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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 18

“You’re being nice to me” She muttered

“Yeah. It’s weird isn’t it?” Gray asked

“Kinda but I like it” She looked up and he smiled again

“Noel you’re getting there” She praised herself inwardly and enjoyed the feel of his warm chest

Gray looked at how cute she was. Putting her on his chest like that made him feel peaceful. It made him feel like,the loads on his shoulders were taken off.

Soon enough,the rain stopped. He brought out his phone and saw many missed calls from the office. He sighed and put it away then called his driver to come pick them up. He didn’t want to bring her out of the shade to avoid her getting sick

“Are you okay?” Gray asked for the umpteenth time and Noel liked it. It shows that he cares

“Yes I’m much better. Thanks”

“You’re welcome”

They waited for a while and the driver came. Gray held her hand and they walked to the car. They entered and the driver drove them to the office.

Getting to the office,Noel wanted to come out but Gray stopped her.

“I’ll go get your bag for you” Gray said and stepped down before she could stop him

He rushed to the office and the employees were shocked to see his clothes wet. Teresa and Silvia watched as he entered the elevator and came back with Noel’s handbag

“What is he doing?” Teresa asked

“I don’t know”

Teresa peeped to see where he was going and saw him enter the car. She didn’t fail to see Noel wrapped in Gray’s suit jacket.

“Silvia,you won’t believe this”


“I just saw Noel wrapped in Gray’s suit jacket. He came to give her bag to her”

“Are you Sure?”

“Do I look like I’m confused? What has this lady done to Mr Gray?” Teresa frowned

“That’s why we need to step up in our plans. We have to kick her out of here before it gets out of hand” Silvia said

“So let’s do it then”



“You shouldn’t have bothered yourself” Noel said

“Really? You said you would get sick so I’m taking you home. Or are you going to work like this?” Gray looked at her

“No but you should have allowed me board a cab. That would have saved you the stress besides you’re soaked too”

“I wanted to keep an eye on you” Gray said “Is it wrong to look out for my employee?”

“No it isn’t. It’s awesome” Noel smiled


They got to hers and Scarlet’s apartment and she stepped down

“Thank you” She smiled

“You’re welcome” He held her hand

“I can go in myself you know”

“I know” He knocked

Scarlet opened the door and her eyes widened

“Good evening Mr Gray” She looked at Noel

“Good evening” He replied and faced Noel “You can go now”

Noel smiled and entered inside

“Missy,I need my jacket” Gray said


“I wanted to help you wash it” Noel replied

“That’s not necessary” He smiled and collected it “See you at work if you’re fine by tomorrow” He said and entered the car

Scarlet closed the door and turned to Noel with same shocked expression

“I’ll tell you everything after I take my bath” Noel undressed and entered the bathroom

She turned the heater on and had a warm bath then she wore a trouser and sweater

“Okay,start talking” Scarlet sat her down

“Okay. Here goes…” Noel told her everything

“Oh my gosh,he likes you” Scarlet exclaimed

“No way! He’s just being nice” Noel looked away

“Are you like seriously not seeing this? Okay tell me. A person that can’t stand his employees and gets them fired within days no matter how punctual and dedicated to work they are put up with a ¢rázy person like you for weeks and you’re telling me he’s just being nice?” Scarlet asked


“Stop trying to explain. He likes you like,like like you. Watch and see, you’ll notice it soon”

“If you say so Scarlet”

“Come on girl,I have a plan to prove it too”Scarlet smirked

“Tell me”

“Since you told him that you will fall sick if you got beat by the rain, don’t go to work tomorrow. He will come here if truly he likes and cares about you”

“Are you sure about this?” Noel asked

“Positive” Scarlet nodded

“Okay then. I need to sleep now” Noel stood up and laid in her bed

“I have something to discuss with Ryan so I have to go and see him”

“About Ryan,there is something I need to tell you” Noel sat up on the bed

Scarlet smiled

“I already know Noel. I heard when Quinn told you”

“You did? How?”

“Well it started like this…”




Scarlet was on her way back from seeing Ryan and decided to come home early. She reached for the door knob but froze when she heard what Quinn was saying. She decided to stay there and listen

“Sis Noel,I have something to tell you about Aunt Scarlet’s boyfriend or fiance, whatever she calls him” Quinn said

“Okay. What is it?” Noel asked

“Um…I don’t wanna go beating about the bush so I’ll say everything straightforwardly”

“Tell me then. My ears are itching”

“Ryan is cheating on Aunt Scarlet” Quinn said

“What! How did you know that?” Noel furrowed her eyebrows

“I caught him. That’s why he came the other day and was in a hurry to go. He couldn’t meet my eyes incase I’ll expose him”

“Okay Quinn pause. did you catch him?”

“I and Snow were on our way back from school the other day when we saw him and a lady making out in his car. I saw his face like clearly. That wasn’t even the last. We were also coming back from school when we saw him and another lady kssing and entering Swizzy Hotel. The last time we caught him,he chased us away”

“Are you sure about this?” Noel asked

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“I am. I also have proof. I took pictures of him and them. I was planning on trashing him online but changed my mind. So I came here and I saw him. When Aunt told me he was her fiance,I was relieved they aren’t married yet”

“Let me see the pictures” Noel said

Quinn brought out her phone and clicked on Gallery. She opened the photos and showed it to Noel

“Oh My Gosh!!!” Noel exclaimed “Why would Ryan do this? After all the love and affection Scarlet has been showing him. His parents are not even richer than hers but she loved him and he betrayed her like this?”

“Not all men can be trusted sis. I love Aunt Scarlet and I don’t want her to get hurt but she can’t keep dating this guy. She should escape from the relationship now that there is still a way out because if they eventually get married, then there won’t be any way again”

“Wow,this is still unbelievable. How am I gonna tell her now? I don’t want her to get hurt”

“Same here but you have to do it”

“I’ll try” Noel said

Scarlet stood outside with a broken heart. Tears slid down her eyes as she stepped away from the door. She wondered why she isn’t always lucky in relationships. This is the 4th heartbreak she’s experiencing. She was kinda used to it though but she loved Ryan with all her heart.

She turned back and went somewhere else to cool her brain.



“I’m ending that relationship tonight Noel. I can’t keep getting my heart broken” Scarlet forced back the tears that threatened to come out of her eyes

Noel climbed down the bed and went to sit beside her

“Please calm down. I know you don’t deserve any of this at all. It wasn’t your fault that you fell for him”

“It’s my fault Noel. Don’t you remember I’ve had 3 heartbreaks before meeting Ryan? I should have given up when I had the chance. Now I’ve experienced the Fourth one. Four fking heartbreaks” She couldn’t fight her tears as she let them roll down freely

“I know how you feel”

“No you don’t. You haven’t had an heartbreak before. I should have been like you who never cared about relationships but my parents won’t let that happen” She cried “You know what, I’m done with love. I won’t love again. Men are so heartless”

Scarlet cried more and Noel pulled her in for a hug and started patting her back

“Cry all you want if that will make you feel better. Let it all out Scarlet. I got you”

Noel comforted her while she cried on her shoulders



Gray got out of the car and ordered the driver to wash it. He entered the house and saw Miguel working on his laptop.

“I’m home” He said

“Welcome Big bro” Miguel looked up “Oh my,what happened to you? Did you bath in the rain?”

“Shut your tiny mouth up” Gray rolled his eyes


Lia ran down the stairs and gasped when she saw him

“Oh No. You got beat by the rain? How? Your body’s cold. I’ll go turn on the heater” She said

“Miss Lia,you worry too much. Let him take a cold shower. He’s a man” Miguel teased

“Don’t make me cut your tongue out young man” Lia said

“But Miss Lia,this is unfair. You take care of him more than me while I’m the one that needs special attention” Miguel pouted

“If you want me to start giving you special attention then you need to pay me monthly allowance” Lia teased

“H’ll No!!!”

“Then forget about it”

“You two are acting like children. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry now” Gray spoke up

“You can do both” Lia replied and he smiled

Lia was surprised it was a genuine smile. She has been working for him for 2 years now and she has never seen him smile like this. Something might have happened.

“I’ll be in the shower” With that said,He walked upstairs

Lia followed him and turned on the heater for him. After that,he went under the shower while she prepared the lotions he would use before going to make hot tea for him.

Gray stood under the shower and smiled when he thought of how he hugged Noel. He wished to hug her again. He knew he was falling for her gradually or he has already fallen but somehow,he is still scared of getting hurt. He couldn’t stop what he felt for her no matter how hard he tried.

It hasn’t gotten to a month that she started working for him and he has already fallen in love with her. He sighed and ruffled his hair.

He got out of the shower and applied the lotions Lia had prepared for him before wearing his clothes. He wore a black jean trouser with a blue t-shirt and blue sweater with pockets. His thoughts drifted to Noel again but a knock on the door brought him back.

“Come in” He said

Lia entered with a cup of hot tea

“Take this sir,it will help you” She dropped it on a stool beside him

“Thank you” He said

“It’s my pleasure sir” She turned to leave but he stopped her

“Are you busy?” He asked

“No sir”

“I would like to talk to you. I need your help understanding something”

“Okay sir”

“Please sit down” He said and she took a chair from the corner of the room

“I’m all ears sir”

“What does it mean to fall in love after a heartbreak?” Gray asked


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