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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 17

“You made him change it didn’t you?” Damien asked

“It’s the least I could do for a friend” Miguel replied with a smile

“I really appreciate it” Damien sat down beside him

“So when are you gonna tell her?”

“Tell her what?” Damien asked

“That you like her” Miguel replied

“Do you think she’ll accept me?” Damien asked

“Of course she will. I think she likes you as well”

“Who told you that?”

“Seriously? You didn’t notice her stare and timidness when ever she’s with you?” Miguel rolled his eyes

“I thought it was a normal thing”

“You thought wrong bro. She likes you”

“Wow. I guess I’ll tell her during Prom night” Damien said

“I almost forgot about prom night”


“Yeah. It’s Next month right?”


“Okay. Till then” Miguel said



Mondays were normally busy days for the employees. Struggling to get different hair and makeup brands out of the country and receiving cosmetic brands from other countries as well.

They all rushed around getting things done. Noel entered the office and sighed. Before Quinn left on Sunday,she had told her a little secret about what Ryan did and Noel couldn’t stop thinking about it. If Scarlet gets to find out, it’ll really break her emotionally. But she can’t allow her friend to continue getting deceived by Ryan.

She was pondering on what to do

“Hey Noel”

“Hi Austin you’re back” She didn’t know when she hugged him

Gray cleared his throat and she pulled away from the hug immediately

“Good morning sir” She greeted him

“Morning Noel” Gray replied and entered the elevator

Noel and Austin followed him. The door closed and he pressed the button that will take them to his office

“How was your trip?” Noel asked

“It was fine. I never knew Korea had lots of business opportunities” Austin said

“Wow. I really missed you” Noel said

“I missed you too Noel” Austin answered looking at Gray who was already burning with jealousy and trying hard to control himself

“So hope you brought something for me?” Noel asked and Gray turned back

“Will you two stop being all lovey dovey in my elevator?” Gray glared at Austin who smirked

“Lovey dovey? Nope. We were only having a hearty discussion. Care to join?” Noel asked

“No. I’m not as childish as you both are” Gray said and the elevator door opened

“ seriously?” Austin followed him

“Yeah” He entered the office and Noel walked in

“Good morning Noel” Raymond greeted

“Morning Raymond. Good morning Reina” Noel smiled

“Morning Noel” Reina replied smiling

“Wow you look so gorgeous this morning” Raymond complemented her


“Noel! In here! Now!” Gray yelled from the office

“See you guys later” She said

“Don’t forget the lunch date” Raymond said

“I won’t” She smiled and entered the office

She glanced at Gray and went to sit in her chair. She looked into her locker and screamed

“What is it?” Austin asked

“I forgot my comic books at home” She pouted

Gray face palmed

“So that’s why you want to make us deaf?” Gray asked

“I can’t work without them. They’re my solace” She puts her hand on her head in a dramatic way and Austin laughed

“Don’t worry. When you’re coming to work tomorrow,bring them and drop them on the desk here. Don’t take it home anymore” Austin suggested


“That’s a great idea” Noel smiled

“Hello, I’m the boss here. I decide whether she brings them or not” Gray said and Noel laughed

“Not in my case boss” Noel said

Gray sighed

“Get to work” He threw some files on her table

“See you guys later” Austin said and left the office

“Raymond!” Gray called and Raymond entered immediately “My schedule for today”

“You have a conference meeting today by 10am then lunch at FOOD PALACE by 2pm” Raymond said

“Any other thing?” Gray asked

“You asked me to postpone them”

“Okay. You may leave” Gray said and Raymond left

“You’ll be eating breakfast early today Noel. We have a meeting by 10am” Gray said

“That’s awesome” Noel replied and licked her mouth

Gray grined but didn’t smile

“I was so close” She said within her “Watch out Gray, I’ll make you smile whether you like it or not today”




Noel sat on the chair taking her breakfast when Raymond came and sat down

“I heard you’re going for a conference meeting with Mr Gray”

“Yeah” Noel replied and took some water

“So we can’t have lunch together today” Raymond pouted

“Hopefully not. Tomorrow might be cool. Let’s see how things go” Noel said

“Okay. I’ll wait. It’s not like you’re going anywhere” Raymond said and she laughed

“No I’m not. I have to go now” Noel stood up

“Okay. Buy a snack when coming” Raymond stood up too

“I’ll try” She replied and left

She went to the office and took her phone. She left her bag in the office and left with Gray. The chauffeur dropped them at the conference Estate.



The building was large and Noel marvelled at the decor. There were flowers and oak trees surrounding it making it look like a green house.

They entered inside and Noel’s jaw dropped. It was so spacious. She could tell it was a round table conference. The seats were filled up with only the head seat left meaning that Gray would be the one heading the meeting. There were 10 men in all.

“You’ll stand behind me okay?” Gray said

“Okay boss” She smiled

“Gentlemen” Gray said and sat down while Noel stood behind him

They turned to face Gray but diverted their gazes to Noel. Soon enough, they started drooling over her. Gray noticed it and boiled with anger. He wondered what was wrong with men of nowadays. They can’t just take their eyes off women.

Gray hit the table and they all flinched diverting their attention to him

“Now that I have your attention,can we proceed with this meeting?” Gray asked

“Yes” They replied

“Mr Harry,are you with us?” Gray glared at Harry who was lost gawking at Noel

“Yes Yes” Harry replied

“So,Mr Romeo,Please tell us the business strategy you were talking about during the last meeting” Gray said and Mr Romeo stood up and started talking

Many heard what he was saying while others were focused on Noel

Gray clenched his fist angrily to the extent his knuckles were turning white

“Are you all listening at all?” Gray asked

“Oh Mr Gray,how do you expect us to pay attention when your hot assistant is blowing our minds. She’s too sxy and cute” Mr Jasper licked his lips


Noel glared at him with disgust

“I will pretend I didn’t hear that” Gray said

“Why are you acting like this? She is only your assistant or is there something between you two?” Mr Larry asked

“Why don’t you direct that question to your wives at home?” Gray said and they kept quiet

The meeting came to an abrupt end and most of them avoided his gaze. He stood up and was about leaving with Noel but Mr Romeo called him aside.

Noel stood alone waiting for him when Mr Harry cane to her

“Hi Noel” He smiled

“Hey Mr Harry. How have you been?” She smiled back

“I’ve been good. I’m sure you are too. You are looking more beautiful everyday”

“Thanks” She smiled

Gray would look back all the time and wished he could teleport Noel from there

“You know Romeo, let’s talk about this some other time. I have to go now” Gray said

“Okay. Whatever you say” Romeo smiled

“So I was thinking we could have a drink together someday?” Harry asked

“That would be_”

“No she is not” Gray interrupted

“It’s just a harmless drink Gray” Harry frowned

“There is no drink that is harmless with you Harry. You always have a selfish reason for doing most things” Gray retorted

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. Let’s go Noel” Gray dragged her out and they entered the car.

“What was the meaning of what you did there? It was only a friendly dude asking for a drink” Noel said

“That friendly dude is a chameleon. He is a fIirt” Gray replied

“How are you sure?” She furrowed her eyebrows

“Because I’m sure. Now get that into your small head” He poked her forehead

“So if he’s a fIirt then what are you? A jealous boss?” Noel smirked

😂Troûble mode activated😂

“Me? Jealous? Never!”

“Stop lying it’s obvious. You don’t want anyone having anything to do with your assistant and that is me. But can I ask why you don’t want that?” Noel asked tilting her head

“Because…” He trailed off

Noel laughed

“You’re short of words” She laughed again

“Stop making fun of me” He pouted

“Okay fine. But I just want you to know that I am your Personal Assistant and not theirs so if you see me smiling and laughing with them, I’m just being friendly and won’t work for anyone but you” Noel smiled and turned to the window.

Gray felt good by what she said and smiled genuinely this time. The driver saw it through the mirror but Noel didn’t see it.



The car parked in front of the vicinity and Gray got down. Noel got down too. Gray told the driver to go home that he and Noel will board a cab when coming back.

They entered the restaurant and Mr Osborn gasped on seeing them. It’s been long Gray visited the restaurant and he hasn’t seen Noel since the day he begged her to come back to work.

Maureen ran and hugged Noel

“Hey welcome Noel”


Gray walked to his table and she followed him. She stood behind him

“Sit down” He ordered

“But I’m supposed to stand” She replied

“Can you stop arguing and obey me for once?” He glared at her and she sat down

“May I take your order?” Maureen asked and winked at Noel who smiled


“Anything light please” Gray said “Also get something for her too” He pointed at Noel

“Okay. No need to ask Noel,I know your favorite” Maureen smiled and went to get the order

There were about five waitresses around. Since Monday was a busy day, all the waitresses came to work but other days will be two waitresses.

Maureen served them and left them to eat. She texted Noel saying “You have alot to gist me young lady”

Mr Osborn was too ashamed to go near them so he went out.

After they had finished eating,Gray paid and Noel thanked him. He nodded and they headed out. Noel hugged Maureen before catching up with him.

“So where are we gonna find a cab?” Noel asked

“I have no idea and it seems the weather is getting a little windy. It might rain anytime soon” Gray said

“Oh No. It shouldn’t rain yet. I can’t stay in the rain else I’ll get sick” Noel frowned

“Really?” Gray asked


“Let’s hasten our footsteps then. I’m sure we’ll get a cab before the rain starts” Gray said

They walked a little farther and tried flagging down a cab but none were stopping. Before they knew it,an heavy downpour started. Gray looked at Noel who was almost drenched and held her hands taking to where there was shelter.

Before they got to a shade,both were already drenched. Noel pretended to be shivering.

“Are you okay?” Gray asked

“Yeah” She smiled

“I’m sorry” Gray said and her eyes widened

“For what?”

“For bringing you out here. I should have left you in the company. You would have been safe there. I brought you out and now you’re going to get sick” Gray pouted and she laughed

“And you think I would have stayed in the office?” Noel asked

“Maybe. I can’t tell” Gray replied

“I’m fine okay. You worry too much” She h!t his shoulder playfully and he smiled

Noel’s eyes widened more

“Did you just smile?” She asked

“Yeah. Should I be frowning?” He asked

“Nope” Noel’s joy knew no bounds. He has loosened up a little

Jeez he finally smiled. Her diary must know this.

Gray saw that the rain wasn’t gonna stop anytime soon and noticed she was shaking a little so he removed his suit jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders. He was left with only his long sleeves.

“Warm enough?” He asked

“No” She shook her head hoping to see what he would do next

To her surprise,he drew her close and hugged her making her to feel the warmth of his body. Noel felt like fainting due to joy. Her little acting really paid off

“You’re being nice to me” She muttered

“Yeah. It’s weird isn’t it?” Gray asked

“Kinda but I like it” She looked up and he smiled again

“Noel you’re getting there” She praised herself inwardly and enjoyed the feel of his warm chest


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