representatives then yes you are” Mr Andrew said

“No. It isn’t about that. It’s about our names”

“What happened to your names?”

“I want you to switch the names. Put me together with Snow and Damien with Quinn” Miguel said

“Why, if I may ask?”

“Because it will be better that way” Miguel answered with a straight face

“I’m not doing it. I don’t know why you rich kids act like you own the world. Are you coming here to order me around or what?”

“Last time I checked,I am the reason you’re here but I still respect you and I’ve come in a cool manner to ask for your help and you’re already trashing rich kids” Miguel said in a calm tone

“I am the principal and whatever I say is final. Besides, you’re not even the owner of this school. Your father isn’t either so why come here to boss me?” Mr Andrew was annoyed

Miguel chuckled

“Need I remind you that my father and some of the richest men in California joined hands together to create this school so technically it belongs to us. Does the name Mr Gerald ring a bell?” Miguel asked

“You’re his son?” Mr Andrew’s eyes widened

“Yeah I am. Now do what I asked you to do” Miguel said

“But I can’t switch it. Damien is the best in math while Quinn is also the best among the girls. Putting them together won’t work out”

“Leave that for me to handle principal Andrew”


“So do it!” Miguel frowned and he had no choice but to comply

He quickly made an announcement telling them that Quinn has now become Damien’s partner while Snow is now Miguel’s partner.

Miguel sighed and went to the school garden for some fresh air. He has done what even his desires forbid. He knows he loves Quinn but Damien loves her too. He wasn’t gonna be selfish. He will make sure he brings them together

He felt someone hug him from behind. It was Damien

“You made him change it didn’t you?” Damien asked

“It’s the least I could do for a friend” Miguel replied with a smile


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